Does it snow in Bristol? Bristol is in the South West of England and its weather is not as cold as it is in the north.

But everyone knows that English weather can be really unpredictable. Most people would advise you to wear multiple layers of clothing in case the weather changes throughout the day.

However, there is a huge mystery surrounding, “Will it snow in Bristol?” You may also be thinking the same if you are planning to spend your winter vacation in Bristol.

So what to expect? Let’s find out now!

No, Bristol does not get snow throughout the year and that is mainly due to its geographic location and some other factors. 

More About the Climate in Bristol

bristol climate

Bristol, VA has a humid subtropical climate, which means it has warm summers and cold winters.

In the summer, the average high temperatures usually vary from the low 80s to the low 90s. In contrast, during the winter, highs average in the 40s to lower 50s.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Bristol:

MonthAverage Temperature (F)

The warm season lasts for a duration of 3 months, starting on June 11 and ending on September 12. During this period, you can anticipate that the daily temperatures will consistently exceed a comfortable 65°F.

Now, as we enter the season of cozy sweaters and hot cocoa, the cool weather begins to dominate. The cooler period lasts for a duration of 4 months, starting from November 18 and ending on March 17.  

Here is more about average high and low temperatures in Bristol:

MonthAverage Low (F)Average High (F)

The Impact of Rainfall in Bristol

Bristol gets quite a bit of rain throughout the year. It experiences rainfall throughout the year., but November is the rainiest month.

Here is more about it:

MonthRainfall in Inches
Fact: The months of December, January, and February are typically the coldest and wettest, and the temperature during this time is usually around 3 degrees Celsius.   

Does It Snow in Bristol?

raining in bristol

Sometimes it snows in Bristol, just like it does in other parts of the UK. Usually, the snow is more wet.

So, if you are visiting the city and it is rainy, it is better to focus on wearing waterproof clothes with warm layers underneath, rather than just wearing a heavy jacket that might get soaked. 

What is Winter Like in Bristol?

Bristol is in the southwest of England and the climate here is not too extreme. Winters are mild and wet, while summers are warm and sunny.

In Bristol, the temperature during the winter months (December, January, and February) usually stays between 37°F and 39°F.

months of winter in bristol

February is the chilliest month of the year, with an average low temperature of around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. But it hardly ever gets super cold, and we do not see much snow. Even when it snows, it usually does not stay for very long. 

An Important Consideration

In Bristol during winter, you will notice that there are a lot of clouds in the sky. During the winter, the city usually has about 18 days per month when it is cloudy. 

This can make the days feel shorter and darker, but it also means there is a possibility of rain or snow on any given day.

Fact: Even though there are clouds, Bristol still has some sunny days in the winter, and usually gets about 5 hours of sunshine each day.   

Why Is Snowfall So Rare in Bristol?

snowing in bristol

While many parts of the UK are covered in beautiful white snow during winter, Bristol tends to have a lot of gray areas instead.

Even when it snows, which does not happen often, it usually does not stick around long enough for people to get a day off from work or school. Here are some possible explanations for why snowfall is rare in Bristol. 

Geographical Factor

bristol geographic

The geographical location of Bristol is a big reason why it does not get much snow.

Bristol is in the southern part of the UK and is closer to the equator than the northern regions.

Places farther north, like the northern part of the UK, are usually colder because they are closer to the North Pole. This makes them more likely to get snow in the winter.

On the other hand, since Bristol is located in the south, it has fewer cold winters and does not get much snow.

Fact: The Earth's tilt and how it moves around the sun make places near the poles get really cold, especially in winter.   

Proximity to the Sea

sea of bristol

Bristol is close to the sea, specifically the Bristol Channel and that has a big impact on its weather, especially when it comes to snow.

Large bodies of water can hold more heat than land. So basically, in the winter, the Bristol Channel is warmer than the land around it.

The heat from the sea helps keep Bristol’s climate mild, so it does not get too cold, and that is why there are fewer chances of snow. 

The Urban Heat Effect

bristol urban heat

Bristol, like other big cities, is also affected by the urban heat effect.

In simple terms, the city’s buildings, roads, and other hard structures soak up heat during the day and let it out slowly at night.

This keeps the temperatures from falling below zero, which is essential for snow to form. 

Best Time to Visit Bristol and Things to Do

visiting bristol

The ideal time to go to Bristol, UK, really depends on what kind of weather and how many people you prefer.

  • If you want nice weather, the best months to think about are May through September. June, July, and August are the hottest.
  • If you want to stay away from the cold, it is better to avoid January and February because those are the coldest months.
  • If you like it when there are not many people around, January and March are the best times to visit because there are not many tourists.
  • If you are okay with being around lots of people, the busiest times for tourists are in May, June, September, October, and December.
Fact: In Bristol, February, April, and November are a bit busier, but still not too crowded. 

Things to Do in Bristol in Winter

Bristol is a really cool place to visit in the winter. It has an interesting history and a fun vibe.

bristol floating harbour

The old part of the city has really cool streets made of bumpy stones that make you feel nostalgic. And the harbor is a peaceful place with boats peacefully floating on the water. It is a great place to relax and get away from it all.

Here are some of the best things to explore when in Bristol:

Cultural AttractionsExplore the University of Bristol buildings, check out Bristol Cathedral, visit Bristol Byzantine architecture or go to St. Mary Redcliff church.
Outdoor ActivitiesEngage in sports at the Downs or try rock climbing at Avon Gorge.
Floating HarborGet a steam railway experience, try amazing dining options, or entertain yourself by watching watershed cinema and workshops.
Fact: During the festive season, the city gets exciting with a Christmas market, places to go ice skating, and special services at Bristol Cathedral to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  


Does it snow in Bristol? The truth is that snowfall in Bristol is rather rare. Basically, the reason why it does not snow much in Bristol is mainly because of its location.

The Bristol Channel nearby is kind of warm, which makes it harder for snow to form. And finally, the city itself creates its own heat, which also makes it less likely to snow.

Interestingly, though it does not snow often in Bristol, the city’s special climate and geography make its weather different from other places.