la crosse weather station display problems

Do you keep experiencing La Crosse Weather Station display problems? Keep reading!

We’ve seen many users complaining about their La Crosse Weather Station display, going bonkers in a variety of ways.

We could categorize such display problems as missing/incorrect info, random restarts or simply staying blank.

Here are quick ways to troubleshoot such issues:

To fix when La Crosse Weather Station Display is having problems, re-sync the display to the sensors and reinstall the La Crosse View app. After that, replace the display’s internal batteries, Hard Reset the device, and perform a Factory Reset on the unit to fix the issue.

Keep reading to learn more about the occurrence of problems with your La Crosse display!

Why Is My La Crosse Weather Station Display Not Working?

Before we get into troubleshooting, it’s recommended to discuss what “problems” exactly are occurring with your La Crosse Weather Station display.

The issues with the display could vary from software, to hardware-related, based on what’s going wrong with the panel.

fix la crosse weather station display problems

Here are some causes for issues with your La Crosse display:

  • Your Display is Disconnected from WiFi
  • An Issue with the La Crosse View App
  • Problems with the Outdoor Sensors
  • A Fault with the Display’s Internal Batteries
  • The Weather Station Display Has Been Damaged

Regardless of what has gone wrong with your weather station display, we’ll be addressing all of the following causes in our upcoming troubleshooting guide!

How to Fix La Crosse Weather Station Display Problems?

After helping you understand what are the possible problems that could impact your La Crosse Weather Station display, it’s time that we go into troubleshooting.

This will be of great assistance in our troubleshooting guide, as long as you follow our solutions in chronological order.

Let’s jump in with the guide and figure out how to solve this problem!

Solution #1 Undergo WP Setup On your Station!

station wp setup

The proven way to connect your La Crosse Display to the WiFi, is via the Wireless Protected Setup, only if your router supports it too.

Routers nowadays may or may not have WPS buttons, that’ll allow such a connection to exist.

  • The Google Mesh routers do not have a WPS button!

In that set of thoughts, search for the WPS button on your router and then head back to your La Crosse Weather Station.

Follow these steps to undergo WPS:

  1. Unmount your La Crosse display from the wall stand (keep it connected to the A/C).
  2. Press the WPS Button on the back panel of the device for 5 seconds.
  3. Head back to your router device and press the other WPS button.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds and your weather station should get paired.
  5. Test the connection…

Remember that after pressing the WPS button on your weather station, you have about 60 seconds to press the same button on your router.

If it is not pressed, the pairing mode of your weather station will expire and it’ll not connect.

If fails: Take the weather station as close as possible to the router!

Solution #2 Re-Sync the Display to the Sensor

display re-sync

Re-syncing your display to the sensor is done through the La Crosse View App, available for both iPhones and Androids.

You could also even use the La Crosse View application, to connect your display to the WiFi, if your router doesn’t have a WPS button, that’s a second option.

Once you have the app installed on your mobile device, you’ll be prompted to create a registration in the La Crosse database to proceed with using your weather station.

If the sync with the sensor got lost, your display will be inactive.

Here’s how to repair it:

  1. Launch the La Crosse View application on your mobile device.
  2. Make sure your Sensor(s) and Display are powered up.
  3. Confirm that the display is receiving a WiFi connection.
  4. Place the display in Configuration Mode by pressing the “Temp” button.
  5. Launch the La Crosse View app.
  6. Press “Get Sensor Data” once the app has been launched.
  7. Follow the rest of the instructions, to re-sync your display with the sensor.

You should also note that you don’t have to necessarily use one sensor along with your La Crosse display. You could pair multiple sensors for more accurate weather info, displayed on your La Crosse display.

Note: Paired sensors will appear in the “Devices” section, within the La Crosse View app!

Solution #3 Place the Sensor Device Closer

place device sensor closer

In order for your weather station’s display to function properly and show weather info correctly, the sensory devices must be as close to the main unit as possible.

Still, the sensors must be placed outside, in order for your station to receive weather info, but they must also be close.

  • Optimally, sensor/transmitter devices must be within a 50-meter range!

That means you’ll have to place your sensor outside, but it should still be physically close to the display, although it is outside.

Figure out an appropriate position for your sensory devices and change their position to boost the signal as much as possible.

Once you’ve picked a new position for the sensors, perform a resync of them using the La Crosse View app and test…

Note: You’ll know that your sensors are still paired if they appear in the “Devices” section!

Solution #4 Hard Reset the Station Display

A quick way to address any software and hardware faults regarding the La Crosse Weather Station Display is to perform a Hard Reset on the device.

  • A Hard Reset is achieved by cutting the power for a short period of time!
station display hard reset

Here’s how to hard reset your La Crosse Weather station:

  1. Press the Power Button on the display (if there is one).
  2. Locate both ends of the power adapter.
  3. Disconnect the first end of the power adapter, from the Electrical Outlet.
  4. Unplug the other end of the cable, from your La Crosse Display.
  5. Wait for 3 – 5 minutes, while your La Crosse display is disconnected.
  6. Re-attach the Power Adapter to its appropriate connectors.
  7. Turn on the device and test…

If your La Crosse display got hot as a result of working for too long, reattach its power adapter once the device has fully cooled down. Then, test whether the display is now working!

Solution #5 Get the Internal Batteries Replaced

What’s so great about La Crosse Weather Station displays, is that they could both use batteries and A/C Power Adapter to receive power.

That means if your display’s power cable has gone faulty, you don’t have to purchase one right away, but let your display use batteries for a while.

batteries replace

Follow these instructions to get the internal batteries of the display replaced:

  1. Take off the display from its Wall Mount.
  2. Expose the battery compartment on the back.
  3. Eject the compartment cover.
  4. Take out the two AA alkaline batteries.
  5. Insert new alkaline batteries into the device.
  6. Close the compartment.
  7. Reinstall the display and connect it to power.

Removing the internal batteries of your La Crosse Weather Station display could cause it to unpair from the WiFi and desynchronize from the sensors.

Important: Connect the display to the sensors and WiFi again, after replacing the batteries!

Solution #6 System-Reset the Weather Station!

One of the most powerful solutions that you can attempt is the Factory Reset on your La Crosse Weather Station display.

It’s an easy method to apply and it could help with software bugs and glitches impacting the device, including the display!

weather station system reset

Follow these instructions to perform a Factory Reset on your La Crosse display:

  1. Disconnect the weather station display from the Power Adapter.
  2. Take out the batteries of the Outdoor Sensor.
  3. Eject the Internal Batteries of the display.
  4. Press each button on your display 20 times.
  5. Verify that the display is blank after pressing each of the buttons.
  6. Re-install the power supply of the outdoor sensors and display.
  7. Test…
Alert: You’ll have to complete the syncing process once again, after the reset.

Quick Recap:

To fix a La Crosse Weather Station display problem, start with a Hard Reset on the panel resyncing the main unit with the outdoor sensor.

Next, replace the internal batteries, move the outdoor sensor closer to the device and Factory Reset the La Crosse display.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more weather station articles, follow us!

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