does it snow in palmdale

Does it snow in Palmdale? Curiosity regarding weather conditions in different areas is common, especially when it comes to rare phenomena like snowfall.

Palmdale, a city in southern California’s high desert, has a peculiar environment that begs the question, “Does Palmdale get snow?”

To answer the question, you have to pay close attention to the geography of the area and other meteorological factors contributing to its climate.

So, “Does it snow in Palmdale California?”

Yes, it can snow in Palmdale, California, but it is an extremely rare occurrence, mainly due to its geographical location in the Mojave Desert. 

All about the Weather in Palmdale

does it snow in palmdale

Palmdale is located in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8b and has a dry climate  typical of the High Desert.

The average minimum temperature ranges from just below freezing in late November to just above freezing in late January.

However, the coolest month is December, which averages 44.4 °F (6.9 °C) on average. 

More about the Temperatures in Palmdale

Palmdale has widely varying average temperatures.

About half the year is chilly, while the other half is too hot, with a very small probability of precipitation year-round.

In terms of nice weather, this location ranks in the middle of the pack, at the 48th percentile among popular travel locations worldwide.

When planning a trip to Palmdale, keep in mind that July and August are the hottest months, followed by June.

Below are typically monthly maximum and minimum temperature averages to give you an idea.

MonthAvg Max TemperatureAvg Min Temperature

Average Mean Monthly Temperatures in Palmdale

average temperatures in palmdale

It is just as important to get some information about mean monthly temperatures to plan your visit to Palmdale.


Humidity and Wind

wind and humidity

In Palmdale, you will experience comfortably humid months as well as some very dry months throughout the year.

  • August stands out as the least humid month with a relative humidity of 14.7%.
  • December takes the crown for the most humid month at 44.6%.
  • Regarding the wind in Palmdale, it generally maintains a moderate level.
  • The windiest month is May.
  • It is followed by June and April.

During May, the average wind speed hovers around 11.7 knots, classified as a “moderate breeze.”

Fact: The peak sustained winds, representing the highest speeds lasting longer, occur in late May with an average top sustained speed of 23.1 knots, falling under the category of a strong breeze. 

Does It Snow in Palmdale?

the snow in palmdale

Not really. Palmdale snow is an extremely rare occurrence.

Just recently, the Antelope Valley received an unusual dusting of snow as a fierce, cold winter storm barreled toward Southern California.

It looked heavy at points, but the temperature was not low enough for the flakes to stick.

From the Antelope Valley to Agua Dulce and farther, light snow fell for a few hours early in 2023. 

Why Is Snow So Rare in Palmdale?

why snow so rare in palmdale

Palmdale is in the high desert area of southern California. It has a climate that is typical of this area: it is dry and hot.

The city is in the county of Los Angeles and is about 40 miles (64 km) from the city centers of Los Angeles.

The impressive San Gabriel Mountains, which mark the southern edge of the Antelope Valley part of the Mojave Desert, separate these places.

In Palmdale, snow does not happen very often, if at all. This is different from many other parts of the United States, where winter scenes are common.

Here are some possible explanations for this phenomenon: 

Geographical Location

The location of Palmdale is a big reason why it does not get much snow. It is in the Mojave Desert, known for its dry climate and very little yearly rainfall.

The desert climate does not make it easy for snow to fall in large amounts.  

The Role of Elevation

role of elevation

Palmdale is approximately 2,657 feet above sea level.

While higher elevations are more likely to receive snow during the winter, Palmdale’s elevation sits in a region where snowfall is less common.

Fact: Palmdale's elevation limits the occurrence of freezing temperatures required for snow formation, which is a crucial variable in the shift from rain to snow.

The Impact of Moderate Temperatures

Temperatures must be at or below freezing (32°F or 0°C) for snow to fall.

While nighttime temperatures in Palmdale sometimes fall below freezing, midday temperatures normally reach above freezing.

Because of the temperature fluctuations, accumulating snow does not persist long enough to be deemed significant. 

The Impact of Cloud Covers

cloud covers impacts

The changing cloud cover through the year is yet another reason why Palmdale witnesses very little snowfall.

Here is a bit more about how long cloud covers stay in Palmdale:

Sky ConditionTime Period
ClearApr 25 to Nov 5
Cloudier monthsNov 5 to April 25

As you can see the winter months in Palmdale are usually the cloudiest, which impacts precipitation and rainfall in various ways. For instance: 


the insulation

As a blanket, clouds can capture the sun’s rays and keep the Earth’s surface warm. They can cause a temperature drop, preventing snow from sticking to the ground. 


Heavy snowfall requires extremely cold conditions, but clouds can absorb and re-radiate part of this heat back to the earth.

Fact: Temperatures are more favorable to snowfall when clear nights enable heat to escape away from the surface. 

Atmospheric Conditions

The presence of clouds is typically a precursor to more significant weather changes.

There is a correlation between the presence and severity of snowfall and the air masses and weather systems that produce particular cloud types and coverages.

The Impact of Precipitation

impact of precipitation

There is a strong correlation between clouds and rain or snow in the atmosphere.

However, if the cloud cover is too heavy, not enough moisture will condense into snowflakes and fall to the ground.

That is another reason why Palmdale gets more rain than snow.

MonthAvg Snow DepthDaily Chance of RainTotal Precipitation

Lack of Moisture Sources

lack of moisture sources in palmdale

Snow requires a moisture source, which is typically moist air masses from surrounding oceans.

 Palmdale is far inland, surrounded by mountain ranges that serve as barriers to moist air masses coming inland from the coast.

The lack of moisture reduces the possibility of snowfall.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Palmdale?

If you hope to avoid wet conditions, the best times to visit Palmdale are June, August, and May.

During this time, “significant precipitation” means at least 0.1 inches.

In late April, there is a minimal possibility of precipitation. For instance, the week of April 23rd typically has zero days of precipitation.

Fact: The week of December 17th is statistically the most likely to see considerable precipitation, with an average of 1 day of rain or snowfall.

Things to Do in Palmdale in Winter

It is a great idea to visit Palmdale in winter. Temperatures range from 38—61°F (3—16°C) and are usually quite cool with a mild breeze.

Aside from the exciting events and activities Palmdale has to offer for winter visitors, you will also find some classic Palmdale sights that are also fantastic to visit at this time of year. 

Go Hiking

go hiking in palmdale

Explore the hiking routes in and around Palmdale, California.

Choose the East Fork trek, a 10.2-mile out-and-back trek in Sheep Mountain Wilderness, for an unforgettable adventure.

This trail provides an energetic climb and shows the region’s fascinating natural splendor.  

Visit the Antelope Valley

visit antelope valley

If conditions permit, visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve to see the elusive wildflower blossoms.

The beautiful sky above the reserve provides an excellent canvas for admiring the grandeur of the universe, so embrace the charm of clean winter nights for exceptional stargazing. 

Try Ice Skating

try indoor ice skating

You can find many indoor activities to have fun in Palmdale in winter. And ice skating is just one of them.

You can arrange a visit to the Cube Ice and Entertainment Center, where you will spend some good time enjoying ice skating with your family. 

Explore the DryTown Water Park

drytown water park exploration

Dry Town Water Park in Palmdale, California, is open from Memorial Day in May through Labor Day in September each year.

The park’s spectacular activities include waterslides, racing slides, a children’s water playground, and a 925-foot lazy river. 


Does it snow in Palmdale? The truth is that Palmdale gets very little snow, if any.

Snowfall is a rare occurrence, but that does not mean you cannot arrange a visit in winter.

There is plenty to see and do even when you visit in winter. You can enjoy the mild weather and explore various attractions and landmarks in the area. 

Just do not expect a lot of snow!