does it snow in tyler texas

Does it snow in Tyler Texas? Tyler is a great destination for outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, and many family-friendly events.

The weather here is rather hot in the summers, but winters are quite mild. But, many people often wonder, “How often does it snow in Tyler, Texas?

It seems rather unlikely considering the temperatures in winter are in the 50s. So, is it going to snow in Tyler, Texas?

Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Tyler, but it is extremely rare, with average annual snowfall staying below 1 inch. 

More about Climate of Tyler Texas

tyler texas climate

Tyler, Texas has a humid subtropical climate, so you must pack accordingly if you plan a trip to this city.

Typically, the city has hot and humid weather, with highs in the mid-90s, especially in August. However, you will notice that winters in Tyler are rather warm, usually in the mid-30s to the mid-50s.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Tyler throughout the year:

Avg Temp47°F51°F58°F66°F73°F80°F83°F83°F77°F67°F57°F49°F

Average Highs and Lows in Tyler Texas

tyler texas temperature

Temperatures in Tyler usually fluctuate a bit throughout the year. In January, the daytime high is around 57F, but it gets as low as 39F at night.

July and August usually witness the highest temperatures, reaching 94F during the day.

Here is more about the average high and average low temperatures in Tyler, Texas:

Avg Low39°F42°F49°F56°F65°F71°F74°F74°F67°F57°F48°F41°F
Avg High57°F62°F70°F77°F83°F89°F93°F94°F87°F78°F67°F59°F

The city of Tyler receives an average of 48 inches of rain per year. Given its proximity to the Gulf Coast, Tyler is sometimes in the path of powerful hurricanes and tropical storms.

Fact: The warmest time of year is from June through the end of September, while the coolest time of year is from the end of November through the beginning of February. 

Does It Snow in Tyler Texas?

tyler texas snow

Yes, Tyler, Texas does get snow, but it rarely sticks around.

Tyler is one of the snowier places in Texas, with an annual snowfall of roughly one inch.

In particular, February is the month with the most snow in Tyler, with an average of 0.5 inches. This amount of snowfall may appear insignificant, especially when compared to the annual snowfall average in the United States of 28 inches.

Although snow is unusual in Tyler, it has been known to fall on occasion.

Tyler has an average of 218 cloudless days each year and very rarely experiences snow. On average, there are 46 inches of rain per year. In general, snow is less common in Tyler than rain or sunshine, but it does occur occasionally.

Here is how Tyler compares to the rest of the country in terms of weather:

ClimateUnited StatesTyler
  Rainfall38.1 in.46.0 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.1.0 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days85.8 days
  Sunny205 days218 days
  Avg. July High85.8°93.0°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°36.2°
  Elevation2443 ft.538 ft.
Fact: Tyler is typically somewhat colder than the rest of Texas, with just 77.6 days per year recording a high temperature of 90 degrees or higher. 

When to Expect Snow in Tyler Texas?

tyler texas when to snow

Snowfall is quite uncommon in Tyler, Texas. Only occasionally does the city see heavy snowfall, although it receives only around an inch each year on average.

If you want to see snow in Tyler, you should know that the months of January and February are often the snowiest.

However, it is important to remember that Tyler has seen snow as early as November and as late as March. Even still, less than an inch of snow falls during the typical Tyler snowstorm.

Interestingly, the city is more accustomed to ice storms and freezing rain than it is to snow. There is a change in pattern as these events now occur more frequently, which can create hazardous driving conditions.

Even though Tyler usually does not get much snow in the winter, big storms are always a possibility.

Fact: Despite projections that winter snowfall in Tyler may decrease in the future decades as a result of warming temperatures, the city can still expect to have snow on rare occasions. 

How Much Snow to Expect in Tyler Texas?

tyler texas amount of snow

Imagine a winter paradise in Tyler, Texas, complete with snow. Maybe you should lower your standards a little bit.

When it comes to snowfall, Tyler is notoriously miserly, doling out a mere inch per year on average.

Large-scale snow events occur infrequently, perhaps once every few years. The first snowfall on record for the city occurred in 1902 when a mere 0.2 inches of snow fell.

However, a huge 8-inch snowfall in February of 2021 was a curveball. That was crazy, especially considering ten inches or more fell in some adjacent areas.

Snow is unusual in Tyler, but ice storms and freezing rain are not, so prepare accordingly. 

Why Is Snowfall Rare in Tyler Texas?

tyler texas rare snowfall

Due to its proximity to the warm Gulf of Mexico air and its general position in northeast Texas, Tyler rarely experiences significant snowfall.

It means light snow is to be anticipated in Tyler, but heavy snow is to be expected only on extremely rare occasions.

Here is more about these contributing factors: 

Climate and Geography

tyler texas climate and geography

With its humid subtropical climate, Tyler, Texas experiences hot and humid summers and mild winters.

Even though January is often a snowy month, the average high temperature in Tyler is a mild 57 degrees. It is a little warm for considerable snowfall at that point.

It is also important to consider Tyler’s geographical edge. Tyler has gentle, balmy Gulf of Mexico breezes due to its location.

This defensive effect of the Gulf’s warming impact makes it more difficult for icy Arctic winds to blow through and dump snow. 

An Important Consideration

tyler texas consideration

Tyler’s low elevation of 538 feet above sea level does not help it in the snow.

Snowfall is more common at higher elevations, so Tyler’s flat terrain is out of luck.

Fact: Given its temperature and location, it is not surprising that Tyler receives less snow than other parts of the country. 

Weather Patterns

tyler texas weather patterns

Because of its unusual climate, Tyler rarely experiences snow.

The city needs a delicate balancing act between cold Arctic air and the warm, moist embrace of Gulf air in order to see snow.

However, such a confluence of weather systems is unusual to see in Tyler.

Tyler is also somewhat out of the way of winter storms from a meteorological perspective. Typically, these freezing tempests prefer a more northern track, keeping the colder air necessary for snow just beyond Tyler’s reach.

Instead of fluffy snow, freezing rain is a more common winter event in the city.

Fact: The number of days per year with a low temperature in Tyler below zero degrees is equal to zero, which is roughly the state average for the state of Texas. 

Is Tyler a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

tyler texas winter vacation

Since summers can be quite hot in Tyler, it is always a great idea to plan your trip in winter.

Tyler’s mild winters are a haven for people who enjoy being outside. There is a wide variety of opportunities to appreciate nature in Tyler, from peaceful walks in Tyler State Park to the fragrant delights of the Tyler Rose Garden.

If you are interested in fishing and boating, you may do both on the local lakes all year long. Tyler has a joyful winter atmosphere as well. The town comes alive during festivals like the Mistletoe & Magic celebration and the Azalea Trail of Lights.

In addition to its many annual celebrations, Tyler is home to a number of attractions, including the Caldwell Zoo and the Discovery Science Place.

The town’s specialty stores and restaurants, meanwhile, provide visitors with a genuine feeling of its character.

Overall, Tyler is a wonderful winter getaway option. 


Does it snow in Tyler Texas? Yes, it is possible to get snow in Tyler, but you should not really count on it.

Snow is extremely rare in this part of the world mainly due to the location of this city and its weather patterns.

But, the good thing is that winters are rather mild and provide you with so many opportunities to have fun with family.