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Does it snow in St Louis Missouri?  The city is located where the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers meet, on a land area of about 170.92 square kilometers.

It gets air that is warm and wet from the Gulf of Mexico, and also cold air from Canada.

When different air masses take turns coming in, it creates all sorts of different weather, and that is why the area gets to experience all four seasons.

But, the question is, “Does it snow in St. Louis?”

Yes, it snows in St. Louis, but it usually stays around 1 inch in the peak season, but on some rare occasions, you may notice up to 5 inches of snow. 

Let’s find out in detail…

More about the Climate in St. Louis, Missouri

the climate in st. louis, missouri

In St. Louis, Missouri, the weather changes a lot throughout the year.

It can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The hot season lasts about 3.7 months, starting at the end of May and going until mid-September.

During this time, you can expect it to be hot with temperatures consistently going above 80°F every day.

In July, St. Louis gets really hot with temperatures reaching an average high of 89°F and a low of 70°F. That is when the hot season is at its peak. 

The Start of the Cold Season in St. Louis

cold season in st. louis

On the other hand, the cold season lasts about 3 months, starting from November 28 and going until February 28.

This time of the year is known for being colder, with the highest temperature usually staying below 50°F.

January is the coldest month in St. Louis. During this time, the temperature can drop as low as 25°F and reach a high of 41°F.

Here is a bit more about the average temperature throughout the year:


The Rainy Season in St. Louis, Missouri

rainy season in st. louis, missouri

On average, it rains about 34 inches per year in St. Louis. During the winter, it does not rain or snow as much as at other times of the year.

On average, the area gets about 6 inches of precipitation during those three months. During the months of March, April, and May, it usually rains the most.

Here is a bit more about the high and low temperatures in St. Louis, Missouri:

Fact: St. Louis is well-known for its tall Gateway Arch, which is about 630 feet (or 192 meters) high. It is the tallest arch in the whole world. 

Does It Snow in St Louis Missouri?

does it snow in st louis missouri

Yes, it does, but does it snow a lot in St. Louis? Not really, and it does not stay on land for long.

According to the records, temperatures go down to zero or below for about 2 or 3 days on average each year.

And in most years, the area has less than 25 days when it gets as cold as 32 degrees or lower.

On average, the area gets about 18 inches of snow each winter. And in most years, it has 5 to 10 days where it gets an inch or less of snow. 

When Does It Snow in St. Louis, Missouri?

snow season in st. louis

In winter, the first snowfall usually happens in December.

Sometimes, it snows in November, but it does not happen very often, maybe every three or four years.

Usually, the final snowfall of the season occurs in March. Sometimes, in certain places, it can snow in April.

In St. Louis, it usually does not snow from May to October. 

What is Winter Like in St. Louis, Missouri?

what is winter like in st. louis

In St. Louis, winters are colder, and the weather feels very different from the summer months.

In the winter, which usually goes from late November to late February, you can expect the highest temperatures each day to be around 46°F.

It is not very common for temperatures to go below 25°F or above 67°F right now. On average, the coldest day of the year in St. Louis is around January 7.

That is when the highest temperature during the day is usually the lowest, at around 41°F.

Fact: In St. Louis, July 20 is the hottest day of the year, as the temperature is between 70°F and 89°F.  

How Often Does It Snow in St. Louis?

does it snow in st. louis

Over the last 10 years, it has snowed for about 5.4 days a year. And it was around 18.0 inches on average.

Here is more about it:

MonthDaysSnowfall (inches)

If you compare the historical data from 1991 to 2020, you will notice that it rained about 14.5 days in that time period. Total snowfall in inches was 16.6.

Here is more about the snowfall in different months:

MonthDaysSnowfall in Inches

Variation in Snowfall in St. Louis, Missouri

snowfall variation in st. louis

The regular snowfall information does not tell us how much the amount of snow in St. Louis changes each year.

For instance: 

Snowfall in December

December is when it starts snowing a lot in St. Louis. Since it is the beginning of winter in the city, the weather is cold and sometimes drops below freezing.

In December, the weather in St Louis usually goes back and forth between warm, around 42.4F, and chilly, around 27F.

Fact: In December, the city measured 4.4 inches (111.8 millimeters) of snow after snowing for about 3.7 days. 

Snowfall in January

st louis snowfall in january

January is the time when winter is at its strongest in St. Louis.

 It is also the month when the city experiences its lowest temperatures. The weather can get as hot as 39.9F and as cold as 23.7F.

In St. Louis, January is the month when it snows the most.

Fact: In January, it snows for about 4.7 days, and the snow piles up to about 5.6 inches (or 142.2 millimeters) deep. 

Snowfall in February

st louis snowfall in february

Even though it has been cold and snowy in Missouri all the way through March, February is usually when winter ends in the city. 

In Feb, the temperature stays pretty much the same as in January, just a little bit warmer. 

The typical highest temperatures in the city are around 45F, while the lowest temperatures are usually around 27.7F.

 In the city, it snows for about 3 to 4 days in a month, and we get around 4 inches of snow.

What is the Best Time to Visit St. Louis, Missouri?

best time to visit st. louis, missouri

The best times to go to St. Louis are in the spring and fall because the weather is not too hot or too cold, and there are lots of fun things to do during those times.

For instance:

  • Grant’s Farm:  Here, you can go to see and interact with animals. They have a petting zoo where you can touch and play with the animals.
  • Six Flags St. Louis: A cool place for families to have fun with rides and stuff to do.
  • St. Louis Zoo: A truly exciting place to explore and see the sea lion show this spring.
  • The Gateway Arch: Check out the cool monument and then hop on a riverboat cruise on the big Mississippi River.
  • Apple Fest at Eckert: It is a fun event for the whole family where you can enjoy wagon rides, listen to music, and eat delicious food.
  • Brookdale Farms:  A perfect place to visit and get a chance to pick pumpkins and get lost in a maze made of corn.
  • River Cruises: Going on boat trips along rivers, dressing up for Halloween parties, and exploring spooky houses.  


Does it snow in St Louis Missouri? Yes, it can snow in St. Louis, but do not expect it to be a lot, as it does not support winter sports like skiing.

Mostly, there is only an inch of snow, but sometimes, it can go as high as 4 inches.

Nevertheless, the winter weather is rather pleasant, making it a great time to explore the city and engage in some amazing activities.