Does it snow in Julian CA? It is natural to ask this if you are considering going on a winter vacation to Julian.

To learn about it, you first need to understand the weather patterns in Julian during the winter.

Knowing when to plan your trip can help you turn your winter vacation into something more special, and give you a chance to go snowshoeing, sledding, and possibly skiing.

 So, does it snow in this small town? And if yes, when does it snow in Julian, CA?

Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Julian, CA, but it is somewhat unpredictable, which means you may have to arrange day tours to nearby places to enjoy winter sports. 

Where Does It Snow in Julian, CA?

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Okay, so how often does it snow in Julian, CA? Well, not that often, unfortunately!

In Julian, California, the amount of snowfall changes from year to year. Usually, the most common snowstorms happen between the middle of January and the end of April.

On February 25, 2023, it snowed in Julian, making the town look like a winter wonderland for people who love playing in the snow. Julian usually gets most of its snowfall between January and March. 

Finding Snow Near Julian, CA

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However, If you are looking for particularly snowy places nearby, Running Springs is a great option. It is about a 2 hour and 59-minute drive if you take I-215 N.

Here, winters are really cold and snowy, with temperatures going from 27°F to 84°F.

Another place with a lot of snow is Costa Mesa. You can get there from Julian in about 2 hours and 7 minutes, driving a distance of 110.7 miles. Just take CA-78 West and then I-5 North.

This place is famous for its ski resorts, especially in December when temperatures usually range between 48°F and 66°F.

Fact: If you are interested, Mt Baldy is just a 2 hour and 55-minute drive, which is a great place to go if you want to experience some snowy fun. 

How Much Does It Snow in Julian CA?

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In Julian, California, the snowfall follows a specific pattern.

In the town, it snows for around 1.3 months every year, starting on December 12 and ending on January 20.

During this time, there will be at least 1.0 inch of snow that builds up over a period of 31 days.

For most of the year, from January 20 to December 12, Julian does not have any snow. The least amount of snow usually falls around July 31, and there is hardly any snow that builds up.

Fact: December is when we usually get the most snow, with an average of 1.2 inches. 

Is Julian a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

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Julian, CA, is a really nice place to visit in San Diego County, especially in the winter.

This beautiful mountain town is famous for its stunning views and has a one-of-a-kind winter experience that you will not find anywhere else nearby.

While Julian is known for its beautiful autumn leaves and apple picking, the winter season also has its own special attractions.

The town has nice stores and a fun vibe, making it a great place to have a good time during the holidays. Additionally, being close to other snowy areas like Palomar Mountain State Park makes Julian even more attractive to people who want to do winter activities.

Fact: Julian is a great place to visit in the winter because it has a mix of beautiful nature, interesting history, and fun winter activities.  

Can You Ski in Julian CA?

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As mentioned already, Julian does not directly get enough snow to turn into a winter wonderland. Therefore, you are less likely to find conditions suitable for skiing in this part of the world.

However, you can always find nice accommodation options in Julian to explore the area and then plan day trips to nearby ski resorts for an exciting time. Running Springs is a great place to have fun skiing.

Similarly, you are only a couple of hours from Costa Mesa and Mt. Baldy where you can find all sorts of skiing opportunities and have fun with the whole family. 

Best Ski Resorts in Julian, CA

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There are many ski resorts not very far from Julian. It means that you can pick a nice accommodation in Julian and then easily access those ski resorts for unlimited fun.

Here are some options to consider: 

#1. Julian Gold Rush Hotel

gold rush hotel in julian

The Julian Gold Rush Hotel is a really great place to stay in Julian, CA. It is right in the middle of everything and offers an amazing experience for visitors.

This old hotel has a nice garden and outdoor area. It has a peaceful and real atmosphere that shows what Julian used to be like a long time ago.

One of the great reasons to pick the Julian Gold Rush Hotel for your stay is that it is really close to the Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort is famous for its really awesome skiing. The resort uses advanced technology to make sure there is always good snow for skiing and snowboarding.

No matter if you are just starting out or really experienced, the resort has something for everyone.

Families will love the Children’s Learning Center and the Snow Play area, while people who love excitement can check out “The EDGE,” a special park for doing cool tricks on skis and snowboards.

#2. Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge

julian ca quiet mind mountain lodge

Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge, Retreat & Spa in Julian, CA, is a really peaceful and relaxing place where people can go to feel refreshed and renewed.

The lodge is surrounded by beautiful nature and is close to popular places like Lake Cuyamaca, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, and Santa Ysabel Mission. You can easily walk to these attractions from the lodge.

One great thing for people who love winter sports is that it is really close to the Buckhorn Ski and Snowboard Club in Costa Mesa. The club has a cool old-fashioned ski lodge vibe from the 1950s, and it is a great place to go skiing in the wilderness.

If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, Buckhorn is a great place to go. They have over 40 acres of off-trail areas where you can have an exciting adventure. Plus, they have a gripper tow to help you get up the slopes.

The club is great for people who love winter sports because they have a cooperative management system, lots of activities all year round, and affordable memberships.

You should definitely check it out!

#3. Trucker Peak Lodge

julian ca trucker peak lodge

Tucker Peak Lodge is another nice place to stay in Julian, CA. It is perfect if you want to relax and have fun at the same time.

One great thing about staying at Tucker Peak Lodge is that it is really easy to get to the Mount Baldy Ski Lifts. They are only about 2 hours and 55 minutes away if you take the I-15 N highway.

Mount Baldy is a big, steep ski resort in Southern California that is famous for being the best place to go skiing. The resort has 26 different trails for skiing and snowboarding, along with four chair lifts to help you get around.

Fact: Mount Baldy offers an awesome skiing experience whether you are new to skiing or really good at it.

How Cold Does It Get In Julian, CA?

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In Julian, CA, the weather changes a lot throughout the year. Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Julian throughout the year:


In the summer, it is usually hot, dry, and mostly sunny. During this time, it usually gets as hot as 85°F and as cool as 30°F.

The hottest time of the year, also known as summer, lasts about 3.2 months from June 17 to September 23.

During this time, the temperature often goes above 79°F. August is the hottest month, with average temperatures going up to 85°F and dropping down to 54°F

Low Temperatures in Julian

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On the other hand, winters in Julian are known for being colder and having more cloudy days. 

Here is a bit about the average high and low temperatures in Julian, CA:


It can get really cold during winter, sometimes as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit, but that does not happen often.

The cold season lasts for about 4 months, starting from late November to mid-March. During this time, the temperature usually does not go above 60°F.

Fact: December is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from around 30°F to 55°F. 

The Impact of Rainfall

julian ca rainfall

Julian’s rainfall amounts change a lot from month to month.

The town has a long period of rain that lasts for about 6.1 months, starting on October 18 and ending on April 23. February is the rainiest month, with an average rainfall of 2.4 inches.


Things to Explore in Julian During Winter

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When in Julian, it is hard not to plan day trips to nearby ski resorts. But, skiing is not the only thing you will enjoy during your winter vacation in this town.

Here is what else can you do: 

Ice Skating

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In Julian, sometimes it snows during winter, but it is usually not cold enough to have ice skating rinks outside or inside. But there are great places to go skating in the cities nearby.

There is this cool place called Ice-Plex Escondido, which is about 45 miles southwest of here in Escondido, CA. They have a big ice rink where anyone can go skating, join hockey leagues, or take lessons.

About 46 miles southeast of San Diego, there is a place called the Kroc Center Ice Rink. It is part of the Salvation Army’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.

They have a big ice rink that is the same size as the ones used in the NHL. People can go there to skate and play hockey. 


julian ca doing snowshoeing

While Julian, California does not have designated trails for snowshoeing, nearby areas have great opportunities for snowshoeing when there is enough snow.

If you head south, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park is only a 15-minute drive away. It has more than 100 miles of trails where you can go hiking.

Some of the popular paths, like Stonewall Peak and Los Vaqueros, are great for snowshoeing when there is a lot of snow.

If you head a little more to the east, about 30 minutes away from Julian, you will find the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area in the Cleveland National Forest.

It is a great place to go for a winter hike with snowshoes. Two popular trails there are Garnet Peak and the Desert View Loop. 

Day Trips

julian ca during day trips

Julian is a really good place to stay if you want to go on day trips to other mountain towns for winter sports.

Big Bear Lake is one outstanding option to consider for winter fun. It is about an hour and a half away from Julian and has lots of things to do.

Big Bear has two big places where you can go skiing and snowboarding – Snow Summit and Bear Mountain.

Big Bear has special places where you can play in the snow, like Snow Drift Snow Tubing Park. It is perfect if you want to go sledding or ride on a snow tube.

Big Bear is a great place for people visiting Julian to have a fun day doing winter activities in the mountains. They get a lot of snow there, with over 100 inches on average during the winter.

Fact: In Big Bear, there are more than 800 acres of land where you can ski at two resorts. 

Sledding and Snow Play

julian ca playing sledding and snow

When you are interested in sledding and snow play, you can go a little bit south to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

They let you go sledding and play in the snow in certain parts of the park. The park has some hills next to the campgrounds and parking lots that are really great for sledding when they are covered in snow.

Visitors can either bring their own sleds and saucers or rent them from local places like California Overland Desert Excursions and The Farm.

Fact: Cuyamaca has some really big hills, up to 5,000 feet high, making it great for sledding fun. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Julian, CA?

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The best time to visit Julian is during the Julian Fall Apple Harvest, which happens from September to November.

This exciting fall event has been happening since 1909. It is all about enjoying the beautiful colors of autumn and picking apples from the town’s orchards. People love to take part in this tasty local tradition.

When it comes to visiting Julian, CA in the winter, the town sometimes gets snow, which makes it look really pretty and magical.

The best time to see snow in Julian is usually between late December and early February. However, keep in mind that the exact timing of snowfall can vary.

Fact: It is important to check the weather forecast in the area before you plan a trip, because you never know when the snow might change. 


Does it snow in Julian CA? Julian gets a little bit of snow every now and then during winter, but it is not very much. But, you can find more consistent snow in the nearby mountains, where you can take day trips to go skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

The most fun thing to do around here after it snows a lot is going sledding on the hills at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

If you are looking for a place to stay, the Julian Gold Rush Hotel is a cool old-fashioned hotel conveniently close to the ski slopes at Snow Valley Mountain Resort.

Although Julian does not usually get covered in snow, you can still have a great time experiencing the cold and wintry aspects of this charming mountain town if you plan ahead.