does it snow in helen georgia

Does it snow in Helen Georgia? The weather in this town in the mountains of North Georgia is rather pleasant.

 People love it because there is a big Christmas parade every year and the scenery is stunning with mountains around.

But, the real question is, “Does it snow in Helen GA?”  And more importantly, “When does it snow in Helen Georgia to plan your vacation accordingly?” Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Helen, Georgia, but it is rather rare and is never enough to facilitate core winter activities, like skiing. 

A Bit More about the Climate of Helen, GA

does it snow in helen georgia

The weather in Helen, Georgia is hot and humid in the summer and cool in the winter.

You will find all four seasons in this city, but the temperatures do not go extreme, which is rather unlike how things are in other cities in the region.

Summers are really hot and sticky, with temperatures often getting up to the 80s or 90s. Winters are not too cold, with temperatures staying close to 40s.  

Interestingly, it rains a lot in Helen, about 47 inches every year on average.

Autumn and spring are usually nice seasons with not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather and sometimes it rains a little.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Helen throughout the year:

MonthAverage Temperature

In order to plan your trip to Helen, GA, it is also a good idea to know more about the average high and average low temperatures in different months. 

high and average low temperatures

For instance:

MonthAverage Low (F)Average High (F)
Fact: July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 86F, but Helen can feel really hot or really cold outside of these normal temperatures. 

Does It Snow in Helen Georgia?

does snow exists in helen georgia

Yes, it does snow in Helen, Georgia, but do not get too excited just yet.

The town gets snow in the winter, usually from January to April, and also in November and December.

However, it gets about 2 inches of snow every year. Also, snow does not happen often, and the amount of snow can change a lot from one year to another.

For example, during the winter of 2018-2019, Helen only got four inches of snow in total.  But, during the winter of 2017-2018, the town got a lot of snow – more than two feet! 

How Cold Does It Get in Helen?

coldness of helen georgia

To compare, the warmest month in Helen is July. During this time, the temperature can reach a high of 90°F and drop to a low of 67°F during the day.

In January, the coldest month of the year, the temperature can range from a high of 48°F to a low of 29°F.

Here is more about how Helen compares to weather conditions in the rest of the country.

Climate AveragesUnited StatesHelen, GA
  Rainfall38.1 in.65.9 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.2.0 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days123.9 days
  Avg. July High85.8°83.9°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°25.6°
  Elevation2443 ft.1444 ft.
Fact: Helen is rather sunny for at least 219 days of the year, and is better than the average in the United States, which is 205 days. 

Factors Affecting Snow in Helen, GA

Helen, Georgia is a really nice town in the northeastern part of the state.

It has a cool Alpine style with buildings that look like they are from Bavaria. People love going there because of the vineyards, the unique architecture, and all the fun outdoor activities you can do.

However, even though mountains surround Helen, it does not snow there as often as people might think.

Let us explore why this thing happens: 

Latitude and Global Wind Patterns

global wind patterns affecting helen

Helen, Georgia is situated at a latitude of around 34.7 degrees north.

Places closer to the North and South Poles usually have colder weather and get more snow.

Even though Helen is not as south as many other cities in the U.S., its latitude still affects its winters, making them relatively mild. 

Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean

proximity to the atlantic ocean from georgia

Data shows that places close to big bodies of water, like the Atlantic Ocean, tend to have more stable temperatures.

This happens because the ocean can hold a lot of heat. Water takes longer to get hot and cool down compared to land.

Areas near the coast, or places affected by winds from the coast, will have winters that are not as cold and summers that are not as hot.

Even though Helen is not right by the ocean, it still gets some of the benefits of moderation. 

Appalachian Mountain Influence

appalachian mountain influence in helen georgia

The Appalachian Mountains stretch from Canada to Alabama.

Although they can affect the weather, these mountains are not as big or wide as some other mountain ranges, such as the Rockies.

Based on information from the U.S. Geological Survey, these mountains do not always stop or change the path of cold air from the north like taller mountains would.

So basically, the cold air from the Arctic does not usually get stuck on the eastern side of the Appalachians, which would have made Helen much colder and have more snow. 

The Urban Heat Island Effect

urban heat island effect to helen

Even though Helen is a small town, it still experiences the Urban Heat Island effect to some extent.

Buildings, roads, and other man-made structures release more of the sun’s heat than natural areas like forests and grassy fields.

That is why you do not often see very cold temperatures in Helen even in the winter. 

Southern Shift of the Polar Jet Stream

polar jet stream effects to georgia weather

The Polar Jet Stream is like a super fast-moving air current way up in the sky that can mess with the weather.

When it moves down towards the south, really cold air from the Arctic can come into the Southern U.S.

Sometimes, the fast-moving air current called the jet stream stays more toward the north, so the coldest air does not reach states like Georgia.

Fact: Studies have found that the jet stream's location can have a big impact on winter weather in the United States. 

El Nino and La Nina Influence

la nina and el nino influence

El Niño and La Niña happen in the weather called El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

El Niño makes the water in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean warmer than usual.

Scientists have found that El Niño can cause winters in the Southeast U.S., like Georgia, to be warmer and drier.

On the other hand, La Niña can make things cooler and wetter, but it does not always mean there will be more snow. 

When Does It Snow in Helen, GA?

when does it snow in helen

In Helen, snow usually comes down from the middle of November to the end of February.

The biggest snowstorms usually happen in Jan and Feb. But sometimes there is a lot of snow, and other times there is not so much.

In certain years, there might not be any snow at all, while in other years, there could be a lot of snow, like several feet worth.

Fact: Helen is a fantastic place to have fun in the winter with activities like sledding, trekking, and snowboarding. 

The Best Time to Visit Helen to See Snow

best time to visit helen

If you want to see snow, the best time to go is in January or February.

Although it does not snow often in Helen, there are times when it does, and it looks really beautiful when the whole area is covered in white.

Even if it does not snow when you visit Helen in winter, it is still a great time to go.

Here is what you enjoy in Helen during winter:

Christmas EventsSome great options include: Christkindlmarkt – a German-style Christmas market, Festival of Trees with beautifully decorated trees
Winter HikesHave fun exploring the best trails like Anna Ruby Falls Trail and Unicoi State Park Trail
Snow TubingVisit the Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center and Slide down snow-covered hills on an inner tube.
Ice SkatingThe Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center is also perfect for ice skating.
ShoppingVisit Helen’s Alpine-style village and explore some unique shops and boutiques.


Does it snow in Helen, Georgia? Yes, it does snow in Helen, but it is not that frequent, even though Helen is located around the mountains.

Many factors contribute to low snowfall, but the fact remains that Helen has beautiful weather to arrange a trip any time of the year.

So, if you are planning a winter vacation in Helen, it won’t disappoint you for sure.