does it snow in medford oregon

Does it snow in Medford Oregon? Medford is a popular tourist destination thanks to its abundance of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and top-notch wineries.

The area has moderate, wet winters and scorching, dry summers because of its location in the beautiful Rogue Valley at the confluence of three rivers.

When winter rolls around, though, curious travelers may start to wonder, “Does it snow in Medford, Oregon?”  With neighboring mountains and cooler weather, it is a reasonable question to have.

Let’s find out more about it now!

On average, Medford sees hardly a dusting of snow each year—just a few flurries that swiftly melt away. 

Where Does It Snow in Medford?

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Medford is located at a height of 1,382 feet. While it may have a few small snow showers each winter, the climate is typically too mild for major accumulation.

But the snowy mountains close to the Rogue Valley are worth the trip in the winter.

For instance, you can find snow in Ashland, a city located at an elevation of 2,000 feet, about 20 minutes south of the California border. It receives about 11 inches of snowfall.

You can find additional snow about two hours north of Medford, in Klamath County. Crater Lake National Park in Klamath County, which is located at an elevation of around 6,000 feet, receives an average of 44 inches of snow per year.

You can also take a three-hour trip to the east to reach Bend, Oregon, and the Cascade Mountain range, home to some of the deepest snow in the country. While Bend receives an annual average of 21 inches of snow, the nearby Mt. Bachelor ski resort receives more than 300 inches of dry, deep snow.

Fact: While Medford rarely sees snow, the mountainous regions surrounding this city provide easy access to superb skiing and other winter sports. 

How Much Does It Snow in Medford Oregon?

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Medford, OR experiences limited snowfall, typically occurring within a narrow timeframe spanning from December 5 to January 25.

According to the data, December is the month with the highest amount of snowfall, averaging 1.3 inches. Throughout the remainder of the year, there is a notable absence of snow, spanning approximately 10 months, commencing on January 25th and concluding on December 5th.

During the summer season, specifically around July 20th, it is highly unlikely to encounter any significant amount of snow, as the average snowfall during this time is approximately 0.0 inches.


Although snowfall is infrequent in Medford, there have been occurrences of substantial snowfall in the region.

The highest recorded snowfall in Medford was 18.3 inches in 1950.

In January 2017, the Medford airport observed 8.3 inches of snow in a single day. In Medford, December experiences the highest amount of snowfall, averaging 1.3 inches

Is Medford a Good Place for Winter Vacation?

winter vacation in medford

Without a doubt, the city of Medford in Oregon is a great place to spend the winter.

Medford, located in the Rogue Valley, is a great winter destination for both thrill-seekers and those seeking a quiet escape. Although snow is uncommon in the city, there are plenty of ski resorts, snowboarding areas, and snowmobile trails within a day’s drive.

When you are ready to relax after a day of winter fun, head to one of the area’s cozy lodges or B&Bs.

In addition, you can still take part in outdoor activities in the region’s mild winters. 

Can You Ski in Medford Oregon?

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In Medford, Oregon, skiing is not something you can enjoy directly in the city but you can have loads of fun if you decide to drive to nearby resorts.

The Mount Ashland Ski Area, only eight miles from the Oregon-California border, is a welcoming destination for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.

If you are interested in doing some additional traveling, you might want to consider visiting the Mount Shasta Ski Park in Northern California. This ski park offers various activities such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and cross-country skiing.

Fact: For those seeking a bigger ski resort experience, Mount Hood Meadows Ski and Summer Resort is a great option 

Best Ski Resorts in Medford Oregon

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When you want to explore the beauties of Medford and also want to experience some skiing fun, you should take your time to pick the best place to stay.

Here are a few options to consider:

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Medford Airport

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SpringHill Suites provides you with a nice place to stay while staying in close proximity to famous ski resorts in the area. For starters, you can visit Mount Ashland Ski area, which has been a popular destination for winter activities in southern Oregon since 1964.

It is conveniently located only a 40-minute drive from Medford. The ski resort offers a variety of thrilling features such as steep slopes, tree glades, 44 different runs, five lifts, and a large 240-acre area for skiing.

Mount Ashland stands out due to its exceptional amount of sunshine, with approximately 300 sunny days each year, along with a substantial 250 inches of natural snowfall.

The ski area mainly focuses on serving intermediate-to-advanced skiers and riders. However, they also warmly welcome beginners by offering affordable rental and instruction programs.

The best part is that Mount Ashland offers night skiing, as well as equipment rentals and a range of dining options, to enhance your enjoyment.    

Clarion Pointe Medford

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Clarion Pointe, Medford is one of the best places to choose when visiting Medford with a focus on skiing. The best part is that it keeps you close to Mount Bachelor Ski area, the sixth-largest ski resort in North America.

Located in central Oregon, this mountain resort is considered one of the best in the state. It offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities, with a particularly impressive terrain park that is sure to excite both snowboarders and skiers.

Mount Bachelor is well-known for its exceptional snow conditions, attracting visitors from both within the state and beyond.

The snow at Mount Bachelor is renowned for being light, dry, and powdery, making it a perfect destination for winter sports enthusiasts. It has a large area of 4,323 acres for skiing, with 101 runs available. Some of these runs are as long as four miles. This feature sets it apart as one of the best ski areas in Oregon.

My Place Hotel-Medford, OR

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If you are planning a winter adventure from Medford, Oregon, staying at My Place Hotel is one fine choice. While you get all the amenities you require in a classy accommodation, you also find it easier to explore the city and get to the best ski resorts in the area.

It is not far from Willamette Pass Ski Resort in Crescent Lake Junction, which is known for its charm and smaller size. This resort is located about two-and-a-half hours away from Medford, accessible via OR-62 E. It offers a serene and picturesque mountain experience, perfect for those who prefer a quieter and more intimate setting.

Since 1941, Willamette Pass has been a popular destination for snow enthusiasts. Its cozy atmosphere, picturesque vistas, and well-maintained runs provide the ideal setting for a fantastic ski season.   

The ski resort offers a variety of skiing experiences with its 555 skiable acres and 29 alpine runs. There are options available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers, making it a delightful destination for all skill levels.

Fact: The Willamette Pass Ski resort offers 12.4 miles of groomed Nordic trails for Nordic skiing enthusiasts, which adds to the range of winter activities available.

How Cold Does It Get in Medford Oregon?

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Medford, Oregon has noticeable changes in temperature throughout the year, including cold winters.

The city experiences hot and dry conditions during the summer months, which typically span from June 21 to September 18, lasting approximately 2.9 months. The average daily high temperatures are consistently above 84°F. The hottest month is July, with an average high of 91°F and a low of 58°F.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures throughout the year:

Avg. Temp (F)39°F43°F47°F52°F59°F66°F74°F73°F66°F54°F44°F38°F

In contrast, Medford experiences cold and wet weather during its winters, which typically last for about 3.3 months from November 12 to February 20.

During this time, temperatures drop significantly. The cooler temperatures and increased cloud cover in Medford during the winter make the season feel distinctly chilly and damp.

Here is a bit about high and low temperatures throughout the year:

Avg Low (F)33°F35°F38°F42°F47°F53°F58°F57°F51°F43°F37°F33°F
Avg. High (F)49°F54°F60°F66°F74°F82°F91°F91°F84°F70°F54°F47°F

The Impact of Snowfall

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The snowfall in Medford, Oregon is closely connected to the rainfall patterns in the region, which also affects the temperature.

The city has a rainy period lasting about 9.6 months, starting on September 6 and ending on June 25. During this time, there is consistent rainfall for 31 consecutive days, with a minimum of 0.5 inches of rainfall each day.

December is notable for being the month with the highest amount of rainfall, averaging 6.2 inches.

Rainfall4.8 inches4.3 inches3.7 inches2.4 inches1.4 inches0.7 inches0.3 inches0.2 inches0.7 inches2.3 inches5.1 inches6.2 inches

On the other hand, Medford experienced a period of approximately 2.4 months without any rainfall, starting on June 25 and ending on September 6.

Fact: December is considered the coldest month, with an average low temperature of 33°F and a high temperature of 47°F. 

Things to Explore in Medford During Winter

activities in medford during winter

During the winter season, Medford, Oregon offers a multitude of exciting opportunities for exploration.

For instance: 

Try Snow Activities

medford snow activities

Medford, OR, offers a range of snow activities, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a winter wonderland experience.

To experience the winter beauty of Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley, you can put on snowshoes and explore the scenic trails. 

You can participate in hikes that not only allow you to appreciate the snowy scenery but also provide information about the plants and animals found in the area.

Similarly, if you enjoy motorized adventure, you can rent a snowmobile to experience the thrill of zooming through the well-maintained trails of the Rogue Valley. 

Go Hiking

medford oregon hiking

There are several reasons why hiking Upper and Lower Table Rock in Medford during winter is a fantastic idea.

The trails provide stunning views of the Rogue Valley, showcasing the winter landscape in a way that resembles a magical wonderland.  

During your journey, it is possible to encounter various wildlife such as deer, birds, and other small animals. You do not need to be concerned about the hike being too difficult because the trails are categorized as easy to moderate.

Fact: In Medford, the winters are mild and there is not much rain, which means you can easily spend time outside and enjoy the pleasant weather. 

Day Tour to Rogue Valley

rogue valley medford

A day trip to Rogue Valley should always be on the cards when you visit Medford, Oregon. It is a charming and picturesque destination that is ideal for this time of year.

Picture yourself waking up in a cozy bed and breakfast, nestled amidst majestic snow-capped mountains and vibrant forests. The picturesque scenery resembles a real-life winter postcard.

The Rogue Valley is a great place to go for outdoor adventures during the winter. It has plenty of space for activities and is a popular destination for both tourists and residents. 

Wine Tasting

tasting wine in medford

If you are a wine enthusiast, you should consider visiting DANCIN Vineyards in Medford, OR, during winter.

At the vineyard, you can participate in curated wine tastings and tours. During these experiences, you will have the opportunity to sample a selection of wines while also gaining knowledge about the process of making wine.

The tasting room has a cozy atmosphere, which makes it an ideal place to escape from the cold winter weather.

In addition, the vineyard’s scenic backdrop enhances your experience by adding a touch of magic. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Medford, Oregon?

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Autumn in Medford and the nearby mountains is a great time to visit.

During this season, the deciduous trees in the area display beautiful fall foliage. The temperatures during this time are usually pleasant, typically in the 70s.

In Medford, during the winter season, it is common to experience snowfall. And you can always plan a trip to nearby resorts to make winters more exciting. 


Does it snow in Medford Oregon? No, it does not snow much in Medford. Medford does not get much snow, but the mountains nearby turn into awesome winter wonderlands for skiing and snowboarding.

Just hop in your car and drive for about an hour to Mt. Ashland Ski Resort. You will find some awesome slopes super close to the California border. After shredding the slopes, you can relax by the fire at one of Medford’s cool wine-tasting spots.

Check out the Pinot Noirs and other types of wine from the cool Applegate Valley wine region nearby. They have got some tasty stuff! Even though it does not snow much here, Medford is still a great place to have fun in the snow and chill indoors.