does it snow in killeen texas

Does it snow in Killeen Texas? Killeen, Texas, is a popular tourist destination for several reasons.  

Attractions in Killeen include the opportunity to learn about the city’s rich military past, engage in outdoor activities, and experience genuine Texan hospitality.

Killeen’s pleasant climate makes the spring and fall seasons particularly inviting for outdoor pursuits. But, many people ask, “Does Killeen, Texas get snow?”

Let’s find out more about it now! 

Yes, you can get snow in Killeen Texas, but do not expect more than a light dusting on most occasions. 

More about the Climate of Killeen Texas

killeen texas climate

Killeen, Texas sees typical weather for Central Texas.

Summers are usually extremely hot and humid, with daytime highs in the mid-90s and lows around 70.

Winters here are brief and mild, with average highs in the 50s and 60s. How cold does it get in Killeen, Texas? Well, expect those lows to be in the upper 30s and lower 40s.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Killeen:

Fact: The climate is nice in Killeen, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, but keep in mind that springtime often brings its share of thunderstorms and even tornadoes.   

Average High and Low Temperatures in Killeen Texas

killeen texas temperature

You should think about the expected temperature swings when arranging a trip to Killeen.

From June 3rd to September 18th, the hot season lasts for almost 3.5 months with average daily highs exceeding 89°F.

The average high temperature in August is 95 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low temperature is 75 degrees.

The cooler season begins in November and goes all the way to mid-February.  The coldest month is January, with temperatures averaging 41°F at night and 61°F during the day

Here is about the average high and low temperatures in Killeen throughout the year:

Avg. Low41°F44°F51°F59°F66°F72°F75°F75°F69°F60°F51°F42°F
Avg. High61°F65°F72°F79°F85°F91°F95°F95°F89°F80°F70°F62°F

Does It Snow in Killeen Texas?

snow in killeen texas

You should not expect to see much snow in Killeen, Texas.

Compared to the annual average of 28 inches in the United States, Killeen receives an average of zero inches of snow.

On the plus side, the average yearly sunshine totals 229 hours, which is higher than the national average of 205 hours.

Rain is the most common form of precipitation in Killeen, but snow, sleet, and hail also count.

Here is how Killeen compares to the rest of the country:

ClimateUnited StatesKilleen
  Rainfall38.1 in.33.0 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.0.3 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days67.3 days
  Sunny205 days229 days
  Avg. July High85.8°94.7°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°37.8°
  Comfort Index (higher=better)77.3
  UV Index4.35.8
  Elevation2443 ft.823 ft.
Fact: Killeen only receives 33 inches of rain per year on average, which is significantly less than the national average of 38 inches.

How Much Snow to Expect in Killeen?

killeen texas amount of snow

A light dusting of snow is possible in Killeen, Texas.

Annual snowfall averages 0.3 inches, which is about par for the course in Texas.

On average, Killeen receives 0.1 inches of snow in the month of February. But there are no months that receive a lot of snowfall throughout the year.

About 22.3% of the time, Killeen’s annual average low temperature is below freezing at night.

This aligns with what you would find in most of the rest of the Lone Star State. So, bundle up, but do not count on a white Christmas in Killeen.

When Can You Find Snow in Killeen Texas?

killeen texas when snow

In Killeen, snowfall is possible at low enough temperatures, around 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Now, if you are craving a white adventure, the finest place to go is the Texas Hill Country surrounding Fredericksburg, in the state’s northwest corner.

Ski resorts in nearby states of New Mexico and Colorado are great options for those looking for more extensive snow activities.

Killeen also throws winter festivals and events with “artificial snow” during the holidays so that everyone can experience the joy of the season.

Fact: Killeen has warmer-than-average temperatures in August, with an average high of 95.7 degrees, making it the warmest month in the city.  

Historical Snowfall Events in Killeen Texas

killeen texas snowfall history

Although snowfall is very rare in Killeen, a small dusting is possible between December and February. However, accumulations of more than an inch are quite uncommon.

Killeen had 4.5 inches of snow in January 2022, making it the heaviest single snowfall in the city’s recorded history.

Before that, Killeen had not seen snowfall of more than 3 inches since February 2010, when 3.3 inches fell. Killeen receives less than an inch of snow annually on average, and some years may go without any significant snowfall at all.

Light snowfalls of less than one inch in Killeen typically evaporate within a day or two. It may snow occasionally, but because the ground is usually warm, the snow will not stick.  

Factors Affecting Snowfall in Killeen Texas

killeen texas snowfall factors

It is quite evident now that you are not going to see a lot of snow in Killeen. But, you may be wondering exactly what contributes to low snowfall in Killeen.

Let’s find out more about it now:

Geographical Factors

killeen texas geographical factors

Killeen is around 70 miles north of Austin in central Texas, therefore it is far enough inland that it rarely gets snow.

Because of its distance from the Gulf of Mexico is less influenced by Gulf-born cold fronts and other weather systems than Texas’s coastal regions.

Due to its distance from the Gulf, Killeen experiences less precipitation and a more semi-arid environment.

Winter Weather Patterns

killeen texas weather patterns

Killeen occasionally gets snow because of winter weather patterns and systems that affect central Texas.

Northern cold fronts can bring sudden bursts of chill and rain. However, dry continental air from the northwest United States also has an impact on the area.

Because of this, the area does not get the heavy snowfall.

Fact: Due to its western location in the region, Killeen is less likely to experience snowfall than the eastern portions of central Texas.

Climate Change Impact

killeen texas climate change

Due to rising temperatures, states in the south and central United States, such as Texas, should anticipate less snowfall as a result of climate change.

Future climate warming may reduce the frequency with which weather systems bring snow.

Snowy winters and seasons can still occur naturally due to short-term climate fluctuation. However, Killeen is projected to get less snowfall overall this season as a result of climate change in the long run. 

When to Visit and What to Do in Killeen?

visiting killeen texas

The months of November through February are ideal for a trip to Killeen.

Average highs will be in the low 60s Fahrenheit, and lows will be in the upper 30s to low 40s Fahrenheit.  

During these months, you can participate in many outdoor activities that will make your trip to Killeen a lot more exciting and memorable.

For instance, you can use local paths for both hiking and biking. Clear Creek Trail System and the Lions Club Park Mountain Bike Trail are two of the best places to go mountain biking in the area.

Here is what else you can do when visiting Killeen, especially in winter:

  • You can go play golf at popular spots like Pine Dunes and Woodlands.  
  • Cool-weather campers can head to Stillhouse Hollow Lake or Belton Lake.
  • Lakes, rivers, and streams abound with fish such as trout, bass, catfish, and more, making for excellent fishing.
  • The fall and winter seasons are prime time for hunters, with seasons for doves, deer, quail, and duck.

There is usually less rain in the winter, which is going to give you more opportunities to enjoy these outdoor pursuits.

Fact: Because of the lower temperatures, your winter trip to Killeen will be bug- and mosquito-free.


Does it snow in Killeen Texas? Yes, it can snow in Killeen, but do not count on it much because it is usually nothing more than a light dusting of snow.

While you are less likely to find snow in the area, you can still find many other interesting things to do in Killeen.

From camping to biking to fishing, you can engage in many interesting activities and even take part in some winter festivals as well.