does it snow in serbia

Does it snow in Serbia? Serbia is a really great place to visit because it has a fascinating history, beautiful natural scenery, and a distinct culture.

It is in southeastern Europe and has a wide range of attractions for visitors. A lot of tourists are curious about what kind of climate and weather they can expect in Serbia, especially, “How often does it snow in Serbia?”

Serbia generally has mild weather, but travelers can experience a beautiful winter wonderland in the northern mountains for several months each year.

Let’s find out more about it.

Serbia gets snow from October to April, with the northern mountainous areas receiving the most snow, and Belgrade typically receiving about 2.7 inches each month. 

Where Does It Snow in Serbia?

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Serbia has a lot of beautiful snowy places, especially in its picturesque mountains. These mountains are perfect for anyone looking for the ultimate snow experience.

You will have to go to southwestern Serbia when interested in seeing snow and enjoying winter sports.  This is where you will find the most popular skiing destinations, such as Kopaonik, which is the largest resort, and Zlatibor-Tornik, which comes in second place.

Both Zlatibor and Kopaonik are in the southwestern region, with Zlatibor being slightly more towards the west and Kopaonik leaning towards the south.

These hubs are popular among winter enthusiasts of all types, creating lively atmospheres, especially during the peak season.

Similarly, in the southeastern part, there is a really big resort called Stara Planina-Babin Zub, which is right next to Bulgaria. This place is known for its peaceful atmosphere, quite different from the busy cities in the Southwest.  

There are some smaller and less popular ski spots in Serbia, such as Tara, Divcibare, Zlatar, and Crni Vrh. These places have a few slopes that are great for day trips. What is great about these places is that they are easily accessible.

No matter where you are in Serbia, you can take a short car ride and find yourself in these winter paradises. 

How Much Does It Snow in Serbia?

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Is Serbia cold? It definitely is, especially in the winter. 

From November to March, the snowfall transforms the scenery into a picturesque scene. The peak of this frosty beauty can be experienced in January.

In urban areas, cities like Belgrade typically get around 5-10 inches of snow each year. However, how the snowfall happens varies depending on the landscape and how high up you are.

In the southern and western mountainous regions of Serbia, there is a lot of snowfall. Ski resorts like Kopaonik are well-known for having over 80 inches of snow each year.

On the other hand, the northern plains and valleys do not get as much snow, with an average of 2-5 inches per year.

To get a better understanding, take a look at the table below. It shows the average monthly and annual snowfall (in inches) for three different cities in Serbia.


The fact of the matter is that Serbia’s mountainous terrain creates great ski conditions during the winter, although the amount of snowfall can vary.

Fact: In 2009, Belgrade witnessed a massive 20 inches of snow covering the city in December alone.   

Is Serbia a Good Place for Winter Vacation?

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Serbia is a great place to go for winter vacations because it has beautiful mountains, top-notch ski resorts, and charming cities with lots of culture and history.

Kopaonik National Park boasts the title of having the largest ski area, offering more than 50km of slopes suitable for skiers of all levels of expertise.

In addition to the slopes, Serbia’s cities really come to life during the winter season. You will find charming Christmas markets, beautiful light displays, lively concerts, and exciting festivals to enjoy.

During the holiday season, Belgrade is filled with a vibrant and festive atmosphere, especially along popular streets like Knez Mihailova. Novi Sad, known for its relaxed atmosphere, is home to a huge Christmas market in its central square.

Similarly, places like Mokra Gora and Tara National Park in rural areas offer great opportunities for winter activities such as hiking, sleigh rides, and staying in cozy mountain lodges.  

Fact: Serbia is known for its friendly locals, ensuring a warm and welcoming experience for all visitors.   

Can You Ski in Serbia?

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Serbia is often praised for its sports and cuisine, but it also surprises as a fantastic destination for skiers.

Serbia is in the Balkans of Southeastern Europe. It experiences snowfall mainly during the winter months, which can also extend into late autumn and early spring.

It is also home to one of the biggest ski resorts in the Balkans. It has amazing snow conditions, fancy hotels with spas, and a lively atmosphere that is perfect for skiers of any skill level.  

The official ski season typically runs from mid-November to mid-March, but it can be influenced by changes in weather. The most delightful time of winter is when the mountains are covered in a thick layer of snow, making it perfect for skiing. 

Best Ski Resorts in Serbia

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Your trip to Serbia will become even more exciting when you stay at some of the best hotels close to the finest ski resorts.

Here are some options to consider:  

Viceroy Kopaonik Serbia

serbia ski resort viceroy kopaonik

If you are looking for a five-star place to stay on Kopaonik Mountain, look no further than Viceroy Kopaonik. And the best part is that Kopaonik Ski Center is within walking distance.

Kopaonik is the biggest and most well-known resort in Serbia and the surrounding area. The slopes cover over 64 kilometers and are suitable for all levels of skiing, from beginners to experts. Beginners have the option to sign up for ski schools to receive guidance.

The resort buzzes with activity, with plenty of cafes and nightclubs to choose from. It is especially lively during the peak season in January. Just a heads up, be ready for some crowds and possibly have to wait a while at the ski lifts.

The good thing is that Kopaonik remains covered in snow throughout the winter, creating a perfect snowy paradise for skiers. The place is always changing and getting fancier, although it comes with a higher price tag than other places.  

Although there are a few small inconveniences, Kopaonik is undeniably the top ski resort in Serbia, providing unmatched experiences for winter enthusiasts.

Fact: It is a great idea to try a sip of rakija, which is the traditional Serbian spirit, to warm your spirit after a day in the snow.

Hotel Stara Planina

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The Babin Zub resort is yet another impressive skiing destination you should never miss. And you can access it with ease when you are at Hotel Stara Planina. The hotel has dense forests around making it an outstanding place to stay.

While at this hotel, you can easily plan a skiing trip to the lovely Stara Planina-Babin Zub resort. It is a great choice for winter lovers looking for an affordable vacation.

You can enjoy the pleasures of skiing and the refreshing winter air here without spending too much money. This place has a variety of slopes that cater to different skill levels. You can enjoy both easy and challenging slopes while also being treated to stunning views from its high peaks.

The resort excels in terms of skiing with its well-maintained 13 kilometers of trails, surpassing Zlatibor in this aspect. The snow quality is more reliable at a higher altitude compared to Zlatibor.

In addition, the mountain’s closeness to the Bulgarian border offers breathtaking natural beauty and the opportunity to enjoy peaceful solitude.

Stara Planina-Babin Zub is not as busy when it is not ski season, but it still provides a peaceful retreat in the midst of nature.

Although it may not be the top pick for a long ski vacation, Stara Planina-Babin Zub has a special combination of skiing, peacefulness, beautiful nature, delicious local food, and affordability. This makes it a great choice for a memorable winter trip in Serbia.

Mona Plaza Zlatibor

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One of the best resorts in Serbia is Zlatibor-Tornik, and you can easily access it when staying at Mona Plaza Zlatibor. It is in the heart of Zlatibor and always keeps you close to various major attractions, including skiing.

The slopes at Zlatibor-Tornik are designed to accommodate everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. They are very welcoming to all skill levels. However, the true enchantment of Zlatibor lies in its culinary treasures, which are renowned as some of the best in the country.

Zlatibor is quite different from the busy atmosphere of Kopaonik. It has a peaceful and calm vibe, making it a great place for a relaxing skiing adventure.  

Although it only has 7 kilometers of ski trails, the best part is that it offers something for everyone, with a special focus on families and those seeking adventure. However, because it is at a lower altitude than Kopaonik and Stara Planina, the snow quality at Zlatibor can sometimes be unpredictable.

Although Zlatibor has a few limitations, it truly stands out as a destination that offers a wide range of experiences.

This place is great for people who have different interests other than skiing.  

How Cold Does It Get in Serbia?

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The climate in Serbia is different in various regions because of its geography.

In the north, the climate is continental, which means that winters are cold and dry, while summers are warm and humid.

The southern region experiences a Mediterranean influence, which means it has hot and dry summers, as well as milder and rainy winters.

Mountains, such as the Dinaric Alps, help to moderate temperatures by cooling down warm air masses. The Košava wind, which comes from the Carpathian Mountains, can bring about chilly and stormy weather.

In general, Serbia experiences an average annual temperature of around 11.6°C (52.9°F) in lower areas, 11.0°C (51.8°F) in areas at medium altitudes, and 7.5°C (45.5°F) in higher elevations.

Here is more about weather and snow in different cities:

CitySnowy PeriodHighest Snowfall MonthAvg Snowfalls in Dec (inches)Avg. Snowfall in Jan (inches)Avg.  Snowfall in Feb (inches)
KopaonikSki Season (Nov-Mar)January15.516.4

To sum it up, both Belgrade and Nis experience the highest amount of snowfall during January and February.

On average, these cities receive about 2-6 inches of snow each month during this time.

Fact: The Kopaonik mountain region gets a lot of snow during the peak ski season, and it is more than 15 inches on average in December and January. 

Things to Explore in Serbia During Winter

what to do during winter

Serbia is a great place to visit during the winter season. There are so many things to do and see, besides just skiing.

Here is what you can explore in Serbia during the winter season: 

Visit Belgrade

serbia belgrade

You should definitely consider visiting the capital city of Serbia during the winter season.

Take a leisurely walk down Knez Mihailova Street, where you will be greeted by a stunning display of lights and charming Christmas huts. The whole scene creates a magical atmosphere, straight out of a fairytale.

Belgrade is famous for its lively nightlife scene, offering a variety of nightclubs, pubs, and music venues to keep you entertained on those chilly winter nights. 

Visit Novi Sad

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Novi Sad is charming, especially during the festive season when the city turns into a beautiful winter wonderland.

The central square transforms into a beautiful Christmas market, creating a magical holiday atmosphere. The market is so inviting, with its twinkling lights and festive stalls.

Visitors can soak up the joyful atmosphere, treat themselves to delicious seasonal goodies, and find one-of-a-kind gifts. But that is not where the enchantment ends.

When you take a quick trip to the Petrovaradin Fortress, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the city’s winter charm and the magnificent Danube River.

When you visit Novi Sad, you will be treated to a wonderful combination of holiday cheer and stunning scenery.

It is an experience that you will not soon forget! 

Explore Tara National Park

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Tara National Park is a beautiful part of Serbia’s natural landscape that truly captures the magic of winter.

During the colder months, the park’s terrain becomes a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. It welcomes winter hikers and horseback riders to explore its well-marked trails.

As you explore further into the park, you will come across stunning frozen waterfalls, majestic snow-covered mountains, and delightful mountain villages that look like they have been taken straight out of a picture-perfect postcard.

The peacefulness of the winter scenery, along with the refreshing mountain breeze, makes for a calm and energizing experience.   

Explore Thermal Towns

serbia thermal towns

Serbia has many thermal towns that offer a great winter getaway. These towns are known for their natural hot springs and spa facilities, making them the ideal destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Some of the best places to experience thermal relaxation are Vrnjačka Banja, Sokobanja, and Niška Banja. These destinations have been highly regarded for centuries, even during the Roman era, due to their therapeutic mineral waters.

These towns have a variety of amenities to help you relax and recharge, including indoor and outdoor pools, massage services, saunas, and other rejuvenating treatments.

In addition to offering relaxation, thermal towns also boast stunning scenery with hills and forests that surround them. You can breathe in the fresh air and take in the beauty of nature.

Fact: Thermal towns in Serbia are home to historical sites such as monasteries and Ottoman-era baths, which you can explore and learn about. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Serbia?

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The ideal time to plan your visit to Serbia will vary based on what you enjoy and prefer.

If you are someone who loves nice weather and doing things outside, May, June, and September are the perfect months for you. During this time, the temperatures are not too hot or too cold, and there is a vibrant atmosphere all around.

If you enjoy winter sports and snowy landscapes, you should plan your trip from November to April, as that is when the ski season is at its peak.

Fact: The mountain ranges in the northern part of Serbia receive the highest amount of snowfall during Nov to Apr.


Does it snow in Serbia? Yes, it snows in Serbia during winter, and the heaviest snowfall usually occurs in January. Major cities like Belgrade typically receive an average of 5-10 inches of snow per year.

Snowfall amounts can differ quite a bit depending on the specific region and elevation. If you visit in winter, you can always find amazing skiing opportunities in Kopaonik, which gets more than 80 inches of snow.

But no matter when you plan a visit, rest assured that Serbia will have something to keep you entertained.