brookstone weather station not working

If your Brookstone Weather Station not working, we’ve got you covered!

There are multiple ways to address issues with your Brookstone Weather Station and in this guide, we’ll review them all.

We’ve gathered the most useful user opinions from Brookstone discussion forums at your disposal to help you solve the problem you’re experiencing!

To fix when Brookstone Weather Station isn’t working, Power Cycle the main unit along with the transmitter and place the device closer to one another. After that, replace the units inside of the transmitter, plug the main unit into another source and replace the A/C.

Keep reading to find out more about this issue’s occurrence and why is it happening!

Brookstone Ambient Weather Forecaster Not Working – Why?

Your Brookstone Weather Station consists of two separate devices – the transmitter (the device you place outside to detect temperature) and the main unit.

The main unit is responsible for displaying the weather information (forecast) that the transmitter detects and tells to you.

If anything goes wrong in the setup of these two devices, your Brookstone Weather Station will refuse to work.

Let’s learn more about the potential problems that could occur with the setup:

  • A Syncing Problem Between the Two Devices
  • A Power Problem with the Main Unity
  • Battery Fault with the Transmitter Device
  • Distance-Related Issues in the Weather Station Setup
  • A Hardware Fault with the Main Unit/Transmitter

We hope that you’ve been able to acquire a general idea of where problems could occur in your Brookstone Wireless Weather Forecaster setup.

Keep reading to learn how to fix it!

How to Fix When Brookstone Weather Station Not Working?

fix brookstone weather station not working

After learning what could go wrong with your Brookstone Weather Station, it’s time to get into troubleshooting.

We’ll discuss 6 methods to target problems with your Brookstone Weather Station and resolve them as easily as possible, completely on your own.

Let’s not waste anymore time and jump into the guide!

Solution #1 Re-Sync the Main Unit to the Transmitter

If either your transmitter or main unit is failing to display information, it’s possible that the syncing between the devices has failed.

It’s a built-in feature of the main unit to automatically signal the wireless signal of the transmitter when the “Sync” button on the device is pressed.

  • Keep in mind that for syncing, both devices must be next to each other!
main unit re-sync

Follow these instructions to re-sync the Brookstone main unit to the transmitter:

  1. Get the transmitter from outside.
  2. Place the transmitter next to the main unit.
  3. Locate the “Sync” button on the back of the main unit.
  4. Press and hold the Sync button for 3 seconds (the LED next to the button will blink).
  5. Wait for the syncing to succeed.
  6. Place the transmitter where it was.
  7. Test via the main unit…

You’ll know that the syncing has gone through if the main unit of your weather station starts displaying information on the screen.

Alert: Placing the transmitter away from the main unit before syncing, will fail the process.

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Main Unit

Since your Brookstone Weather Station main unit uses a power adapter, unlike the transmitter that runs on batteries, you’re able to Power Cycle the device to address any faults.

  • In order to power cycle a device, you must cut off its power supply
power cycle main unit

It’s a quick process that has the goal of completely discharging your main unit from power, to refresh the hardware and software of the device.

Let’s learn how to do it in easy steps:

  1. Take the main unit off the wall (if it’s mounted).
  2. Locate the power adapter going on the back of the unit.
  3. Unplug the power adapter from both ends.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes, while the main unit is discharging.
  5. Re-attach the power cable onto the back panel and then the power source.
  6. Wait for the main unit to turn on.
  7. Test the device…

Unplugging the main unit could cause its sync with the transmitter to fail. If that does happen, go back to Solution #1 and re-sync the main unit with the transmitter.

Note: Plugging the main unit back to power straight away will prevent it from power cycling.

Solution #3 Place the Devices Closer to Each Other

One of the reasons that your Brookstone Weather Station setup would occasionally stop working is that you’ve placed the transmitter too far away from the main unit.

It’s written in the user manual of the weather station, that the transmitter must be in a 50-meter range from the main unit in order to maintain the sync.

Placing the transmitter farther than 50 meters will cause the device to disconnect from the main unit and therefore be unpair.

bring device closer
  • Try moving the transmitter as close as possible to the main unit!

Move the transmitter as many times as you have to and keep going through the sync process over and over.

Still, the transmitter must be left outside for it to be able to send the weather info to the main unit, but do place it “physically”, as close as possible to the main unit.

Note: Walls and obstructions usually don’t cause syncing issues with the main unit and transmitter.

Solution #4 Replace the Batteries in the Transmitter

If the transmitter is failing to work and sends the weather info to the main unit, it’s probably due to the batteries inside of the device being worn out.

The best you can do at this point of the troubleshooting is to get the batteries within the transmitter replaced, with brand-new ones.

  • The Brookstone Weather Station transmitter uses 2 AAA batteries!
replace transmitter battery

Here’s how to replace the batteries inside the Brookstone transmitter:

  1. Get the device inside and place it with the display laying down.
  2. Uncover the battery compartment cover.
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. Eject both AAA batteries out of the transmitter.
  5. Get a fresh pack of batteries, to use for the transmitter.
  6. Insert the new batteries inside of the device, as you mind the polarity.
  7. Place the compartment cover back in place.
  8. Test…

Inserting the new batteries of your Brookstone Weather Station transmitter incorrectly, will not supply power to the device.

You must make sure that the batteries answer the polarity of the transmitter’s compartment and that they also fit onto their spots.

Note: Make sure the “+” of the batteries, answers the “-” mark of the battery compartment.

Solution #5 Plug the Main Unit into Another Power Source

Perhaps, your Brookstone Weather Station main unit no longer receives power from the associated electrical outlet.

What you should do, is temporarily take off the main unit from its stand and plug it into another power source to test things out.

plug to another source

Follow these steps to plug your Brookstone main unit into a different source:

  1. Unplug the electrical outlet end of the A/C power adapter, going into the unit.
  2. Unmount the main unit from its wall stand.
  3. Place the device near another wall outlet.
  4. Connect the A/C power adapter of the device into the new outlet.
  5. Test…

Plugging the main unit into a different outlet will probably kill the sync with the transmitter. That means you’ll have to re-sync the main unit to the transmitter before testing.

Note: Information on your main unit will be temporarily unavailable when you plug it into the new outlet.

Solution #6 Get a Different Power Adapter for the Main Unit

If nothing from our solutions worked so far, perhaps it’s the power adapter of the main unit that has gone faulty.

The most reasonable thing you can do as of now is to get a new power adapter for your Brookstone Weather Station main unit to test out.

Such A/C power adapters usually come at an approachable price, so you’ll be able to get one for yourself quite easily.

use differnet power adapter
  • Once you have the new adapter, replace it in the setup!

The connectors of the new power adapter must be the same as the current one, or it won’t fit in the ports of your main unit.

If the new adapter is functional, the LED lights of the main unit (and the display info) should appear straight away after connecting it.

Need a New Adapter?

We recommend getting the DCPOWER A/C Power Adapter to use for your Brookstone Weather Station main unit.

Coming at an approachable price, you will no longer worry about the power supply of your device so if you haven’t got one of these already, you’re missing out!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when Brookstone Weather Station not working, power cycle the main unit and replace the batteries of the transmitter.

After that, re-sync both devices, place the transmitter closer to the main unit, and replace the adapter of the display.

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