does it snow in ashland oregon

Does it snow in Ashland Oregon?  Ashland is a great place to visit due to its amazing culture, scenic surroundings, and small-town charm.

However, if you are planning your visit for the very first time, especially in winter, it is natural to ask, “how much snow does Ashland Oregon get?”

The winter season is quite fun in Ashland because the temperature stays in its 30s, but what about snow? Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Ashland, Oregon, but it is usually rare; still, the nearby mountains get enough snow and offer various opportunities for winter sports, including skiing. 

Does It Snow in Ashland?

does it snow in ashland oregon

Yes, it can snow in Ashland, Oregon.

In Ashland during winter, the snow can reach as low as 3,000 feet and it usually gets around 250 inches of snow in total.

What you should bear in mind is that it does not snow much in the valley.

Since Ashland is close to the mountains, there are lots of fun things you can do in the snow. 

A Bit about the Climate in Ashland

the climate in ashland

The weather in Ashland is usually really hot and dry during the summer, with lots of sunshine.

In the winter, it is cooler, and there is not as much sunlight, but it can vary.

Sometimes, during winter, it might feel like you are in sunny California, and other times, it might feel like a regular rainy day in the Pacific Northwest.

In the summer, it usually gets pretty hot, with temperatures ranging from the mid to high 80s up to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

But do not worry, it cools down to a more comfortable 50s or 60s in the evenings and at night.  

MonthAverage Low Temp (F)Average High Temp (F)
Fact: Usually, Ashland gets around 2-3 inches of snow every year, but sometimes it can even be as much as 6 inches. 

Where Does It Snow in Ashland Oregon?

where is the snow in ashland

Ashland is surrounded by mountains. And even though it does not get as much snow as some places up north, it still has its fair share of winter weather.

Even though Ashland does not usually get a lot of snow, you can still find enough snow and ski resorts nearby.

You are more likely to see snow in the Siskiyous, which are the higher parts of the mountains nearby.  

The same holds true for the Cascades. This is where the area close to Mt. Shasta becomes important.

In just one winter, it can get a huge amount of snow, like 20 feet!   

How Much Does It Snow in Ashland, Oregon?

how much does it snow in ashland

During the Winter, you can expect daytime temperatures to be in the 30s or 40s. 

Sometimes, it might rain or even snow a little bit.

In Ashland, there is usually a lot of snow in the mountains around town, especially in the winter recreation areas.

Here is how much snow to expect in Ashland:


Is Ashland, Oregon a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

is ashland a good place for winter vacations

In winter, expect daytime temperatures in the 30s to 40s with some rain and occasional snow.

Although it does not snow a lot in Ashland, there are nearby mountains where it snows more. This makes those areas great for winter activities and gives them a snowy wonderland vibe.

You can visit those winter locations and enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and much more.

Winter is also a great time to attend the Festival of Light, which lets you experience the magic of the holiday season by enjoying the beautiful sight of more than a million sparkling holidays in downtown Ashland. 

 Can you Ski in Ashland, Oregon?

skiing in ashland oregon

The different types of terrain in Southern Oregon provide lots of fun outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy during the winter.

In December and during the winter, you can have a great time on the Rogue River, catching lots of steelhead fish. Or, if you prefer, you can go to Lake of the Woods and see the stunning Mount Mcloughlin.

This is where you can find fantastic trails for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and much more.

Fact: In winter, you can also enjoy a beautiful 34-mile journey to either the Rogue River or the Lake of the Woods, where you can soak in the stunning views.

The Best Ski Resorts in Ashland Oregon

best ski resorts in ashland oregon

Those who love skiing will have a great time visiting Ashland because it is close to some impressive ski resorts, such as Mount McLoughlin, Mount Scott, and MT. Ashland Ski area.

Thankfully, you can find enough hotels and accommodation options to stay close to these ski areas.

For instance: 

Option #1. Callahan’s Lodge

callahan's lodge in ashland

Callahan’s Lodge is a nice place to stay in Ashland, not too far from Oak Knoll Golf Course.

If you want to go exploring, the Schneider Museum of Art is about 17 km away, just like Southern Oregon University.

If you are coming by plane, the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport is about 55 km away from the hotel.

And guess what? The hotel is only about 44 miles away from Mount McLoughlin and it will take you around 1 hour and 5 minutes to get there if you take Dead Indian Memorial Road.

Mount McLoughlin is a really beautiful mountain with a balanced shape.

The highest point is not always covered in ice, but you can still go skiing on the steep slopes formed by old glaciers on the north and northeast sides.

The slopes facing south, west, and east are much smoother and offer really cool, steep downhill runs that go on for over 3000 feet.

If you go to Mount McLoughlin in late winter or spring, it is a great place to go for a day trip. They have different ski options that you will really enjoy and want to come back for more.

Option #2. Stratford Inn

stratford inn in ashland

The Stratford Inn is a popular accommodation option for those visiting Ashland in winter.

You can easily reach the central area of Ashland by walking just 5 minutes from here.

If you are coming by plane, the Rogue Valley Airport is around 24 kilometers from here. Southern Oregon University is really close, you can walk there in just 10 minutes.

If you take Dead Indian Memorial Road, you will be about 59 minutes away (around 37.7 miles) from the East Ridge, which is the Summit Trail of Mount McLoughlin.

When it comes to Mount McLoughlin, you can reach the summit by taking the East Ridge route. This is like walking on the trail people use for hiking during the summer.

You can either walk along the bumpy ridge or go down the steep, snowy areas just south of it to get to the top.

Once you are finished having fun at the highest point, there are several ways to come back down, like skiing down the slopes located just below the ridge.

Option #3. Best Western Windsor Inn

the best western windsor inn

The Best Western Windsor Inn in Ashland, Oregon has a really cool old-fashioned English look that makes it extra charming.

It is not too far from Medford, about 25 kilometers, and around 58 kilometers from Yreka. If you are flying in, the Rogue Valley Airport is about 27 km away.

The best part is that it is not far from Mount Scott, which is great for ski lovers. This mountain is really high, reaching 8,929 feet. It is located on the eastern side of Crater Lake and offers a great view.

You do not need any fancy tickets to go skiing at Mount Scott, but it can be tough to get there.

You have to pay some money, and that means you will go on a two-day trip to camp in the snow at Crater Lake National Park.

Mount Scott is on the other side of Crater Lake from where the cars park at Rim Village. To get there, most people take a 33-mile loop around the snowy Rim Road. 

Option #4. Arden Forest Inn

the arden forest inn

The Arden Forest Inn has many fun things to do, like skiing and golf.

Southern Oregon University is pretty close, only about 3.6 kilometers away. And if you are interested in skiing, Mt. Ashland Ski Area is around 13 kilometers from here.

The closest airport to Arden Forest Inn is called Rogue Valley Airport. It is only about 23 km away.

It is pretty cool that you can get to the MT. Ashland Ski Area in only 35 minutes (about 25.6 miles) by taking I-5 S and Mt Ashland Ski Rd.

MT. ASHLAND SKI AREA is the tallest mountain in the Siskiyou range in Southern Oregon. It is a cool place where you can go skiing during the day and have a great time at fun events in the evening.

Skiers and snowboarders go down a slope that starts at a really high point and goes down a distance of about 1,150 feet.

The terrain park is really cool, and there are five chairlifts that can take you to 44 different trails and open areas for skiing.

On average, it usually has about 90 to 145 inches of snow on the ground throughout the year, and it typically gets around 300 inches of snowfall each year. 

Fact: There are 44 different paths to ski or snowboard down the Mt. Ashland Ski Area, with the highest point you can go up to is 7,500 feet.  

How Cold Does It Get in Ashland Oregon?

coldness in ashland oregon

In Ashland, Oregon, winter is not too cold. The temperatures usually stay around the low 40s.

In December, it can snow in the lower parts of town, but the snow usually goes away fast.

This is a great time of year to have fun indoors, like going to one of Ashland’s many museums or visiting the Shakespeare Festival to watch a play.

What to Pack?

Whenever you go, it is a good idea to wear multiple layers of clothing because the weather can change a lot and it can get cold when the sun goes down.

During the summer, a lot of buildings have air conditioning. So, it is a good idea to keep a sweater with you just in case.

And during the colder months, wearing an extra piece of clothing keeps you nice and cozy.

Fact: Spring and fall both go on for a few months, with Spring starting from March to May, while fall occurs from October to November. 

Activities in Winter

Even when not skiing, you can still find so many interesting activities to try in Ashland in winter.

For instance: 

Try Snowboarding

try snowboarding in ashland

If you are new to skiing or just want a chill outdoor activity, you should check out Natasha’s Web Ski Route.

It is a 7.7-kilometer loop trail near Ashland, Oregon.

This trail is considered simple and suitable for most people. Moreover, you can bring your pet dog with you. They are allowed, and in some areas, they might be able to walk around without a leash.

The trail is about 4.8 miles long and goes uphill by about 535 feet. It is a route that goes in a circle, so you will end up back where you started. 

Try Sledding

try sledding in ashland

You can always go sledding in Ashland in winter. For the best experience, you can visit the Grouse Gap Sno-Park, which is behind Mt. Ashland.

This place has a really awesome hill for sledding. You can find it past the parking lot at the back of Mt. Ashland.

The top spot for sledding is on the hill above the road, right after the Campground and bathrooms.

If you want more places to go sledding, you can check out Table Mountain Snow Park.

This place also has a really great spot for sledding, and there is a cozy hut where you can warm up too. 

Visit Crater Lake National Park

visiting crater lake national park

This amazing place has a really deep, super blue lake, really tall cliffs that are almost two thousand feet high, cute islands, and a really cool history of volcanoes.

Once you are here, you can do lots of fun winter stuff like going on skiing tours.

You can also try snowshoeing, and if you are interested in snowmobiling, you can do it just outside the national park.

Fact: Crater Lake goes down about 1,943 feet, and it is the seventh deepest lake in the whole world and the deepest one in the United States.

The Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to plan your trip to Ashland, Oregon, is during the summer months, from June to September.

During these months, it is usually hot outside and there is less chance of rain ruining your plans.

If you really want to see snow, the best time is during the winter months of December through February.  


Does it snow in Ashland Oregon? Yes, you can find snow in Ashland Oregon. But, the snow is less frequent in the town, so you have to go to nearby places to engage in winter activities.

Mount Ashland Ski Area is a great choice because it allows you to try skiing and have fun engaging in other winter sports.

So pack your stuff and get ready for some skiing fun!