does it snow in las vegas

Does it snow in Las Vegas? Known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas attracts millions of tourists annually with its pulsating nightlife, luxurious resorts, and more.

 Beyond the flash and glamor, though, visitors to Las Vegas need to familiarize themselves with the local environment.

The city is known for its extremely hot summers and relatively moderate winters. And that makes people ask, “Does it ever snow in Las Vegas?”

Let’s find out more about it now. 

Significant snowfall is extremely rare in Las Vegas, with the city often receiving less than an inch of snow per year. 

Where Does It Snow in Las Vegas?

las vegas where to snow

In winter, you can discover snow in the Mount Charleston and Spring Mountains regions, located in the city’s northwest.

Just 50 miles from the heart of Las Vegas, Lee Canyon is your best bet for snow sports.

You may take your pick from a wide variety of family-friendly snow sports and activities, including:

  • Downhill skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snow tubing

Continuing your ascent of Mount Charleston to destinations like the Sawmill and Kyle Canyon picnic sites will provide you with even more chances to view the snow.

These areas provide vast stretches of open ground, perfect for sledding, making snowmen, and more. It is best to avoid the crowds by getting there early, especially on the weekends.

In addition, the snow-capped summits of the Alps will provide stunning visual contrast to the desert landscape that surrounds you.

It is only a short trip from Las Vegas to the mountains, where you may enjoy a winter paradise. 

How Much Does It Snow in Las Vegas?

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Okay, so how often does it snow in Las Vegas? Well, you won’t experience much snow in Las Vegas.

Flurries, or very light snowfall, are most likely to occur in winter, especially in December, January, and February.

Even though it is unlikely, snow can fall in Las Vegas between the months of December and February.

The average snowfall for these three months is:

  • 0.2 inches in December
  • 0.0″ in January
  • 0.”1 in February

While snowfall is possible during this time, historically speaking, very little snow falls within the city limits. Instead, heavy snowfall is more likely to occur in adjacent mountains and at higher elevations. 

Historical Snowfall Data in Las Vegas

las vegas snow history

According to data kept by the National Weather Service, the average yearly snowfall in Las Vegas has been around 0.3 inches in the past.

However, in 1949, Las Vegas experienced its most annual snowfall on record, with 16.7 inches falling throughout the year.

The maximum day snowfall for the city was 7.4 inches on January 31, 1979.

On multiple occasions in both January 1949 and January 1974, the area received 4.7 inches of snow in a single day.

One of the larger recent snowfalls in the region’s climate history occurred in December 2008, when the Henderson area received 3.6 inches of snow.

Here is a bit more about it:

Snowfall RecordSnowfall (Inches)Year
Average Annual Snowfall0.3N/A
Most Snowfall in a Single Calendar Year16.71949
Most Snowfall in One Day7.41979
Significant Single-Day Snowfalls4.71949
Greatest Snow Depth Recorded12.01909
Recent Significant Snowfall3.62008
Fact: In January 1909, Las Vegas received a record-breaking 12 inches of snow. 

Is Las Vegas a Good Place for Winter Vacation?

winter vacation in las vegas

Yes, a winter trip to Las Vegas can be a wonderful experience.

The city’s average high temperatures in the winter range from a comfortable 57 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, making the season ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor pursuits.

In the spirit of the season, visitors may take in the dazzling light displays at Glittering Lights, go ice skating at The Cosmopolitan, and stroll along the famed Strip.

The pleasant weather also makes for attractive scenic day activities, such as going to the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon or taking an ATV tour across the desert.

After dark, Las Vegas’s many attractions come to life, offering everything from thrilling shows to exciting shopping excursions and exciting casino exploits.

If you want to visit the city but do not want to sweat through the summer, the winter is the best time to go. Therefore, Las Vegas is an excellent destination for a wonderful and cozy winter holiday. 

Can You Ski in Las Vegas?

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Not only is Las Vegas known for its glamor, glitz, and nonstop entertainment, but it is also considered a jumping-off point for exciting ski and snowboard trips.

There may not be any ski slopes within walking distance of the city, but there are a number of excellent ones within a day’s drive.

Lee Canyon, the nearest, is only 49 miles distant, making it a great option for a day trip during the winter.

If you are prepared to travel a bit further, you may go skiing at Brian Head, about 200 miles from Las Vegas, or at Big Bear Resorts, about 215 miles from Las Vegas, in Southern California. 

Best Ski Resorts in Las Vegas

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You can find a number of nice ski resorts not far from Las Vegas, and if you pick your accommodation sensibly, you can easily arrange day trips to these ski resorts.

Here are some options to consider:   

Wynn Las Vegas

wynn best ski resort

It is one of the very best places to stay when visiting Las Vegas. And that is mainly because it features a full casino to keep you entertained. But, if you want to explore the area and enjoy skiing, it still works perfectly.

It keeps you close to the Lee Canyon ski resort, about 45 minutes from the Strip. The average yearly snowfall at this mountain’s 8,510-foot base makes it a reliable winter wonderland for skiers and snowboarders. 

This resort, which covers 195 acres and features 30 different trails, is ideal for intermediate skiers and riders.

There is a wide range of difficulty in the snow, from beginners (15%) to intermediates (70%) to experts (15%). Lee Canyon also provides first-rate services, such as three chairlifts, a terrain park for freestyle thrill-seekers, and the opportunity to go tubing or snowshoeing.

On certain days, skiers and snowboarders can experience the enchantment of Lee Canyon’s slopes under the cover of darkness.  

So, Lee Canyon is a great choice for a day trip or weekend in the mountains since it mixes the excitement of skiing and snowboarding with the glamor of a vacation to Las Vegas.


bellagio ski resort las vegas

With MGM Grand Casino only 4 4-minute drive and many other attractions nearby, Bellagio is one outstanding place to stay when you visit Las Vegas.

And those interested in snow activities and skiing near Las Vegas will love this place, as it keeps them close to the Brian Head ski resort.

Just 200 miles away, or about a three-hour journey to the northeast, is the scenic southern Utah ski resort of Brian Head, a welcome respite from the clamor of Las Vegas.

It boasts the distinction of being Utah’s highest-elevation ski resort, with a base elevation of an astonishing 9,600 feet. There is nothing quite like skiing here, as it receives over 300 inches of pure, dry Utah snow each year.

The 650 skiable acres at Brian Head are home to 71 distinct routes. Wide-groomed slopes and easy tree skiing make this ski area ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Brian Head’s laid-back vibe, cheap pricing, and abundant activities like night skiing and snow tubing make it a popular destination for families.

After a day on the slopes, guests may unwind in the resort’s quaint mountain town setting, complete with a variety of restaurants and stores. Lift tickets, rentals, and lodging are all reasonably priced compared to other ski areas, making this winter getaway a great bargain.

Fact: The close proximity of Brian Head to Las Vegas provides a wonderful contrast between the city's bright lights and the quiet tranquility of the mountains.

Hyatt Place Las Vegas

hyatt place ski resort las vegas

With all the finest amenities you can expect from a top hotel, Hyatt Place Las Vegas becomes a more impressive option when you love skiing.

Just about 225 miles from your hotel, you can find Mountain High Resort, which is perfect for those looking to arrange a day tour to a ski resort.

The resort’s three mountains (the West, East, and North) offer terrain for skiers and riders of all abilities, with 61 different routes serviced by 16 lifts.

The East Resort has the region’s steepest run and uninterrupted cruising, while the West Resort is ideal for beginners and contains the only night skiing in Southern California.

The North Resort’s mild slopes and large tubing park are perfect for families. Skiers of all skill levels and ages will enjoy Mountain High’s world-class terrain park, excellent ski schools, and lively après-ski options.

How Cold Does It Get in Las Vegas?

las vegas how cold get

Visitors to Las Vegas should pack for a desert climate with wide seasonal temperature swings.

Daily maximum temperatures in the city consistently exceed 95°F throughout the 3.4 months of summer (early June to mid-September).

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Las Vegas:

MonthAverage Temperature (F)

While the warmer season lasts for about 3.2 months (from late November to late February), temperatures rarely rise over 66 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooler season.

The coldest month is December, with an average temperature range of 39°F to 58°F.

Here is a bit about the average high and low temperatures in Las Vegas:

Overall, Las Vegas has a desert climate, with dry and clear weather throughout the year and extreme temperature swings between summer and winter. Travelers to the city should factor in these temperature swings and plan accordingly.

MonthAverage Low (F)Average High (F)

Here is a bit about how the climate in Las Vegas compares to the rest of the country:

Climate AverageUnited StatesLas Vegas
  Rainfall38.1 in.5.0 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.0.3 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days26.1 days
  Sunny205 days294 days
  Avg. July High85.8°103.8°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°37.1°
  Elevation2443 ft.2001 ft.
Fact: The hottest month is July, with an average high of 104 degrees Fahrenheit and lows that rarely fall below 80 degrees. 

Things to Explore in Las Vegas during Winter

las vegas explore during winter

Skiing can definitely make your trip to Las Vegas interesting, but there is much more to explore in the city.

For instance:

Visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

bellagio conservatory las vegas

When visiting Las Vegas in the winter, you must stop at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

It becomes a breathtaking winter wonderland for the holidays and is at its best then. Think of enormous Christmas trees covered in lights, beautiful poinsettias that provide pops of color, and thousands of flowers artfully placed to form complicated and breathtaking sceneries.

The festive spirit is alive and well in these displays, which delight guests of all ages.

As a free attraction on the heart of the exciting Las Vegas Strip, it is easily accessible to anybody and leaves a lasting impression.

Visit the Hoover Dam

hoover dam las vegas

When in Las Vegas, you simply must take a day trip to the nearby Hoover Dam.

Just 30 miles outside of town, you can take a guided tour of this engineering marvel to learn all about its interesting history and inner workings.

Regardless of age, everyone can learn something and be amazed by it.

Ice Skating

las vegas ice skating activitiy

Ice skating at The Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular seasonal pastimes in Las Vegas.

As the weather gets cold, the posh hotel nearby converts its rooftop pool deck into a glittering ice skating rink. Skaters of all skill levels may enjoy the thrill of flying through the air above the glittering Las Vegas cityscape while taking in beautiful views of the Strip.

Bringing a little winter wonderland to the lively Las Vegas landscape, this pleasant combination of winter activities and breathtaking cityscape panoramas is an experience you will not soon forget.

Fact: After having a wonderful time on the ice, guests at the Cosmopolitan may warm up by the fire pits while enjoying hot chocolate or other warming beverages.

Explore Gold Strike Hot Springs

gold strike hot springs las vegas

Gold Strike Hot Springs is about an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, making it a convenient option for a revitalizing winter getaway.

These little natural pools along the picturesque Colorado River provide a welcome reprieve from the biting Las Vegas winter with their mineral-rich, warm waters.

The hike along the beautiful trail to this peaceful haven is part of the adventure. 

While the climb may be strenuous, the healing waters and breathtaking scenery make it well worth the effort for a rejuvenating winter activity.

What Is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Las Vegas?

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You will enjoy your trip during the high season, which runs from March to May and September to November.

In the spring and fall, Las Vegas experiences warm days and lovely evening temperatures.

While March is most likely to be hectic, the months of April through June and September through November are practically ideal. 


Does it snow in Las Vegas? It does but only occasionally. Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountains are the only places in Las Vegas to regularly see snow.

Still, the city is a great place to visit in the winter because of its warm weather and abundant outdoor activities and attractions.

Lee Canyon and other neighboring mountains offer excellent skiing opportunities, but the city itself is a winter wonderland with its Christmas decorations, ice skating rinks, and other attractions.

Overall, Las Vegas is a fantastic destination for a wide range of winter activities and comfortable winter getaways.