does it snow in blue ridge georgia

Does it snow in Blue Ridge Georgia? The weather in Blue Ridge varies depending on how high up you are and where exactly you go.

If you are driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which goes through different heights and types of scenery, the weather can change quickly.

But, the real question is, “When does it snow in Blue Ridge Georgia?” Let’s find out now!

Yes, it can snow in Blue Ridge in January, but there is no guarantee and the amount of snow is rather insignificant as well. 

More about the Climate in Blue Ridge Georgia

about the climate in blue ridge georgia

The weather in Blue Ridge, Georgia, is usually nice and pleasant all year round. But, it can be really different in different parts of the parkway.

Picture yourself driving up a mountain, and the weather changes drastically, just like going from Georgia to Canada.

Here’s a simple explanation of what you can expect: 


summer in georgia

Summers in Blue Ridge are nice and warm, with temperatures that feel just right and not too much stickiness in the air.

That is a perfect time to visit because you can have fun doing things outside without getting too hot and sweaty. 


winter in blue ridge georgia

The winters in Blue Ridge are not too cold, and sometimes it snows.

Unlike other places, the winters here are usually not too harsh, so it is still a nice place to visit even when it is cold. 

Spring and Fall

These times of the year are really nice in Blue Ridge.

You can expect to have many sunny days and nice, comfortable temperatures in spring and fall.

You can also go hiking, check out nature, or just enjoy the pretty views around here.

spring and fall in georgia

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Blue Ridge throughout the year:

Average Temp (F)394250586572757468584941

If you are still not sure when to plan your visit, here is a bit more about the average high and average low temperatures in Blue Ridge, Georgia:

Average Low (F)32°F34°F41°F48°F55°F63°F66°F65°F59°F48°F40°F35°F
Average High (F)48°F53°F61°F69°F76°F82°F85°F84°F79°F69°F60°F51°F
Fact: Blue Ridge is close to the mountains, so the nights there are cooler than in other nearby places.   

Does It Snow in Blue Ridge Georgia?

does it snow in blue ridge georgia

No, it does not snow much directly in Blue Ridge, Georgia, but occasional snowfall can happen in winter.

Usually, it gets around 4 inches of snow each year, which is way less than the average amount of 28 inches in the whole country.

Instead of snow, you are more likely to find rain and fog happening regularly all year long.

  • In the summer, it rains a lot.
  • In the fall, the rain starts to decrease.
  • In the winter, it sometimes snows instead of raining.
  • Then, in the spring, the rain starts to pick up again.

Rain usually falls on just one side of a ridgeline. This means that if you are at the highest point of a ridge, you might be able to see different weather conditions in one view.

Fact:  Fog in Blue Ridge can look like a puffy, thin mist on the side of the road, or it can be a really thick and heavy haze that seems solid.   

How Much Snow Does Blue Ridge Get?

level of snow blue ridge get

So, how often does it snow in Blue Ridge GA? Not very often, unfortunately!

Blue Ridge, Georgia, does not get as cold in the winter as a lot of other places in the United States.

In Blue Ridge, the winters are still quite cold and sometimes the wind gets really strong. There are some cloudy days in the winter, but not a lot of snow.

Usually, Blue Ridge does not get much snow, and when it does, it is usually only about 4 inches per year.

When to Expect Snow in Blue Ridge, GA?

It is worth mentioning that not every winter in Blue Ridge will definitely have snow. Sometimes, there might not be any snow for a few years in a row. January is the coldest month in Blue Ridge.

when to expect snow in blue ridge

During this time, you can expect colder temperatures and sometimes even a little bit of snow.

So, even though Blue Ridge does get some snow in the winter, it is not a place where you will see a lot of heavy snow.

Here is a bit more about how the weather conditions in Blue Ridge compare to the rest of the United States:

Climate AveragesUnited StatesBlue Ridge
  Rainfall57.3 in.38.1 in.
  Snowfall4.0 in.27.8 in.
  Precipitation122.8 days106.2 days
  Sunny204 days205 days
  Avg. July High86.3°85.8°
  Avg. Jan. Low25.5°21.7°
  UV Index4.94.3
  Elevation1762 ft.2443 ft.
Fact: There is not much snow in the winter, so Blue Ridge becomes a good choice for people who like winters that are not too cold and snowy. 

What is Winter Like in Blue Ridge Georgia?

what winter in blue ridge georgia is like

Winter weather can start as early as November on the Parkway, especially if you are at a higher elevation.

Sometimes, it can happen suddenly and catch you off guard.

As winter goes on, the chances of snow increase. The biggest snowfalls might happen in March when the heavy rains of spring start to mix with the last bit of winter’s cold.  

Variations in Snowfall in Blue Ridge

In Blue Ridge, Georgia, the amount of snow they receive varies throughout the year. Snowy time usually lasts for around 2.6 months, starting from December 19 and ending on March 7.

January is the month when they usually get the most snow. On average, they get about 2.5 inches of snow during that time.

But for most of the year, which is about 9.4 months, there is no snow. You should not expect any snow from March 7 to December 19.

snowfall in blue ridge variations

The time when they get the least snow is around July 25, and during that time, there is hardly any snow, like zero inches on average.

Fact: When it does snow, you may notice some parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway are closed because of ice and snow.  

The Best Time to Visit Blue Ridge, GA

best time to visit blue ridge

The winter months, specifically from January to March, are the ideal time to visit Blue Ridge, GA.

This is when you can have a great time checking out the pretty Blue Ridge Mountains.

The views are really clear, and there are not as many people around. Plus, it will not cost you as much.

Winter in Blue Ridge is a great time to take a break and enjoy a weekend trip or even a longer vacation.

Also, you might have the chance to see the beauty of snowfall in this really pretty area.

Best Things to Try in Blue Ridge

things to try in blue ridge

Blue Ridge has a nice climate, so you can enjoy lots of things to do all year long. 

Here is some cool stuff to try in Blue Ridge in winter: 

Celebrate Christmas and the HolidaysHave a great time celebrating the holidays in the Blue Ridge Mountains by taking the Christmas train from the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.
Visit a Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas Tree FarmBegin a family tradition by picking out and chopping down your Christmas tree at one of the beautiful tree farms nearby.
Visit Christmas at Biltmore EstateCome visit the amazing Biltmore Estate in Asheville, especially in the winter when there are fewer people and the place is beautifully decorated.
Winter Waterfalls & Hiking in the Blue Ridge MountainsDiscover the stunning frozen waterfalls and enjoy the amazing winter scenery while going for a hike in the region.
Fact: No matter what you like to do - whether it is hiking, fishing, checking out towns, or just chilling in a cozy cabin - there is something for everyone, no matter the time of year. 


Does it snow in Blue Ridge Georgia? Yes, it is possible to see snow in Blue Ridge, but it is usually not much and is rather infrequent as well.

Most of the precipitation in the area is in the form of rain, which is why snow is rather uncommon.

Still, the weather is extremely nice, especially if you decide to visit in the winter, when many interesting holiday activities are available for the tourists.