should i cleanse my crystals during a lunar eclipse

Should I cleanse my crystals during a lunar eclipse?

The lunar eclipse is a potent spiritual trigger and a celestial phenomenon that has fascinated humans for millennia.

The cosmic energy shifts when Earth’s shadow falls upon the moon providing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to purify and revitalize your crystals.

Yet, using the mysterious energy of a moon eclipse for this reason is debatable.

Really, is it bad to charge your crystals during an eclipse? And what should you really do with them?

Yes, you can cleanse your crystals during a lunar eclipse, but ultimately, it depends on your personal beliefs, goals, and energy sensitivity. 

Enter the Fascinating World of Crystals

enter the fascinating world of crystals

Healing and other metaphysical abilities of crystals are widely thought to have a beneficial effect on human existence.

Crystals are used by many people as aids in:

  • Meditation
  • Chakra alignment
  • Spiritual development

In the realm of crystal therapy, cleansing and charging crystals on a regular basis is a standard method for keeping their inherent energies in peak conditions.

Fact: A crystal is considered a uniform material and comes with a consistent molecular structure. 

More about Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy, also known as crystal healing, is a form of complementary and alternative medicine.

It makes use of the healing properties of various crystals and gemstones by channeling their inherent energy and vibrations. 

more about crystal therapy

Crystal treatment proponents argue that certain stones have special qualities and vibrational frequencies that can harmonize and balance one’s energy field, or aura.

To improve energy flow and get rid of stagnation, practitioners place crystals on or near the body in strategic points that correlate to the chakras. 

The healing effects of crystal therapy can be amplified when combined with other forms of holistic treatment, such as yoga, Reiki, or meditation. 

An Important Consideration

Crystal therapy practitioners often use the time of a moon eclipse to cleanse, refresh, and increase their crystals’ energy.

Crystals are often cleansed by placing them outside or near a window during an eclipse so that they can soak up the powerful cosmic vibrations.

Some practitioners may also use rituals, meditation, or establishing intentions as a way to deepen their connection to the underlying energies.

Fact: Wurtzite boron nitride, a crystal with a similar form to diamonds, is even more durable than diamonds, despite diamonds' reputation for toughness. 

Should I Cleanse My Crystals During a Lunar Eclipse?

cleanse crystals during lunar eclipse

Crystal cleansing during a lunar eclipse is a question of individual choice and gut feeling.

Some individuals think that a lunar eclipse is the best time to cleanse crystals because of the eclipse’s potent and transforming energies.

But others worry about the energies being too strong.

It is important to have a focused aim if you decide to cleanse your crystals during an eclipse.

Crystals can be cleansed in the moonlight by placing them outside or near a window, or by smudging them with sage, palo santo, or other purifying herbs. 

Is It Essential to Cleanse Your Crystals?

You do not have to cleanse your crystals during a lunar eclipse if the thought of doing so makes you uneasy.

You can do so before or after the eclipse, when energies are more balanced and steady.

is it essential to cleanse your crystals

When dealing with crystals, remember that trusting your own intuition and convictions is the most important thing.

Follow your intuition and do what you think is best for you and your gems. 

Is It Bad to Charge Your Crystals During an Eclipse?

Crystals can be charged by being exposed to the sun, the moon, or the energy of the ground.

The question, however, arises as to whether or not charging crystals during an eclipse is harmful.

Throughout history, people have attached a wide range of superstitions and beliefs to eclipses.

Many ancient cultures saw eclipses as omens of doom or major occurrences.

Some cultures saw eclipses as times of increased spiritual vitality, while others saw them as signs of a momentary shift in the cosmic equilibrium. 

Should You Charge Your Crystals during an Eclipse or Not?

Many people today believe that eclipses are significant astronomical phenomena with the potential to affect our lives and the energy around us.

crystal charging during eclipse

A spiritual eclipse is a period of renewal, change, and transition.  

Now that we know the spiritual importance of eclipses, we can decide if it is a good idea to charge crystals then.

This choice depends on a number of circumstances, including: 


What you hope to achieve by charging your crystals is directly related to your intentions for doing so.

You may want to charge your crystals during an eclipse if you hope to increase their healing power by tapping into the transforming energy of the event.

But, if you are worried about the eclipse’s potential impacts, you might want to hold off on charging your crystals until after the eclipse is through. 

Type of Eclipse

type of eclipse

Lunar eclipses represent closure and letting go, while solar eclipses are more commonly connected with fresh starts.

Crystals charged during an eclipse may or may not take on the energies of the eclipse, depending on the type of eclipse.

If you want to successfully charge crystals during an eclipse, you will need to familiarize yourself with the eclipse’s unique energies and connect them with your goals. 

Sensitivity to Energy

When it comes to energy shifts, some people are more sensitive than others.

Charging crystals during an eclipse may not be the best choice if you are especially sensitive to those shifting energies.

You may find it more convenient to wait until after the eclipse, when energies have returned to normal, before charging your crystals. 

Personal Beliefs

personal beliefs

Your personal values, interests, and instincts are the most important factors to consider while deciding whether or not to charge crystals during an eclipse.

Some may feel uneasy or uncertain about the prospect of charging crystals during an eclipse, while some may find the idea exhilarating and stimulating.

Making a choice that resonates with your values requires trusting your instincts and listening to your gut.

Fact: The Crystal Cave in Mexico is home to some of the world's largest crystal structures, including one that stands 36 feet tall and weighs 55 tons. 

What to Do with Crystals during an Eclipse?

how to handle crystals during an eclipse

Eclipses, whether solar or lunar, can bring about powerful and life-altering shifts in the environment.

The unique energies released during an eclipse can be used through crystal therapy for personal development, health, and manifestation.

Some suggestions for using crystals during an eclipse are as follows: 


Put the eclipse’s potent energies to use by clearing your crystals of any negative or stale vibes.

You can either put them outside or near a window so that they can absorb the eclipse’s rays.   



Crystals can be “charged” with the powerful energy of an eclipse if you are open to the concept of doing so during the event.

Make sure your crystals are in a secure location outside or near a window so they can absorb the eclipse’s energy.

Consider that the energies during an eclipse can be rather powerful, so go with your gut if you decide to charge your crystals then. 


The transforming powers of the eclipse can be harnessed through meditation using crystals.

Focus your energy on your crystals, whether you hold them in your hands or arrange them in a circle around you.

Then, visualize the positive changes you want to bring about in your life.

Do not waste this opportunity to welcome new, beneficial energy into your life; instead, use it to let go of old patterns or ideas that no longer serve you. 

Crystal grid

crystal grid

To magnify your intentions and tap into the eclipse’s potent energies, you can set up a crystal grid to use throughout the event.

Make a sacred geometric pattern with crystals that have a strong connection to your aspirations.

Visualize the energy of the eclipse permeating the grid and energizing your crystals and goals. 


Write about your aspirations for self-improvement, healing, or manifestation when the eclipse shines its light on you.

Have a journal close at hand as you meditate with a crystal that speaks to your goals.


By going through this procedure, you may find answers and direction for your spiritual quest.

Fact: Diamonds are also natural crystals, formed deep within the earth when carbon-containing materials are subjected to enormous amounts of pressure. 


Should I cleanse my crystals during a lunar eclipse?

It is thought that the lunar eclipse’s special energy can be used to purify and revitalize crystals.

Fans of crystal healing see this celestial alignment as an opportunity to tap into powerful, life-altering forces.

Crystals can be cleansed or charged during a moon eclipse, depending on the owner’s beliefs, energy sensitivity, and goals.

To get the most out of the eclipse’s spiritual potential, some people might meditate, put up crystal grids, or keep a crystal journal during this time. You should follow your gut instinct.