can you wear uggs in the rain

Can you wear uggs in the rain? Continue reading this article to learn the answer to this question.

We’ll clear up all of your misunderstandings regarding Ugg boots and teach you whether you can wear Ugg boots in the rain or not.

Uggs are fantastic for staying warm, but since most are not waterproof, they are not the footwear to wear for going out in the rain.

Furthermore, they are composed of suede, which will rapidly get destroyed if wet.

What Are Uggs Made Out Of?

what are uggs made of

Ugg boots are composed of sheepskin and have a suede exterior lined with comfortable, modernly temperate fleece and a rubber sole.

In the moist area, they become damp and darker than usual.

They will dry normally (particularly if waterproofed), however, the color may not change as you rub your hand over it (not drastically, but in the same way that suede or whatever would).

Can You Wear Uggs in the Rain?

wearing uggs in rain

Uggs are made to keep your feet warm, especially in the winter, and they are considered everything but trendy.

However, in many other areas of the globe, these boots are considered a fashion item, and people wear them for their appearance.

But, if they’re so effective at keeping your feet warm, they must be ideal for usage in the rain, right?

So, before you go out in the snow, you should know whether your Uggs are waterproof.

Not all Ugg boots are waterproof; the typical suede Ugg boots we wear are not water-resistant. 

Therefore, if you wear these Uggs in the rain, your feet will feel toasty for a brief time.

But then your sheepskin ugg boots will absorb all the moisture, making your Uggs completely wet, changing color, and leaving watermarks on your Uggs.

As a result, your money spent on Uggs will be wasted.

However, while Uggs seem to be the perfect winter shoe at first appearance, it is evident that they have limitations.

Read on to find out how to wear uggs in the rain.

How to Wear Uggs In The Rain

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Can I wear uggs in the rain?

If you wear uggs in the rain, they will become wet and discolor and moisten your toes.

Consequently, you can’t wear them in the rain for lengthy periods. If you want to go out, you should wear waterproof uggs. 

However, if you don’t have waterproof uggs, don’t panic; in this part, we’ll show you two procedures to follow before and after wearing uggs in the rain to help your uggs last longer.

What Do Before Wearing Your Uggs In The Rain

prepare uggs in rain

Using a waterproof or water-repellent spray is the only method to keep your Uggs waterproof.

You can make your Uggs weatherproof with a little work and a bottle of waterproof spray.

To waterproof your uggs, you’ll need:

  • Suede brush
  • Suede Conditioner and cleaner
  • Water repellent spray
  • Newspaper
  • Clean Cotton Cloth
  • Tape
  • Sponge
  • Cold Water
  • Baking Soda (Optional)
  • Suede Eraser (Optional)

Step #1. Get Your Uggs Ready

get uggs ready

To prevent dirt and dust from coming into touch with the spray material:

  • Check to see whether your uggs are clean and stainless. To clean the uggs, use a moist cloth or sponge to remove dirt, or mix a diluted baking soda solution.
  • Scrub the stains and debris away carefully with a suede brush.
  • To conclude, properly dry them and apply the conditioner.

Ste p#2. Put On The First Coat

To avoid discoloration, tape down decorations before spraying the first spray application.

Spray the whole boot from at least 8 inches away after placing the Uggs on the newspaper.

Step #3. Drying

drying uggs

Allow the first application to dry for thirty minutes (by air).

Ste p#4. Apply a Second Coat, Then Let It Dry Once More

After the initial layer of spray has dried, apply a second product application.

Next, remove your uggs from the direct sunshine and lay them out in a location that has enough ventilation so that they may air-dry overnight.

Finally, give yourself a quick once-over with a light brush to add some final touches.

What To Do After Wearing Your Uggs In The Rain

after wearing uggs in rain

Can you wear ugg boots in the rain? Ugg boots are not water-resistant and should not be worn in the rain.

If you walk out in the snow and get your Uggs wet, you can use several techniques and tactics to make your Ugg boots usable again and improve their lifespan.

The following are some strategies for cleaning your Ugg boots:

1. Use Suede Brush Cleaner To Clean Ugg Boots

Cleaning the Ugg boots will restore the stains and discoloration produced by snow.

Brush the Ugg boots with light-handed little circular strokes using a suede brush or an old toothbrush for the time being. 

Brush the shoes only when dry, and always dust in one direction. If there are any scratch marks, use a mild pressure brush to and fro on the places.

Brushing lifts the suede fibers and removes dirt particles from the boots.

If you want to spend a little more on cleaning, you may get a suede eraser, which erases any marks or stains like rubber.

2. Use Ugg Cleaning Kit

ugg cleaning kit

Cleaning your Ugg boots using an Ugg cleaning kit yields the greatest results since it has all the cleaners, shoe conditioners, and brushes required to clean your Ugg boots thoroughly.

Here’s how to clean your Ugg boots using an Ugg kit:

  • Brush your Ugg boots in gentle circular motions. Brushing the boots removes any loose dirt particles that have adhered to the shoes.
  • Using a delicate cotton cloth, soak it in warm water. Wring out the water completely.
  • Use the damp towel to moisten the boot fully; be careful to dampen it rather than soak it.
  • Take the cleanser and place a few drops on the cloth.
  • Apply the cleanser to the boots and carefully massage the scars.
  • Once the stains have faded, use a moist towel to remove any remaining cleanser residue.
  • To dry the boots, leave them in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours or until the shoes are dry. Avoid drying the shoes in direct sunshine.
  • Brush the Ugg boots with a suede brush before wearing them to remove the threads of the boot material.

Keep the Following In Mind

Waterproofing your UGG boots is the only method to ensure that they will remain dry in the face of precipitation.

But bear in mind that the main purposes of UGG were warmth and comfort.

Please try to avoid purposefully stepping into puddles or trekking in UGGs, as they weren’t made for doing so.

faqs about uggs

FAQs About Can You Wear Uggs in The Rain?

Do you have any other questions about whether you can wear Uggs in the rain?

The following are a few examples of additional questions that are often asked:

Is It Necessary To Treat Waterproof Uggs?

UGG boots are already prepared to resist liquids and water. However, bear in mind that UGGs are not designed to be worn in the rain or snow for extended periods of time.

You should spray your UGGs with water repellent every few months since the initial waterproof coating eventually wears off.

Is It Possible To Wear Water-resistant Uggs in the Snow?

A water-resistant Uggs will be OK if a few snowflakes or a few little droplets of water fall on it.

But will be ruined if exposed to excessively moist circumstances over an extended period of time. 

Final Verdict

Can you wear uggs in the rain? Uggs boots aren’t entirely waterproof.

Because the waterproof coating loses after six months, even waterproof uggs might obtain stains after continuous water contact.

Furthermore, wearing Uggs for lengthy periods in the rain or snow may discolor and ruin them.

When wearing your ugg boots in the rain, follow the guidelines mentioned above before and after to prolong their shelf life.

Thanks for reading!