does it snow in savannah georgia

Does it snow in Savannah Georgia? Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and is known for its friendly Southern hospitality.

It is always open to visitors, with streets full of trees, various landmarks, and some really cool museums.

Those who travel in winter often wonder, “Does it ever snow in Savannah Georgia?” Or, “When does it snow in Savannah Georgia?”   Let’s find out more to help you plan your trip accordingly.

No, it does not snow often in Savannah, and you are not going to witness a very cold winter in this city either. 

More about Climate in Savannah, Georgia

the climate in savannah

Savannah, Georgia, has really hot and humid weather for a good chunk of the year, similar to what you would experience in tropical locations.

 The summers are really long and super hot, but the winters are short and not too cold.

Since Savannah is near the coast, it does not experience extremely hot or cold temperatures like other areas in Georgia. 

High Average Temperatures in Savannah

During the summer, the area often experiences quick rain showers.

Even though it has a lot of sunny days, it still rains quite a bit from June to September. In the summer, the air can feel really humid.

average temperatures in savannah

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Savannah throughout the year:


Variations in High and Low Temperatures in Savannah

In Savannah, summer days are usually pretty hot, with temperatures around 88°F. The air can feel humid in the summer, with dewpoints between 67.8 and 71.6 °F.

Roughly 50% of the time, the sky is covered with clouds or mostly covered with clouds.

The hot and sticky weather often causes quick thunderstorms because of the warm, tropical air that is common in this region.

high and low temperatures in savannah

While planning a trip to Savannah, it makes great sense to get a clue about high and low average temperatures here.

For instance:

MonthAverage LowAverage High
Fact: Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, founded way back in 1733 and also the first state capital. 

Does It Snow in Savannah Georgia?

does it snow in savannah georgia

In Savannah, Georgia, it hardly ever snows. The winters there are usually not too cold and have lots of sunshine.

The temperature during the day is usually around 60°F. Sometimes the city gets really cold at night, but you are not going to get any snow.

It can go years and years without any snowfall.

Fact: Savannah is used to having lots of quick thunderstorms in warm and tropical air, especially in the summer when most of its rain happens. 

What is Winter Like in Savannah?

what winter in savannah looks like

The winters in Savannah, Georgia, are usually not too cold and quite sunny most of the time.

 In January, the weather can get pretty cold, with highs around 61.4°F and lows around 39°F.

Sometimes it gets really cold for a little while, but it does not stay that way for very long.

If you plan to go, mid-September to mid-November is a good time because the weather is still nice and it is not too busy. 

When Does It Snow in Savannah, GA?

snow season in savannah

In Savannah, Georgia, winter lasts from December to February.

 The weather is pretty mild during this time, with temperatures ranging from around 64.4 F during the day to about 38F at night.

Snow is not something that happens often in Savannah, but if it does, January is the month when it is most likely to happen.

But when it snows in Savannah, it usually lasts only one day and does not stay on the ground for long. This is because Savannah generally has a mild winter climate.

Fact: In Savannah, the winters do not usually get colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but the weather is nice enough during this time to enjoy a vacation. 

Historical Snowfall Events

historical snowfall events in savannah

In the past, Savannah, Georgia has had a few times where it snowed.

The most recent times were in 1989, 1996, and 2018.

 In December 1989, the city got hit with a really big snowstorm. It snowed a lot, with almost 4 inches of snow piling up in just one day.

After not having snow for six years, Savannah finally got some in February 1996. It was not much, though, just 0.2 inches. The last time it snowed a lot was on January 3rd, 2018.

Here is a quick look at the most prominent snow events in the history of Savannah:

YearDateSnowfall Amount
1989December3.9 inches (99 mm)
1996February0.2 inches
2018January 3rd2-4 inches

How Cold Does It Get in Savannah, GA?

level of coldness in savannah

The winters in Savannah, Georgia, are not as cold as in other parts of the United States.

 In December, the weather is usually pretty nice with highs around 66°F and lows around 45°F.

January is usually the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from around 39°F to 61°F.

In February, the weather gets a little warmer, with the highest temperature being around 67°F and the lowest temperature around 44°F.

Fact: While it might feel chilly in the South during winter, it is not as freezing as it gets in the colder parts of the country. 

Why is Snowfall So Rare in Savannah?

There are a number of reasons why you are not always going to see snow in Savannah during winter.

For instance:

Latitude and Coastal Proximity

latitude and coastal proximity in savannah

Savannah is located on the southeastern coast of the United States, which means it usually has less cold winters than places further north.

Cities near the coast have more stable temperatures because the nearby ocean helps to keep them from getting too hot or too cold.

Water can hold a lot of heat because it has a high heat capacity.

In the winter, the ocean waters that are a bit warmer help to keep the nearby coastal areas from getting too cold. This means it is less likely to snow there. 

The Gulf Stream

the gulf stream effects in savannah

Starting in the Gulf of Mexico and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean near Miami, the strong ocean current goes up north.

This warm ocean current is really important because it helps keep the coastal areas, like Savannah, warmer than they would be without it.

The Gulf Stream has warm water that heats the air above it.

The wind can then carry this warm air to the coast, which makes it less likely to snow there. 

The Urban Heat Effect

the urban heat effect in savannah

Just like other cities, Savannah gets really hot because of something called the “urban heat island” effect.

Cities, with all their buildings and roads, soak up a lot of heat during the day and let it go little by little at night.

This thing can make cities a little hotter than the countryside, especially at night.

Even though the temperature difference is small, it can cause snow to become rain.

Things to Do in Savannah Georgia, in Winter

In case you are planning a trip to Savannah in winter, be prepared to have loads of fun.

The weather is just perfect and you will find so much to enjoy in the city.

For instance:

ActivitiesBest Time to VisitDescription
Ice Skating at The Civic CenterDecember to JanuaryThe Civic Center turns the Martin Luther King Jr. Arena into an ice skating rink every year from December through January. Anyone from a small family to a large tour group to a lone traveler can enjoy this outing.
Jepson Center For The ArtsYear-roundThe Jepson Center for the Arts is a must-see for art lovers. This famous art museum, part of the Savannah Tour Pass, is over 7500 square feet and exhibits global painters.  
Coastal Georgia Botanical GardensNovember 25th to December 24thCoastal Georgia Botanical Gardens are beautiful in Savannah’s mild winters, and these 10-acre gardens become a spectacular location to explore from Nov 25 to Dec 24,
activities in savannah
Fact: Halloween is a unique experience in this city because it has a creepy past with lots of spooky stories about ghosts, strange legends, and haunted places.


Does it snow in Savannah Georgia? No, it rarely snows in Savannah, Georgia, and the likelihood of seeing any snow is becoming slim, considering the ever-changing climate.

That being said, you can still find so much more in Savannah when exploring the area in winter.

The weather is nice and you may also find some sunny days to engage in outdoor activities. So, go ahead and explore Savannah this winter!