what kind of fish are in the columbia river

What kind of fish are in the Columbia river is a question that has been on the lips of many for years now. Columbia River is the largest river in North America.

It flows from its headwaters as several streams into the Pacific Ocean. It also drains a vast area of Canada and the northernmost part of the continental United States.

If you keep reading till the end of this article you’ll know what fish are in the Columbia River.

There are three main types of fish found in the Columbia River. And these include Trout, Grayling, and Salmon.

Note: Trouts live in deep pools with clear water where they mainly eat insects, plants, worms, and snails.

Is The Columbia River Open For Fishing?

fishing on river

Columbia River fishing is one of the most popular ways to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest.

The Columbia River is home to a variety of fish, everyone more delicious than the last!

The Columbia River is open for fishing year-round, but some areas are better than others.

For example, if you’re looking for large Chinook salmon, try fishing in the lower reaches of the river near Portland.

Or perhaps search in its tributaries like the Little Spokane and Clackamas Rivers. 

And there are many different kinds of fishing equipment available at local shops. You can buy rods and reels, or even customize your own if you’re feeling crafty.

Note: If you're hoping to catch steelhead trout, head west into the Columbia Gorge as far as you can go, you'll find plenty of them there!

What Are The Columbia River Fishing Rules?

In most areas, you can only fish for salmon and steelhead in designated areas from March 1 through May 31.

You can also catch a limited number of trout during this time frame.

what are the fishing rules

During the rest of the year, you can fish for any species except chinook salmon.

The season lasts from June 1 through September 30, with a catch limit of 10 fish per day. And this includes hatchery-raised salmon.

If you’re going to bring your kids, you need to know some rules that will keep them safe on the water.

Children under 12 must wear life jackets when they are in the water. 

And there must be no wading or swimming with bare feet, even if it’s shallow. Lastly, there should be no eating or drinking while on the water (including bait).

Note: The grayling is an important prey for the trout because it provides a lot of food for each trout. 

Some other rules you need to know are:

Rule #1: You Can’t Fish Within 100 Yards

You can’t fish within 100 yards of any dam. This means you can’t go upstream of Bonneville Dam or downstream of McNary Dam.

So if you’re planning on going fishing in the Columbia River Gorge, don’t go any farther than that!

Rule #2: No Fishing Is Allowed During Spawning Season

spawning season

No fishing is allowed during the spawning season. If your state has a trout fishery, it’s either closed for all or most of its duration or only open for a few weeks each year. 

That means if you’re going to try and catch some salmon, you should hold off until June at the earliest or July at the latest!

Rule #3: No Fishing Is Allowed Between Midnight And 6 AM

No fishing is allowed between midnight and 6 am unless it’s for salmon.

That means no more trying to catch some chum salmon before work; instead, just make sure to get up early!

What Kind Of Fish Are In The Columbia River?

There are a lot of different kinds of fish in the Columbia River.

The Columbia is the longest river in North America and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also home to some of the best fishing in America.

Species #1: Salmon

The Columbia River has salmon, steelhead trout, rainbow trout, sturgeon (also known as “carp”), catfish, and lamprey.

salmon type of fish

Salmon are an important part of the environment because they help control algae growth. 

They protect the environment by eating it all up before it can send out spores into the water column and start growing again.

They do this by eating their food source: plankton! 

Species #2: Trouts

Steelhead trout is another important species to protect because they’re native to this river.

And they provide a great fishery for anglers who want to catch their fish.

Species #3: Catfish

Catfish are also an important part of our environment because they eat other fish that would otherwise take over the ecosystem. 

Species #4: Lamprey

Lampreys are parasites, they latch onto other fish and suck out all their blood until they die from malnutrition!

lampreys on rivers

Lampreys have been linked to diseases like hepatitis B and C, which can be passed through human contact.

If someone gets infected with one of these diseases while handling lamprey products like sushi or lamprey caviar, they’re at risk of being infected too.

There are many ways to prevent this, including using gloves when handling lamprey, but not everyone follows these rules.

The lampreys currently living in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta are endangered. 

This is because they’ve been overfished and polluted by chemicals used in agriculture and other industries that use pesticides.

Are There Any Dangerous Fish In The Columbia River?

Yes, there are, and they’re not all salmon!

You might think that fish fans would be excited to hear that there are dangerous fish in the Columbia River.

But, unfortunately, we have to tell you that there are some pretty nasty ones.

The Columbia River is a great place to go fishing, but there are some fish that you should be wary of.

Type #1: The Oregon Chub

fish oregon chub

The Oregon chub has a strong bite and can be found in the lower Columbia River.

It’s a good idea to wear gloves when handling this fish, as it can cause serious injuries if not handled properly.

Type #2: The Sturgeon

The sturgeon is a large fish that can grow up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 1.5 tons. It’s not uncommon for these fish to appear in the Columbia River.

But they are rarely caught on rod and reel because they have such strong mouths with teeth like Ginsu knives!

Type #3: The Bullhead 

The bullhead is another large species of fish that lives along the riverbanks near the ocean.

It occasionally appears in the upper parts of the river as well. It’s much more common than the sturgeon, however.

So if you’re looking for some fun with your friends or family members, this may be your best chance for success!

What Is The Biggest Type Of Fish In The Columbia River?

The Columbia River is an amazing place to visit.

biggest fish in columbia river

It’s the second-largest river in the United States and serves as both a source of drinking water and a major source of hydroelectric power.

What Exactly Makes It So Special?

Well, it’s got everything, from salmon to catfish to trout, you name it. You’ll find fish that are native to this area in all sizes and shapes.

This ranges from tiny little minnows to gargantuan sturgeon that can weigh up to 200 pounds.

But What About The Biggest Fish In The Columbia River?

Well, there are a few contenders for that title. The largest fish in the Columbia River is probably the sturgeon.

You know, those giant prehistoric-looking things with whiskers and bony plates all over their bodies? That’s the sturgeon!

They can get really big! Even though they’re technically considered a type of fish, they’re more closely related to sharks than salmon or trout.

These massive creatures can grow up to 15 feet long and weigh as much as 1,500 pounds.

They’re also one of the oldest species on Earth and have survived for 100 million years! 

Note: The average lifespan of these prehistoric-looking fish is 60-100 years, but some may live even longer than that.

When Is The Columbia River Fishing Season?

Columbia River fishing season is between March 1st and October 15th.

The Columbia River is a major river in the Pacific Northwest, running from Canada to the Pacific Ocean.

It’s home to some of the best fishing in America!

when is fishing season

The Columbia and Snake River salmon runs are springtime migrations of Chinook and pink salmon. This is the same fish that you’d find in Alaska and California’s rivers as well.

These fish migrate through the Columbia River system on their way to spawning grounds off of the coast, where they produce millions of eggs.

The fish are easy to catch when they come upriver, but they’re difficult to catch when they leave it.

So if you want to catch salmon all year round, you’ll need to practice good technique, and know what kind of gear is best for your situation.

Tip: Make sure you have enough time and patience with your gear as well as your fishing skills.


If you are passionate about fish, you will love this article. As the title states, here is a list of all the fish that live in or around the Columbia river. 

From salmon to trout to bullhead and sturgeon, there is something for everyone.

The list was compiled by an expert on fish who has spent years studying them in the Northern Pacific area.

Now, I’m sure you know what kinds of fish are in the Columbia River.