what can you bring into hurricane harbor

What can you bring into Hurricane Harbor?  A visit to Hurricane Harbor means you are all set for an incredible adventure, as there is so much to do at this water park.

However, it is quite common to ask about what you can bring into Hurricane harbor.

And it is equally important to learn about Hurricane Harbor dress code to avoid any inconvenience.

So, are there any specific rules and guidelines to follow?

You can bring some food, a handheld camera, accessibility cards, and service animals when visiting Hurricane Harbor water parks.

Fact: Hurricane Harbor started welcoming guests in 1997 and originally started as the Splashwater Kingdom

The Concept of Hurricane Harbor

the concept of hurricane harbor

Hurricane Harbor Parks is a chain of waterparks that come under the renowned Six Flags America banner.

The best thing about this chain is that although each park has rides in common, no two Hurricane Harbors are the same.

Each offers a unique leisure experience for the perfect way to spend quality time with family and friends.

What Is Hurricane Harbor Specifically Known For?

what is hurricane harbor specifically known for

Hurricane Harbor is known for its world-class rollercoasters and themed water rides.

They  represent the of best in the world and include:

  • The Zumanjaro
  • Wicked Cyclone
  • The Texas SkyScreamer
  • The mighty Goliath

It is ideal for serious thrill seekers but in quieter moments, guests can relax poolside in their own cabana.

There is plenty on offer with a wide variety of entertainment and for the youngsters too.

Fact: Hurricane Harbor Parks are great for a fun night with live shows, and you can also enjoy eating at one of many eateries here.    

Is Hurricane Harbor Safe for Kids?

is hurricane harbor safe for kids

A visit to Hurricane Harbor is about making memories and they say ‘thrill seekers come in all sizes’.

Safe in the park, children can explore a range of rides, entertainments and events especially for them.

The fun and adventure of it all is certain to make their visit to Hurricane Harbor an experience they will always remember. 

What Can You Bring Into Hurricane Harbor?

permitted items in hurricane harbor

Before you plan a visit to Hurricane Harbor, it is important to pay close attention to all available restrictions and guidelines.

Hurricane Harbor resorts are family-friendly and open to all.

They have inclusive policies and practices designed so every guest feels welcomed and free to relax and enjoy their stay in a secure, safe and friendly environment.

Above all, safety is Hurricane Harbor’s number-one priority.

Safety is important, and it does not matter whether guests are enjoying the thrills of the rides or strolling through the park’s gardens listening to the birds. 

Understanding the Restrictions

When visiting a place like Hurricane Harbor, it is just sensible to have some rules.

They keep people who are focused more on having a good time stay healthy and safe during their time at Hurricane Harbor.

understanding the restrictions

Guests are reassured when a member of staff is nearby ensuring the safety of all by helping guests follow the rules on the rides.

However, the first safety measure begins at the gate with an electronic screening system and bag inspection because certain items are not allowed.

Some of them include:

  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Coolers
  • Grills

So, you have to keep it in mind and also learn about what else is off-limits when visiting Hurricane Harbor. 

Stuff You Are Allowed to Bring Into Hurricane Harbor

hurricane harbor allowed items

If you are specifically worried about what you can or should bring into Hurricane Harbor, here is what you should know:

Special Dietary Requirements

At every Hurricane Harbor there is a restaurant to suit every taste and holiday budget but the park understands that some of their guests are likely to have special dietary requirements.

For their comfort and well-being, these guests are welcome to bring their own food into the park. But, it must be in sealable sandwich bags or cartons.

The only guests permitted to bring food are parents and caregivers of infants provided the baby food is in a carton or plastic container.

At screening, guests are given a special cooler to keep the supplies in. 

Personal Belongings

personal belongings

You can bring such things as towels, blankets and spare clothing.

There are secure lockers available to safely store them for the length of the stay.

Guests do not need to worry about their belongings and because the lockers are rented by the day or by the hour, guests can keep their belongings close by as they explore the park.

They are useful for storing those loose articles, like water bottles and toys, that seem to collect when families are enjoying a day at a theme park.

But, keep in mind that nothing loose is permitted on any of the rides.  

Handheld Cameras

handheld cameras

For obvious safety reasons guests can bring handheld cameras or camera phones to record their great time at the park, but not tripods, sticks or drones (UVAs).

Every Hurricane Harbor Park only asks the resulting pictures and videos are kept for personal use and for safety reasons, that guests do not take any kind of camera or phone onto the rides.

There are usually lockers nearby, so you can use them whenever needed.

Fact: Neither Hurricane Harbor or its employees are responsible for the personal property of guests and anything left unattended is considered trash and taken away. 

Individual Accessibility Card

You can bring yourself and anyone else who would like to experience a day to remember because strollers and wheelchairs are on-site and available for guests to rent.

The parks also supply floatation aids which for safety and convenience are available all over the park.

individual accessibility card

Every Hurricane Harbor has a first aid center manned by qualified staff if a guest needs medical attention.

All of the Six Flags parks are designed to be accessible to everyone and accommodate guests with cognitive disorders and physical disabilities.

Each attraction is carefully evaluated to make sure it meets the strict criteria that ensure the safety of people with special needs. 

An Important Thing to Know

Hurricane Harbor meeting the aim for its parks to be fun for all, it welcomes many disabled guests and their families and carers daily.

To make the fun happen, each park provides special accommodations for guests who register for an Individual Accessibility Card (IAC).

All guests need to do to start really enjoying their stay is present their IAC card and Information Sheet to Guest Services on arrival. 

Service Animals

service animals

Because Hurricane Harbor is an inclusive resort service dogs are also welcome as long as they stay under the guest’s control and secure on a leash.

For their comfort, there are designated relief areas throughout the park. 

What Should You Know About Hurricane Harbor Dress Code?

Hurricane Harbor waterparks are family orientated theme parks and as such, the park wants everyone to enjoy their visit.

Naturally, there is a reasonable rule to ensure guests are considerate and appropriate in their behavior.

hurricane harbor dress code

The Hurricane Harbor dress code is another rule but this strictly upheld rule is not designed to make guests look good on rollercoasters and water slides

Clothing Rules to Know

It is a vital safety rule and the safety of the guest is always the top priority.

For that reason, the strict dress code is a feature of all 27 of Six Flags America resorts.

Clothing must:

  • Be appropriate for a family-friendly environment.
  • Show no profanity, violence, nudity or vulgarity.
  • Have no discriminatory language or graphics.
  • Be appropriate for the local weather.
  • Clothing must not:
  • Be so long it touches or drags along the ground.
  • Expose bare skin inappropriately.
  • Be of style associated with gangs or drugs.
  • Insufficiently cover undergarments.
clothing rules to know

Guests must remain dressed, which means keeping shirts on and wearing sensible footwear around the park and shorts and a shirt over bathing suits leaving the waterpark.

You can visit Guest Services to arrange for special accommodations.

But to avoid detracting from the experience of other guests all the Hurricane Harbor parks reserve the right to refuse admission and remove anyone who fails to comply


What can you bring into Hurricane Harbor? Well, there is a lot you can carry to enhance the fun you have at any of these waterparks.

For instance, you can bring your camera, so long it is handheld and without a tripod. Similarly, it is possible to bring food as well as service pets, but of course, there are certain rules to follow.

Moreover, there are rules about what you can wear, which may be a bit frustrating for some, but it is in an effort to make it safer for all the guests.

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