does fedex deliver in the rain

Does Fedex deliver in the rain? If you live in, or transport packages to, a dangerous weather area and you’re wondering how they do it, keep reading to learn more!

Except in extreme cases, FedEx drivers continue to make deliveries when it rains.

However, if there is a severe weather situation, delivery for that day may be canceled.

What is FedEx Delivery Service?

FedEx is a low-cost delivery service that delivers items to companies.

FedEx also delivers merchandise to homes and businesses five days after placing an order.

FedEx is a user-friendly delivery service that enables customers to monitor and manage their deliveries and get real-time updates on the status of their parcels.

FedEx also strives to deliver any goods on schedule as much as feasible.

Does FedEx Deliver in the Rain?

fedex delivery vehicle

FedEx couriers make deliveries even when it’s raining, except in very hazardous situations.

However, in the event of a severe weather event, the delivery may be canceled.

For instance:

  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Blizzards
  • Extremely icy conditions
  • Extreme temperatures may cause heat stroke or frostbite.
  • Natural calamities such as flames and earthquakes

On the other hand, here are some examples of bad weather when FedEx did deliver:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Sleet
  • Fog
  • Hail (small hail storms, provided they don’t affect driver safety too much)
Tip: Delivery may be canceled by a FedEx driver during rainy weather because the item isn't adequately bagged to protect it from rain and damage

How Does FedEx Deliver When It’s Raining?

fedex delivery raining

FedEx has every customer’s best interests at heart, and they are well aware of forces that may disrupt deliveries, such as snowstorms or rainstorms.

FedEx knows that inclement weather may cause delays in delivery.

FedEx, on the other hand, places the lives and safety of all employees before customer ratings.

During the rainy season, FedEx takes several precautions to ensure that your packages arrive safely. 

Here are some measures they take to deliver during the rainy season:

1. FedEx Drivers Get Intense Weather Training

FedEx not only employs a staff of meteorologists to anticipate weather conditions a week or more in advance.

But the logistics giant also has well-developed processes in place for rerouting shipments and maintaining delivery on time, no matter what the weather.

If the weather forecast calls for inclement conditions, FedEx drivers are prepared.

For instance: When FedEx drivers are first hired, they undergo a rigorous training program to better prepare them for driving in adverse conditions.

The "slip and fall" station is a training program that teaches drivers how to walk safely on ice. It simulates the experience of slipping and falling.

2. Place the Package in a Waterproof Plastic Bag

FedEx riders are specifically educated to be safe in the rain.

What to do with the parcels they deliver while it is raining, so they store them in a plastic waterproof bag.

The driver packs the box in a waterproof plastic bag and sets it in a sheltered location.

waterproof plastic bag fedex

3. Suspend Delivery

Because FedEx prioritizes the safety of its customers, local management might call back a driver to cancel delivery if the weather is bad.

FedEx drivers are trained to deliver in all weather conditions and know what to do to preserve packages in the best possible condition until the client arrives to pick them up.

If FedEx is unable to deliver due to the storm, the delivery day may be shifted by the amount of time the delivery vehicle is stranded.

4. They Store the Item Beneath an Archway or Awning

Under a canopy or archway, FedEx delivery drivers may leave the package.

When there is no awning or arched entrance, the driver will cover the shipment and leave it in a location where the container will be as dry as possible.

The riders may even leave the box in the mailbox if the customer allows it.

Does FedEx Deliver When It’s Snowing?

fedex delivery in snow

Will Fedex deliver in bad weather? Snow, on the other hand, is a considerably more challenging situation for FedEx to deal with.

It doesn’t matter, however. FedEx cars are constantly on the road, no matter what the weather.

Local management ultimately decides whether or not to cease delivery during a snowfall. Drivers will be called back from the field if a storm is deemed too dangerous.

Furthermore, keeping drivers safe is more essential than dealing with client complaints or making late deliveries and pickups.

FedEx may withdraw its delivery guarantee if drivers are unable to deliver.

Adjust the Delivery Date

FedEx may alter the delivery date if the vehicle (plane or truck) is grounded for an extended period of time.

As an example, if snow causes a one-day delay in trucking, the delivery date will be one day later.

While consumers normally have little influence over snowy deliveries, there are several things they may take to increase their chances of receiving a product.

fedex delivery on time

Most importantly, they should keep snow off driveways and walkways.

It’s also a good idea to use sand or rock salt to boost the courier’s traction.

How to Protect Your Package From Rain

It is critical to protect your package from rain; do not take this lightly.

The easiest way to safeguard your package from being damaged is to ensure it is correctly wrapped.

For instance:

Use Packing Tape

To secure the shipping label, use packing tape or water-resistant adhesive; however, do not cover the whole label with packing tape.

A waterproof plastic wallet should be used before fastening your shipping label to the side of the box; your label should stay intact.

corrugated boxes fedex

Use Corrugated Boxes

It is ideal for sending your cargo in corrugated boxes.

Make sure the shipping cartons are fresh, and avoid using old cartons to package your shipment unless you are certain the old cartons are in pristine shape.

Tape everything properly, including the inside and external seams.

Use Polyethylene Plastic Covering

Cover the box with a polyethylene plastic covering or protective wax to make it more water-resistant.

This is one of the greatest methods to keep your gift from getting drenched or damaged by rain or water.

Does FedEx Leave Packages In The Rain?

fedex leave package rain

FedEx may leave your shipment in the rain if it is adequately parceled to avoid damage from the weather.

This does not imply that the package will be left completely beneath the rain; rather, it will be placed in an area where few or no raindrops will contact it.

If there is a secure and dry spot in your location, your delivery may even be left in the rain.

Aside from that, the driver may try to redeliver the box on another day.

If your delivery is not wrapped and covered with a bag, it cannot be left in the rain to become wet; this would be considered negligence on the driver’s part.

FedEx delivery drivers are always instructed to guarantee that the items allocated are safe and secure; no FedEx delivery driver is expected to be reckless with people's deliveries.

What Should You Do If Rain Causes Damage to Your Package?

When rain or snow ruins a client’s package after delivery, the customer should promptly perform the following:

Please photograph the damaged package

The rain or storm must have damaged the box, according to the evidence.

Customers should thus capture a great snapshot of the destroyed product.

Customers should provide photos to the seller

rain damage parcel

Customers should share the images with the business or person who sold them the merchandise.

The firm or individual who sold the product will report straight to FedEx.

Customers are asked to first share the photos with them.

FedEx will either reimburse the consumer

FedEx will either reimburse the consumer or replace the merchandise.

This is when the person or corporation shares the photo with FedEx and FedEx confirms that the rain or storm ruined the product.

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Final Verdict

Does Fedex deliver in the rain? FedEx delivers in the rain or storm, depending on the intensity of the weather.

FedEx drivers ensure that the box is kept in a covered location or a plastic bag away from the rain or storm.

If the delivery is canceled due to inclement weather, FedEx reschedules it for a later date.

Thanks for reading!