does it snow in eugene oregon

Does it snow in Eugene Oregon? Natural beauty, outdoor opportunities, and a thriving cultural environment make Eugene a popular tourist destination.

Eugene has a mild climate, but that does not stop people from asking, “How often does it snow in Eugene, Oregon?”

Visitors to Eugene in the winter typically want to know if they need to bring snow gear and should expect travel delays. So, what do you think? Will it snow in Eugene?

Let’s find out now!

Yes, Eugene receives snow between December and February, which is around three to four inches. 

Where Does It Snow in Eugene Oregon?

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Eugene itself does not get a lot of snow each year. But, there are various options nearby for individuals with varying levels of interest in snow-related activities.

If you are looking for a snowy getaway, Oakridge is your best option. It is located just 45 miles east on Highway 58 and lets you explore breathtaking vistas adorned with majestic snow-capped mountains.

At this delightful location, snow parks are fully equipped with exhilarating sledding hills and picturesque snowshoeing trails.

If you continue driving for an additional 20 miles along the same highway, you will reach Willamette Pass. The ski resort is proud to offer more than 500 acres of trails, ensuring ample space for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

If you are open to exploring a slightly more distant location, Sisters is situated approximately 85 miles to the northeast of Eugene. This charming mountain town has numerous winter activities to indulge in.

Fact: When compared to other locations in Oregon, Eugene's average high temperature of 82.4 degrees in August is about par for the course. 

How Much Does It Snow in Eugene, Oregon?

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Although the city may not possess the characteristics of a quintessential winter wonderland, it does experience occasional snowfall.

Quick Stats:

Average Annual Snowfall3 inches
Snowy PeriodDec 4 – Feb 12
Snowless PeriodFeb 12 – Dec 4
The Month with the Most SnowJanuary
Record Single-Day Snowfall14 inches

 According to the data, Eugene typically receives an average of 3 inches of snow annually.

The duration of the snowy season spans approximately 2.2 months, commencing around December 4 and concluding around February 12.

January is the month that typically experiences the highest amount of snowfall. On average, there is a recorded snowfall of approximately 1.3 inches during this particular month. 

Months with No Snowfall

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According to available data, the city experiences a significant duration without snowfall, lasting approximately 9.8 months.

This period begins on February 12 and extends until December 4.

For those who do not particularly enjoy snow, you may want to plan your trip around July 13, when the snowfall is at its lowest.

On average, the total accumulation during this period is recorded to be 0.0 inches. 

Historical Snowfall Events

eugene historical snowfall

The 1960s were marked by an abundance of snowfall in Eugene, making it the snowiest decade on record.

This was primarily attributed to the significant snowstorm known as the “Big Snow” of 1969.

The storm achieved several notable records, one of which was the highest amount of snowfall in a single day, measuring 14 inches on January 25.

According to historical records, Eugene experienced exceptional snowfall in February 2019. Specifically, the city received a total of 11 inches of snow, making it the snowiest February day in over 100 years.

Fact: The "Big Snow" led to 27.9 inches of rainfall over a period of two days, while over a period of three days, it amounted to 37.9 inches. 

Is Eugene a Good Place for Winter Vacation?

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Eugene, Oregon is a highly recommended option for a winter vacation due to its wide array of activities that cater to various preferences.

It is true that the city itself does not experience significant snowfall. But, its close proximity to the Cascade Mountains and McKenzie River area offers abundant possibilities for engaging in snow hikes and various outdoor activities.

Here, you will witness a delightful transformation into a magical winter wonderland. One of the highlights of this enchanting experience is the charming holiday market, where you can explore a variety of festive stalls offering delightful goods and treats.

Additionally, the Village Green comes alive with a mesmerizing light display, illuminating the surroundings and creating a truly captivating atmosphere. The café culture in the area is known for its inviting atmosphere, where one can enjoy comforting beverages and delectable pastries. 

Can You Ski in Eugene, Oregon?

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Although Eugene, Oregon, lacks ski resorts within its city limits, it can be considered an ideal starting point for embarking on skiing expeditions.

The city is conveniently located in close proximity to two well-known ski resort destinations, namely Willamette Pass and Hoodoo.

Eugene provides a comprehensive range of amenities to ensure a remarkable skiing experience. From conveniently located local shops that offer gear rental services to shuttle services that facilitate seamless transportation, all your needs are catered to.  

Many ski shops in the area provide rental services for both skis and snowboards.

Many specialize in consigning various items such as snowboards, snowshoes, snow pants, boots, goggles, hats, gloves, and ski socks.    

Best Ski Resorts in Eugene, Oregon

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When your main goal to visit Eugene is not just to explore the city, but also to have fun skiing, you should consider staying at the following places. 

La Quinta by Wyndham Eugene

eugene skir resort la quinta

You will find this hotel conveniently located right next to the Willamette River, which means you are never far from some interesting ski areas, including Willamette Pass and the Hoodoo Ski Area.

The Hoodoo Ski area is located on Oregon’s Santiam Pass and is an extremely popular winter destination for skiing enthusiasts visiting Eugene, Oregon.

It is located only 85 miles to the east of Eugene. It provides a rich skiing experience for all levels with its expansive 800 acres of terrain, featuring 34 diverse runs, five efficient lifts, and one of the largest tubing parks in the West.

Established in 1938, Hoodoo proudly holds the title of being the first ski area in Central Oregon. It focuses on providing enjoyable experiences for families in a beautiful location.

The ski slopes are spread out over a large, rounded hill, offering expansive areas for avid skiers looking for a thrilling experience on Hoodoo’s backside and those enjoying carefully maintained trails on the front side.

Hoodoo boasts an impressive peak elevation of 5,703 feet, a vertical drop of 1,035 feet, and an annual snowfall averaging a remarkable 450 inches. This combination ensures an abundance of snow and exhilarating slopes for all snow enthusiasts.

Fact: Hoodoo Ski Area is one of the very best that also facilitates night skiing.

Comfort Suites Eugene

eugene ski resort comfort suites

Only a couple of miles from the University of Oregon is Comfort Suites Eugene, which also keeps you close to the most popular ski areas for unlimited fun.

In fact, you are only a couple of hours from Mount Bachelor, which is widely regarded as an outstanding skiing destination for individuals traveling from Eugene.

With its extensive 4,300-acre expanse of skiable terrain, this ski resort stands out as a premier destination in Oregon. The resort boasts a cutting-edge lift system comprising 15 lifts, out of which 8 are high-speed quads. This enables skiers to optimize their time on the slopes and fully enjoy their skiing experience.

The resort is designed to accommodate skiers with varying levels of expertise, offering a total of 101 designated runs that span across a wide range of difficulty levels, from beginners to experts.

The mountain presents a thrilling opportunity for individuals in search of a lengthy and invigorating descent. With a 4-mile run from the top to the bottom, this skiing adventure guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Fact: Mount Bachelor, boasting a summit elevation of 9,065 feet, presents awe-inspiring vistas of the majestic Cascade Mountains, accompanied by an exhilarating vertical drop of 3,365 feet.

Motel 6-Eugene, OR

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Staying at Motel 6-Eugene keeps you close to the local attractions in the area, and also makes it easier for you to get to the nearest ski spots.

Amtrak Eugene train station is only 3.5 miles from your hotel, and it is about an hour from Willamette Pass Ski Resort.

The resort is situated at a base elevation of 5,120 feet and can be easily reached by driving east on Highway 58 for about an hour. It is conveniently located near the mountain communities of Oakridge and Westfir, making it a great option for dining or staying overnight.

The skiable terrain at the resort covers an impressive expanse of 500 acres, with half of it being meticulously groomed for optimal skiing conditions. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of four lifts, including a high-speed lift that accommodates up to six people, ensuring swift and efficient transportation.

The ski resort is known for being especially suitable for families, with a focus on accommodating skiers who are at an intermediate or beginner level. For beginners, a magic carpet is also available to facilitate their introduction to skiing.

At the summit known as Eagle Peak, one can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding Cascades mountain range and be treated to a panoramic vista that spans a full 360 degrees.

This remarkable viewpoint also grants visitors the privilege of gazing upon three magnificent lakes: Waldo, Crescent, and Odell, each possessing its own unique charm and allure.

How Cold Does It Get in Eugene, Oregon?

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The climate in Eugene, Oregon is characterized by noticeable changes in weather throughout the year.

Here are the average temperatures throughout the year:

MonthsAverage Temp (F)

The weather in the city can be broadly classified into two primary seasons: the hot season and the cool season. 

The Hot Season in Eugene

eugene hot season

The hot season is characterized by high temperatures and warm weather.

It typically occurs during the summer months when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. In Eugene, the duration of the hot season is relatively brief, spanning approximately 2.7 months, commencing on June 27 and concluding on September 18.

In this particular timeframe, the city experiences pleasant temperatures, low humidity, and predominantly cloudless skies. 

The Cool Season

eugene cool season

The cool season refers to lower temperatures and a shift in weather patterns. It typically occurs during the autumn and winter months, when the Earth’s axis is tilted away

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the duration of the cool season spans around 3.4 months, specifically from November 12 to February 25.

The season is characterized by extremely low temperatures, frequent precipitation, and predominantly cloudy skies.

During this period, it is uncommon for the average daily high temperature to surpass 54°F. In terms of temperature, December is notably the coldest month, characterized by an average low of 36°F and a high of 46°F.

Here is a bit about the high and low temperatures in Eugene throughout the year:

MonthsAverage Low (F)Average High (F)

An Important Consideration

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In Eugene, the temperature fluctuates between 35°F and 86°F throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that the occurrence of extreme temperatures is infrequent in the city. Temperatures below 25°F or above 97°F are seldom experienced.

Comparing Eugene to the Rest of the Country

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Eugene is known for its pleasant climate characterized by mild temperatures.

Winters in Eugene tend to be wet and cool, while summers are warm and dry.

Here is how it compares to the rest of the country:

Climate AverageUnited StatesEugene
  Rainfall38.1 in.47.0 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.3.0 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days151.2 days
  Sunny205 days155 days
  Avg. July High85.8°81.5°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°34.1°
  Elevation2443 ft.430 ft.
Fact: Rainfall totals in Eugene range from 7.8 inches in December to 0.6 inches in July. 

Things to Explore in Eugene During Winter

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During the winter season, the days in Eugene feel long. However, there are numerous enjoyable activities to engage in during this time.

For instance: 

Snow Hiking and Outdoor Activities

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In Eugene, you can find an abundance of excellent choices for snow hiking.

Trails such as Spencer Butte, Mount Pisgah, and the Ridgeline Trail System present themselves as enticing options, particularly following a recent snowfall.

These trails provide an opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to engage in snow hiking and offer breathtaking vistas to behold.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure, consider visiting the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Here, you will be able to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of snow-covered sand dunes, creating a visually stunning contrast. 

Holiday Lights and Markets

eugene markets and holiday lights

From late November to December, Eugene becomes filled with a vibrant atmosphere of joy and celebration, as it embraces the holiday season.

At the Village Green located in Cottage Grove, an enchanting spectacle awaits visitors. With an impressive arrangement of more than half a million lights, this display is meticulously synchronized to the delightful melodies of holiday music.

On Friday nights, the 5th Street Market transforms into a delightful winter wonderland with horse-drawn carriages, melodious carolers, and the enchanting sight of snow gently descending from the sky. 

Winter Nature and Scenic Routes

eugene winter nature

The parks and gardens in Eugene undergo a tranquil winter transformation as a gentle snowfall blankets the landscape.

Hendricks Park provides exceptional vantage points that afford panoramic views of the cityscape. The Mount Pisgah Arboretum, located nearby, offers a delightful experience with its network of trails that wind through majestic conifer trees, their branches adorned with a delicate layer of snow.

When taking a leisurely walk along the Willamette River in Alton Baker Park, one can observe the serene reflection of snow-covered evergreen trees in the tranquil water.

Located just outside Eugene, you can find the magnificent Salt Creek Falls. These majestic falls gracefully cascade down, creating a mesmerizing frozen spray.  It is definitely something you should not miss when visiting Eugene. 

Indoor Museums and Activities

eugene museum and activities

If you are in search of indoor activities, the Science Factory offers a variety of interactive exhibits that are designed to ignite curiosity and foster creativity.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art collection is renowned for its exceptional range of prints, drawings, and Korean art, among other captivating pieces.

Tastings and tours of local wineries and breweries are available, providing the opportunity to experience the renowned craft beverages of Oregon.

Overall, Eugene offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, allowing individuals to fully immerse themselves in the splendor of an Oregon winter.

Fact:  Eugene boasts a lively performing arts scene, and you can experience the thrill of live music by attending performances at the Hult Center or the Shedd Institute. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Eugene, Oregon?

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Eugene is widely regarded as an exceptional summer destination.

The city truly shines during the period spanning from July to October. This is the optimal time to visit the beaches, engage in cycling or hiking activities in the Willamette River Valley, or explore the wineries in the area.

However, you can also plan your trip in winter, usually in December, to take part in winter sports and witness the exciting vibe during the Holiday season. 


Does it snow in Eugene Oregon? The average yearly snowfall in Eugene, Oregon, is about three to four inches. Snowfall is most common between December and February.

While the city of Eugene itself does not see much snowfall, there are plenty of places to enjoy winter sports in the surrounding area.

Snow trekking is a popular winter pastime in Eugene, and for good reason: Trails like Spencer Butte and Mount Pisgah offer spectacular views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

In addition, indoor museums offer possibilities for cultural enrichment, while holiday lights and marketplaces contribute to a joyful mood. In general, tourists can enjoy many different kinds of winter activities in Eugene.