can the iphone measure temperature

Can the iPhone measure temperature or not? How many times have you wondered about using your smartphone to take your body or room temperature?

No doubt, smartphones have come so far and done amazing things.

So, surely, they should be able to measure temperature? Wouldn’t it make your life easy?

Imagine taking a screenshot of your 101F temperature on your phone and sharing it with your boss as proof.

But, again, you may be asking “can I measure temperature with iPhone?”

Unfortunately, iPhone cannot measure temperature in the room and those temperature sensors on your device are for other purposes. 

Are Smartphones Capable of Measuring Temperatures?

smart phone measuring temperature

Obviously, smartphones are far more advanced and versatile than even the most basic digital thermometer.

It is not that companies cannot find room for a new sensor. And, truth be told, modern cellphones have several thermometers built in.

But not for the obvious reason, really.

The sensors on your smartphone are designed to monitor the battery and chip temperatures to control overheating.

Fact: A computer developer at Apple named Hartmut Esslinger created a landline phone in 1983, foreshadowing the features you see in the modern-day iPhone

The Problem of Having a Thermometer in Your Smartphone

thermometer problem in smart phone

Taking an accurate reading of the surrounding temperature from a gadget continually heating and cooling down is a complex task.

We are not just talking about a little bit of difficulty here; it is literally impossible to do correctly.

For it to work at all, the sensors on your phone have to be located on its exterior. 

Is it Possible to Have a Thermometer on Your Smartphone?

thermometer app on iphone concept

Technically, yes, it is possible, but having a smartphone thermometer protrude, though, would be unsightly. Right?

The impact of the device’s own temperature can be lessened in a number of ways.

Rather than depending just on the thermometer’s reading, you can get a more accurate reading by using data from smart algorithms and any internal sensors.

Yet, the reading may only be ‘close’ to the accurate temperature.

And the “closer” is not quite good enough, as it is essentially another word for “best estimate”, which would not cut it, would it?

Fact: iPhones are improving by the day and the company has filed in excess of 200 patents related to iPhone tech since its first release in 2007. 

Smartphones with Thermometers

smart phone with temperature readings

While making smartphones capable of accurately measuring temperature is tricky, some manufacturers have already given it a shot.

As part of their never-ending quest for innovation, manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung have tried this concept before.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are examples of this.

The instructions for this function state that before taking a temperature reading, the user must put the device somewhere cool.

Again, failing to do so would result in inaccurate readings.

Fact: Cisco originally had the trademark "iPhone" and used it for a VOIP device used for Skype calls. 

Can the iPhone Measure Temperature or Not?

Apple uses only the highest quality components in its products.

As a result, the total performance of the smartphone benefits from the superior quality processors compared to those of competing devices.

Undoubtedly, iPhones are powerful, but unfortunately, they are still not equipped with the technology to measure temperature.

iphone incapable of measuring temperature

The iPhone, like other smartphones, contains internal temperature sensors that Apple employs to keep tabs on the heat generated by the battery and the processing unit. 

But, beyond that, they do nothing.

As mentioned already, you would need to have an external sensor to be able to use your smartphone to measure temperature accurately.

Since you do not find any one your iPhone, you just cannot use it to get a temperature reading. 

The Idea of Using iPhone to Measure Room Temperature

using smart phone to measure temperature

Okay, so, can iPhone measure the temperature in the room?

On its own, it cannot!

But, with some creativity, you can still turn it into a useful device to record and store temperature readings.

And for this to happen, you will need two things:

  • An external thermometer with Bluetooth
  • An iPhone thermometer app 

Getting the Best External Thermometer for iPhone

Using an external thermometer is the only way to make your iPhone useful when you want to keep track of the temperature in your room.

The good thing is that many good options are available in this category.

For instance: 

SensorPush Thermometer

The SensorPush Thermometer is smaller than most thermometers you can find in this category, and that makes it special.

This thermometer is tiny but unobtrusive, being only an inch and a half in length on all sides and being less than an inch wide.

It makes it unique because most identical devices are between three and six inches in size. So, you can discreetly put it anyplace!

Yes, it may be smaller but make no mistake about its performance.

It can do a lot, like:

  • Detect humidity
  • Read temperature accurately
  • Store all the data
  • Seamlessly connect with your iPhone through Bluetooth
Ambient Weather X3
readings on ambient room

You will find this thermometer quite suitable for doing much more than taking simple temperature readings.

The best part is that it comes with seven unique sensors as well as additional thermo-hygrometers.

You will also find floating water temperature sensors that make it more useful in your home settings.

It relies on Wi-Fi to exchange data between your iPhone and its base unit.

It means you do not have to worry about keeping your mobile in its proximity, which is usually the case with Bluetooth-enabled thermometers

Govee Temperature Monitor

It is yet another interesting option to consider if you take temperature monitoring seriously.

In addition to keeping tabs on the ambient temperature, it also measures humidity, keeps historical temperature data, and pairs wirelessly with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The iPhone allows you to sync up to 10 devices at once, allowing you to monitor the temperature and humidity in multiple rooms simultaneously.  

Fact: iPhones cannot measure temperature but it does not shake its loyal fan-following, as over 80% of users want to stick to the same brand. 

The Best iPhone App to Measure Temperature Accurately

Once you have bought one external temperature, you will have to make it work using an iPhone app.

Thankfully, there are quite a few for you to make a choice, and most of them are available for free.

apps that measure temperature accurately

Here are some apps that work with their digital devices to provide you with accurate readings:


Compatible with iOS 14.1 or later, this popular temperature app is available for free. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a digital thermometer.

It has the appearance of a standard thermometer, but the 3.5 mm connector of a hearing aid.

This means that more than simply a patient’s temperature can be sent to a smartphone.

Users can communicate with a doctor anonymously to share information like body temperature and other symptoms.

In addition, it can show disease epidemics on a map in a state, community, or nation nearly immediately after they occur.

This way, users can exercise caution when making travel plans. 

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

Available for iOS 7.1 or later, this iPhone app works with the Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer.

Using this app, you can keep tabs on your temperature and keep track of everyone else’s temperature in the family.

In order to use, the app must be linked to a device capable of receiving temperature readings.

Not only does it link and log temps, but it also creates graphs that you may show to your doctor. 

Withings Thermo
withings thermo app

Connecting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Withings Thermo is an intelligent temperature app for the iPhone.

Anybody who does not like taking their temperature orally, or rectally should give this smart thermometer app a try.

It takes readings from your forehead’s arteries to provide an accurate temperature reading.

The simple, well-designed companion device also allows you to log symptoms and obtain guidance.  The thermometer device that you use with this app comes with 16 sensors.

Included is a silicone cap to put over the opening and shield your noggin from any potential harm.

But, rest assured, there will be no discomfort or lack of precision when using the device. 


Can the iPhone measure temperature? The short answer is no.

Like every other smartphone on the market, your iPhone has inherent restrictions that prevent it from providing reliable readings.

Use external smart thermometers and an iPhone app to transform it into a temperature-logging gadget.

Although this method of taking and recording temperatures will be more expensive, it will also be the most reliable.