reason to sleep with a night-light

One reason to sleep with a night-light is so that you don’t have to go through the dilemma that comes with it. 

So, do you turn on all the lights, or leave them off when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom? 

It’s a bit of a difficulty because neither option is ideal. 

The first option will wake you up, which is never fun. The second option means that you have to navigate your way through the dark, which can be dangerous for some people.

A nightlight provides just enough light so that you can be safe while navigating your way through the house. You would be able to move around without necessarily waking anyone up.

Is It Bad To Sleep With A Night Light?

bad sleep with night light

It’s not bad to sleep with night light. In fact, it can be helpful. If you need it, use it.

Night lights are especially useful for kids who are afraid of the dark or who have trouble falling asleep. 

They can also be used by adults who are woken up by the slightest noise, or if you want to keep your room lit while trying to sleep. 

Night lights can help regulate your circadian rhythm and make it easier for your body to fall asleep at night. 

They can also help keep you from sleeping too much during the day if you tend to sleep in late on weekends.

Note: It's not generally recommended to sleep with a night light on, but it's not necessarily bad for you.

When Should I Stop Using Nightlights?

stop using night light

The best time to stop using a nightlight is when you can navigate your room with the lights off and not stumble around, bumping into things. 

You’ll know when you’re ready to stop using a nightlight when you can see well enough in the dark to get around your room.

If you’re still tripping over things, keep using the nightlight until it gets better!

If you’re not ready to turn off the lights, try setting a timer on your lamp so that it automatically turns off after a certain amount of time. 

If you still don’t feel safe without light, consider getting an alarm clock with a built-in light.

Tip: Any other source of light that will let you know what time it is and make it easier for you to get out of bed is also a good option.

Side Effects Of Sleeping With Night Lights On

side effects night light

If you’re a night owl, or if you like to read in bed, you might have a habit of keeping a night light on while you sleep. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

But it can have some unintended consequences, namely, disrupting your circadian rhythm and making it harder to fall asleep.

The main potential side effect of sleeping with a night light on is that the light can interfere with your sleep. 

This is especially true if the light is too bright or if you are sensitive to light while you sleep. In general, it is best to use a dim light that is not too disruptive. 

Some people may also find that certain colors of light are more conducive to sleep than others.

For example, some people may find that a red light is less disruptive than a white or blue light.

Circadian Rhythm

circadian pattern

It’s the internal clock that tells your body when to fall asleep and wake up. 

When you mess with this clock, it can cause all sorts of problems, including depression and weight gain. 

Sleeping with night lights on can have a negative impact on your health. 

That’s because the light from these devices can affect your sleep cycle and give you less REM sleep, making you tired during the day.

Note: Besides getting less restorative sleep, sleeping with night lights on can also cause other problems like mood swings and depression.

Some Other Negative Effect Of Sleeping With Night Light On

negative effects nightlight

Effect #1: It Can Make You Feel Groggy And Tired During The Day

Night lights may not be good for your health. They can cause you to sleep less and spend more time in REM sleep. 

This can cause a person to feel groggy and tired during the day, as well as lead to health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Effect #2: It Can Cause Children’s Brains To Grow Differently

Night lights also cause children’s brains to grow differently than those of adults. 

The light from night lights can keep children from sleeping deeply. 

This is bad because it can make it more difficult for them to learn new skills, like language skills or motor skills.

Effect #3: It May Cause Stress On The Eyes And Skin

Night lights have been linked with cancer in some people. The bright light given off by night lights may cause stress on the eyes and skin. 

cause eye stress

This in turn, can lead to cancerous tumors forming in those areas of the body.

Effect #4: You Could Hurt Yourself If You Forget To Turn Them Off

One of the most common side effects of sleeping with night lights on is that you will forget to turn them off. 

This can be dangerous because you might not be able to see in the dark, and you could trip over something or hurt yourself.

Note: Sleeping with night lights on makes it harder for your brain to regulate its internal clock.

Top Reason To Sleep With A Night-Light

The number one reason to sleep with a night light is that it can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Reason #1: It Helps You Fall Asleep At Night

Sleep experts recommend using dim lights to help you fall asleep at night.

help sleep at night

When you’re in bed with your eyes closed, if it’s dark enough, your body will send out melatonin to help you get sleepy

But if the room is too bright, your body won’t produce the melatonin it needs to start the process of falling asleep.

Tip: When you have a night light in your room, it can help your body produce the right amount of melatonin so that you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Reason #2: To Lit Your Room When You Get Up During The Night

A night light is a great way to help you see in your room when you get up during the night. 

It’s also nice to have something soft and comforting in your room when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom.

Reason #3: To Avoid Waking Up Your Partner

A lot of people like to have a night light, so they don’t wake up their partner if they get up during the night.

avoid waking up partner

A night light can also help keep you safe when you get up at night. 

It will give enough light so that you can see where things are without having to turn on any other lights or use any other sources of illumination.

Reason #4: Prevents The Room From Being Too Dark

A night light can help keep your room from being too dark.

It’s nice to have some light in the room when you wake up and want to get up without turning on all of the lights. 

In addition, a night light can be used in conjunction with other lamps and fixtures to help make them look more attractive or fit into an existing decorating scheme.

Reason #5: Makes You Feel Safe And Secure In The Dark

When you’re a kid, your parents tell you to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

feel safe and secure

But as an adult, sometimes the darkness is the last thing you want to do when it’s time to hit the hay. 

That’s where night lights come in! They help you feel safe and secure in the dark without being too bright.

Reason #6: You Can Easily Check On The Kids

The night light also makes it easier for moms or dads to check on their little ones at night without waking them up. 

In essence, it means less crying and more sleep for everyone! 

Plus, if you have kids of your own, they’ll love having a cozy little light that helps them feel safe while they’re asleep in their beds.

Tip: If you have children, it's especially important to have a night light, so they don't fall out of bed or get hurt trying to find their way around the room in the dark.


Having a nightlight in the bedroom is becoming increasingly common. 

For example, some parents prefer to have a nightlight on when their child has nightmares or during nighttime potty training. 

Other adults choose to use nightlights for safety reasons, especially if they have to get up during the night for another purpose. 

Some people sleep with a nightlight for its calming or comforting effects. Whatever the reason, it’s better to have one as opposed to not having one at all.

So these are some of the reasons to sleep with a night light.

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