does it snow in eureka ca

Does it snow in Eureka? The weather in Eureka, California, is really nice, and that makes it a great place for vacations.

However, many people often wonder, “Does it snow in Eureka, California?” Or is it like many other places in California with no snow at all?

Let’s find out more about it and unfold the mystery of “How cold does it get in Eureka, CA?”

No, it does not snow a lot in Eureka, and almost all of the precipitation it gets is in the form of rain. 

A Bit about the Climate in Eureka, CA

a bit about the climate in eureka, ca

It is usually hot and not rainy in the summer, with daytime temperatures reaching the mid to upper 70s.

But when winter comes, the temperature drops, and sometimes it rains.

In simple terms, Eureka gets more rain during the winter than summer. On average, it receives about 54 inches of rain in a year.

One remarkable thing about Eureka is that it always has these nice gusts of wind from the ocean, making it a really great place to live or visit, no matter the season.

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Eureka, CA:

MonthAvg. Temperature (F)

However, if you are planning a visit to this place, it is just as important to get a clue about how hot or cold the area gets.

temperature in eureka

Here is a bit more about the average high and low temperatures:

MonthAvg. LowAvg. High

Does It Snow in Eureka CA?

snow it in eureka ca

Yes, it can snow in Eureka, but it is extremely rare. In Eureka, they usually only get about 1 inch of snow each year.

This is way less than the average amount of snow in the U.S., which is about 28 inches per year.   

Fact: Eureka has around 179 sunny days per year on average, which is a bit lower than 205 sunny days in the United States. 

Precipitation in Eureka

rain in eureka

If you like it when it is not raining, the best months for that in Eureka are August, July, and September.

Typically, there is less rain or snow in the middle of June.  

But it is most likely to rain or snow around the middle of December. Usually, around December 17th, it rains or snows for about 4 days.

MonthChance of Rain in PercentageTotal Precipitation in inches

When Can You Find Snow in Eureka?

find snow is the eureka

If you want to see snow in Eureka, it does not happen very often. But when it does, it is most likely to occur between late November and early December.

If you are into some winter activities, the best time to go is usually around November 26th, when there is a lot of fresh snow.   

A Bit About Most Snow in Eureka History

most snow in eureka history

According to NOAA, Eureka, California, once got 2.0 inches of snow in a single day. This happened in 1989.

1Feb 4, 19892.0″
2Dec 7, 19721.9 “
3Feb 3, 19891.5 “
3Jan 2, 19501.5 “
5Feb 13, 19901.0 “
5Dec 23, 19831.0 “
5Feb 17, 19521.0 “
8Jan 26, 19720.9 “
8Mar 2, 19660.9 “
10Feb 23, 20230.8 “
10Jan 20, 19620.8 “
10Feb 27, 19550.8 “
13Jan 27, 19720.7 “
14Mar 30, 19990.6 “
14Jan 25, 19500.6 “
16Feb 10, 20190.5 “
16Jan 6, 19520.5 “
18Jan 21, 20020.4 “
18Jan 24, 19500.4 “
20Dec 31, 19640.3 “
20Jan 14, 19500.3 “

What is Winter Like in Eureka?

what is winter like in eureka

The winters in Eureka, California, are not as cold as in other parts of the state. August is the hottest month, with an average high temperature of 66.1°F.  

The best months to visit Eureka, when the weather is really nice, are August, September, and July.

When it gets really cold at night, Eureka is not as cold as other places in California.

In this area, it gets below freezing around 9.3 nights per year. So, compared to other places in the state, it is not as cold.

Fact: Eureka's temperature never goes below zero degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Why Is Snowfall So Rare in Eureka?

snowfall so rare in eureka

It hardly ever snows in Eureka, California, a city by the coast in Humboldt County.

This beautiful city has nice and comfortable weather. In most cases, winters are cool and rainy, while summers are dry.

However, there are certain factors contributing to low snowfall frequency in this part of the world.

For instance: 

Proximity to the Pacific Ocean

distance from the pacific ocean
distance from the pacific ocean

Eureka’s location close to the Pacific Ocean has a big impact on its weather.

The city is located on the coast of Northern California, and it is right next to the Pacific Ocean. The ocean helps keep temperatures from getting too cold in the winter.

The Pacific Ocean helps to keep Eureka’s winters from getting too cold by acting like a temperature cushion.

This means that Eureka does not experience the same extreme cold as places further inland. 

Maritime Influence

maritime influence

Eureka has a climate that is influenced by the ocean, which means it is usually mild and damp.

This kind of climate is known for having nice, moderate temperatures all year round because of the ocean’s impact.

During winter, the ocean’s warm waters keep the air temperature in Eureka from getting too cold, which stops snow from forming. 

California Current

The California Current is a cool ocean current that flows down the California coast.

It helps keep Eureka’s winters from getting too cold.

At the same time, it affects the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean. It means the temperatures there do not drop below freezing, and it does not snow very often. 

Rainfall Dominance

the rainfall dominance

In Eureka, it rains a lot during the winter.

It gets more than the average amount of rain in the United States, which is about 38 inches per year.

And because it gets a lot of rain, you usually do not see as much snow in the winter.

Fact: In winter, Eureka gets more rain than snow and usually gets about 46 inches of rain each year. 

Best Time to Visit Eureka, CA

best time to visit eureka

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Eureka, you should think carefully about why you want to come here in the first place.

Depending on the activities you want to enjoy, you may consider a different time of the year to plan your trip.

Here is more about it.

SeasonTemperatureTourism Activity
SpringModerate coldSecond busiest for tourism
SummerComfortably coolThe busiest season for tourism
FallChillySlow tourism, affordable hotels
WinterToo coldSlow tourism

Activities to Enjoy in Eureka, CA

what to enjoy in eureka ca

No matter when you decide to come to Eureka, you will never run out of amazing options to keep you entertained.

Visit Old Town EurekaCheck out the old-fashioned Old Town Eureka, famous for its fancy old buildings and adorable little stores.
Check Humboldt Bay Wildlife RefugeExplore Humboldt Bay and all the animals there, making it perfect for people who love watching birds and being in nature.
Visit Redwood National and State ParksExplore the cool Redwood National and State Parks nearby to witness amazing giant redwood trees and really pretty trails to walk on.
Go to Eureka’s Coastal Scenic DrivesGo for beautiful drives along the breathtaking Northern California coastline, where you can see amazing views of the ocean and rocky cliffs.
Fact: Those who want to learn more about the region's maritime history should never forget to visit the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum.


Does it snow in Eureka, CA? No, it doesn’t. Eureka has winters that are not too cold and without snow and summers that are cool and rainy.

It hardly ever snows here, usually only about an inch per year.

The city has nice weather because it is close to the ocean, and its current keeps the temperatures from getting too extreme.

The best time to visit is in the nice and cool summer months of August, July, and September.