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We, at Weather Research, aim to provide you with curated, distinctive, and unique updates, articles, and articles in relation to weather, climate, and nature. You will feel as one with nature and most importantly, understand how it works and the beauty behind it. 

The Ads and Affiliate products available on the website will further allow you to explore and to pick and choose between various products if any, and further direct your attention towards what you want to read, what you want to learn about, and much more! 


Our role is to operate this website and provide with the services specified herein below (the “Services”):

  1. Posting updates, articles and information and engaging content regarding the weather, ecosystem, climate, and nature; 
  1. Promoting or otherwise displaying Ads and/or Affiliate Products across our website;


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We aim to provide you with a safe and trustworthy environment.  Should the User select an Ad and/or an Affiliate product that it resonates with, the User will have the option to purchase any such products it desires. 

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In addition to the foregoing, we provide the information available on our website on a best effort basis. We undertake our best endeavors to engage analysts and to curate information when writing a blog or an article and as such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the said blogs/articles. Additionally, the weather is an ever-changing and unpredictable phenomenon, and whilst we will take all reasonable measures to provide accurate updates, we cannot be held liable for any change in the weather and any other reason whatsoever.  


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