does it snow in victorville

Does it snow in Victorville?  Victorville is in the dry part of California called the High Desert, but it differs from the surrounding areas.

Victorville is known for being a city with a hot desert climate and lots of sunny views.

But, those who travel here for the first time want to know, “Does it snow in Victorville, CA, in winter?” So, what do you think? Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Victorville, but it is extremely rare and is never enough to support winter sports, unless you decide to move away and into the Big Bear Mountain area. 

More about Average Temperature in Victorville, CA

the average temperature in victorville

When the weather is hot, it gets really hot in Victorville. It gets really hot outside from June 8 to September 18, which is about 3.3 months.

However, when the temperature is cool, it feels pretty cold. The weather gets colder from around November 20 to March 1, which is about 3.4 months.

The weather is pretty chilly, with temperatures staying below 65°F every day. The temperature drops to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit in December.  

Here is a bit about average high and low temperatures in Victorville throughout the year:

Low (F)363943475461676761514135
High (F)586268758392979690796658
Fact: In Victorville, the summer temperature can easily climb up to 97 degrees Fahrenheit in July. 

Does It Snow in Victorville?

does it snow in victorville

Okay, the most important question is, “Does it snow in Victorville?” Or, “Will it snow in Victorville if you travel in winter?”

Yes, it is possible to have snow in Victorville in winter.

However, you need to remember that the location of Victorville is the big reason why snow is an extremely rare occurrence in the main city. 

How Much Does It Snow in Victorville?

snow in victorville

You won’t witness much snow in Victorville because it gets precipitation in the form of rain.

During the wet season, which goes from November 23 to March 31 and lasts for about 4.2 months, there is a higher than 9% chance of having a rainy day.

It tends to rain in February, with about 4.3 days of rain, where at least 0.04 inches of precipitation falls from the sky. After that, there is a period of less rain called the drier season.  

Here is a bit more about the frequency of precipitation in Victorville: 

Days ofJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSeptOctNovDec
Any (days)
Rain (days)

How is Winter Like in Victorville?

The cool season is about 3.4 months long, starting on November 20 and ending on March 1. Here is what to expect in these months:

winter in victorville


December, which is usually the coldest month, is actually pretty mild. But night and day are actually very different from each other.

Here is what to expect in terms of climate change and temperatures in December:

Average Temperature7.1 °C (45 °F)
Minimum Temperature0.3 °C (32.5 °F)
Maximum Temperature13.8 °C (56.9 °F)
Coldest Nights-6.5 °C (20.5 °F)
Coldest Night (Dec 2008)-8 °C (17.6 °F)
Warmest Days21.5 °C (71 °F)
Warmest Day (Dec 2015)25 °C (77 °F)
Precipitation25 mm (1 in) over 4 days
Day LengthAverage 9 hours and 55 mins
Shortest Day (Dec 21)Winter solstice, shortest day
Average Humidity48%
Average Wind Speed10 kph (6 mph)


January is also relatively mild, but you will again notice a significant difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures.

victorville january winter

Here is what winter is like in January in Victorville:

Average Temperature7.7 °C (46 °F)
Minimum Temperature0.7 °C (33.2 °F)
Maximum Temperature14.7 °C (58.4 °F)
Coldest Nights-5.5 °C (22.5 °F)
Coldest Night (Jan 2013)-12 °C (10.4 °F)
Warmest Days21 °C (69.5 °F)
Warmest Day (Jan 2012)24 °C (75.2 °F)
Precipitation25 mm (1 in) over 4 days
Day LengthAverage 10 hours and 10 mins
Average Humidity48%
Average Wind Speed9 kph (6 mph)


february winter in victorville

The winter enters its last phase in February, which usually continues till early March.

Here is more about what climatic changes to expect during this time:

Average Temperature9.1 °C (48 °F)
Minimum Temperature2.2 °C (35.9 °F)
Maximum Temperature16.1 °C (61 °F)
Coldest Nights-3 °C (26.5 °F)
Coldest Night (Feb 2018)-8 °C (17.6 °F)
Warmest Days24 °C (75 °F)
Warmest Day (Feb 2014)29 °C (84.2 °F)
Precipitation30 mm (1.2 in) over 5 days
Day LengthAverage 11 hours and 0 mins
Average Humidity44%
Average Wind Speed11 kph (7 mph)

Why is Snow Rare in Victorville, California?

Snow is not something that happens very often in Victorville, California. Here are some possible explanations for this phenomenon: 

Geographical Location

geographical location of victorville

Victorville is located in the Mojave Desert, known for being very dry.

This dry area covers some parts of states like:

  • California
  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

The fact that Victorville is close to the Mojave Desert is a big reason why it does not get much snow.   

Influence of Topography

influence of topography in victorville

The land around Victorville is really hilly, like a roller coaster ride. In a short distance of 2 miles, some hills reach up to 610 feet above the ocean level.

On average, the whole area is about 2,832 feet above the ocean level.

And within a 10-mile radius, the terrain gets a little wilder, with elevation changes of 1,972 feet.

Around Victorville, if you look at the stuff on the ground within a 2-mile radius, you will mostly see shrubs. They make up about 93% of the area.

So, it does not experience much snow due to its lower elevation and unique topography.

Fact: If you zoom out to a distance of 50 miles, you will see Victorville with hills and valleys that vary in height by a huge 11,237 feet. 

Rain Shadow Effect

victorville rain shadow effect

The reason why Victorville does not get much snow is also because of the mountains nearby.

If you look towards the direction opposite the north, you will see a range of mountains called the San Gabriel Mountains.

In the west, you will find the San Bernardino Mountains. So, these mountains do something called the rain shadow effect.

Think of them as a huge umbrella that stops the wet air from the ocean, reducing precipitation.

Lack of Sustained Cold Spells

In order for it to snow, the weather needs to stay cold for a while. In Victorville, it does not get very cold for long periods of time during the winter.

The not-so-cold daytime temperatures and occasional warm periods make it hard for snow to build up and stay for long.

Fact: Climate change and natural variations also affect the weather, including how much snow falls in Victorville. 

Local Meteorological Factors

local meteorological factors of victorville

The specific weather conditions in Victorville, like the type of air and how the wind blows, also explain why it rarely snows there.

The main weather patterns in the area usually bring dry and steady air, which makes it less likely for rain to turn into snow.

Here is more about the wind speed in Victorville:

Wind Speed7.7 mph8.0 mph8.4 mph9.0 mph8.9 mph8.8 mph8.1 mph7.3 Mph6.9 mph7.1 Mph7.5 mph7.8 mph

What is the Best Time to Visit Victorville, CA?

best time to visit victorville

If you want to go to Victorville and have fun outside, the best time to go is from late May to early October.

 That is when the weather feels nice, with temperatures between 65°F and 80°F.

 If you love going to the beach or pool, the best time is from the end of June to the end of August. Those are the months when it is warm – around 75°F to 90°F.

If you want to have a great time outside, plan to do it in the first week of September.   

Winter Activities to Enjoy in Victorville

winter hike in victorville

While Victorville does not snow much, you can still find enough winter activities there.

Also, you can try some nearby places to find more snow. Here are a few options to consider:

ActivityWhere to Go
Ice skatingYou can try ice skating at the Holiday Skating Center on Palmdale Rd.
SnowboardingYou can pay a visit to Big Bear Mountain near Victorville to enjoy snowboarding and skiing.
Winter hikingYou can visit Big Bear Mountain near Victorville to enjoy snowboarding and skiing.
SleddingYou can go to Big Bear Lake and other nearby areas to try sledding
Fact: When visiting Victorville in winter, you can enjoy many winter festivals, like Christmas Tree Lighting. 


Does it snow in Victorville? Yes, it does, but do not rely too much on what the weather report says because snow is not a regular occurrence in this part of the world.

Nevertheless, you can find many interesting things when visiting Victorville.

If you are willing to drive away from Victorville to the Big Mountain area, you can even find some skiing and snowboarding activities.