does it snow in kingman

Does it snow in Kingman AZ? Kingman is a great place to start your road trip on Route 66.

It is also a good base for visiting awesome attractions in northern Arizona, like the Grand Canyon. But there are many things to see and do in town, too.

The biggest question is, “How much does it snow in Kingman, AZ?” will there be any if you visit in the winter? Let’s find out now!

Even though Kingman, Arizona sits on the edge of a desert, it still gets some snow, but it is not a lot to facilitate snow activities. 

More about the Climate in Kingman, AZ

the climate in kingman

Kingman, AZ, is a small town in Mohave County located at elevation on a plateau at the edge of the Mojave Desert.

It covers 54,000 sqm and lies in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Transverse Ranges.

Fault lines also border the desert, the Sans Andreas to the southwest and the Garlock fault to the north, and are close to the Lower Colorado River Valley.

The location of Kingsman plays a big role in its climate, and so does the elevation.

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Kingman throughout the year:

Average Temp (F)424652607080848275635042

The Impact of Elevation

elevation impact in kingman

Kingman, AZ is on a high plateau 3,333 ft (1016) above sea level. Its altitude impacts its weather.

Summers are warm but without the heat extremes of other desert climate towns at sea level or those even that are at altitude like Phoenix, at just over 1000ft.  

Low Temperatures

Kingsman is classified as having a cold desert climate. Temperatures rarely rise above 100F in the summer, but nighttime temperatures regularly fall below freezing in winter. 

Winter officially lasts 3.5 months, starting the third week in November to almost the end of February.    

Winter Temperatures Kingsman AZNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary
Average high66.1oF18.9oC55.7oF13.2oC57.4oF14.1oC60.6oF15.9oC
Average  low36.5oF2.5oC30.2oF-1.0oC30.9oF-0.6oC33.9oF0.7oC
Record low13oF-11oC6oF-14oC4oF-169oF-13oC

Does it Snow in Kingman AZ?

does it snow in kingman

Yes, it snows in Kingman most winters, and several significant falls have been recorded.

However, the thing is that the snowfall is not regular, and it does not stay on the ground for very long.

That is why you won’t find a ski resort in the area or engage in other common snow-related activities.

Fact: In 2019 over 15 inches (38cm) fell, but usually, in the city, the snowfall is low, under an inch and then not every year. 

How Much Snow Does Kingman AZ Get Each Year?

snow amount kingman get each year

While it is possible to find snow in Kingman, you will not get a lot of it throughout the year. So, how often does it snow in Kingman, Arizona?

You are more likely to get some snow in December and January, but it is often just around an inch.

Kingman AZ snow averages 1901-2003NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchApril
snowfall (inch)
depth (inch)000000

The Recent Snow Events in Kingman, Arizona

recent snow events in kingman

The 2023 March snowfalls proved record-breaking across Arizona. Cities on the lower elevations were hit particularly hard.

The extensive storms dumped 12 inches on Flagstaff, but many other locations in northern Arizona saw record snowfalls. The storm extended as far as the Grand Canyon.

The North Rim received 228 inches but did not beat the 305 inches dumped in 1978/9. 

Here is a bit more about the latest snow events in Kingman, and based on that, you can plan your trip to Kingman to see some snow.

Kingman AZSnow events 2022 –2023 JanuaryFebruaryMarch
2022 Light flurries first weekLight flurriesfirst week
2023Rain transitions to snow third weekExtensive snow storm first weekIntermittent sleet and snow the last week

Although significant snowfalls do happen, the 2023 snowfall was as exceptional for Kingman as it was for other northern Arizona cities.

Fact: For Kingman,1949 had been the snowiest year with 18.2inches but December 1932 alone saw 14inches. 

Where to Find Snow in Kingman AZ?

where to find snow in kingman

Although the city typically sees around an inch of snowfall each winter, it is in the form of light dustings and flurries over the course of the winter and doesn’t accumulate.

However, Kingman is very close to the Hualapai Mountains. The highest, Hualapai Peak, reaches 8,417 above sea level and is only 15 miles from the city.

Although it gets very cold, only slightly more snow falls, mostly a dusting that turns icy after melting and refreezing.

There are other smaller mountains at around 2,500ft. standing with Hualapai.

Together, the snow-dusted peaks give the town a picturesque winter backdrop, but its residents must travel to the Arizona Snowbowl just outside Flagstaff for skiing.   

How are Winters in Kingman AZ?

Despite occasional snowy days and even rarer significant snowfalls, winters in Kingman are surprisingly mild for its high elevation.

Pre-2023, the last significant amount that fell on the town was over the New Year in 2013/14 when 6.5 inches fell.

The lowest daily average high is 53oF (11.6oC). Chilly but not cold enough for snow.

The average low is 32oF, zero. There are typically 50 nights of freezing temperatures a year. Although it gets cloudy, it tends to stay dry. 

The Influence of Monsoon Rain

influence of monsoon rain

In 2022, Northern Arizona experienced significantly more monsoon rains than usual.

Bellemont and Bagdad saw twice their average, others a 1-2 inch departure from normal.

Only three locations received less than usual; most saw at least 0.5 of an inch extra.

Many records were broken over that summer, a trend that would continue into the winter. 

Fact: Although summer is the wet season, usually there’s actually very little precipitation year-round, only 8-10 inches falls annually. 

Why Is Snow Fall So Rare in Kingman AZ?

snow fall is so rare in kingman

Snow is rare in Kingman because of its location. Although it is high enough to get cold, no nearby bodies of water provide moisture. 

Instead, Kingman has to rely on being the path of the monsoon rains to see winter snow. 

The Arizona Monsoon

The Arizona Monsoon occurs in summer as winds shift anytime between June and the end of September.

It brings as much as 50% of the annual rainfall to some areas.

It is not a single event but rather a weather pattern that brings intermittent rain over several weeks. And it has a direct impact on the climate in Kingman, AZ. 

The Impact of Monsoon Rains

impact of monsoon rains

The winds pick up moisture from the Gulf of California and the eastern Pacific Ocean, transporting it north into Mexico and the American southwest.

 In summer, its movement is blocked by the high pressure that forms over Mexico.

Consequently, Kingman and Arizona generally see no rain in the warmer summer temperatures.

The ridge of high pressure will eventually shift north towards the Southern Plains and the Rockies.

This movement frees moisture trapped in the atmospheric layer in a surge, creating the monsoon rains. 


humidity in kingman

The unusually heavy monsoon rains of 2022 added moisture to Kingman’s normally dry air, which fell as snow in the low temperatures. 

In normal years, because there is so little rain,  humidity levels are always low, only increasing to around 49% at its highest in December.

Statistically, there are no muggy days in Kingman.

Some residents might find living in the dry air uncomfortable, especially during winter when the humidity is lowest at between 20 and 30%.

Fact: With no moisture in the atmosphere, no water can transition into snow even at low temperatures. 


topography in kingman

More than half of Arizona is mountains and high plateaus that lie in three topographical layers, the highest being the Colorado Plateau.

Humphrey’s Peak is the highest point, 12, 633ft. The Colorado River the lowest point, just 70 ft above sea level.

The snow Kingman gets is the result of being at a high elevation.

However, most of the snow a cloud carries falls on the mountains as clouds are pushed up and over them in colder temperatures. 

An Important Consideration

Although Kingman stands on a plateau, it has its own topography with significant variation. Within 2 miles of the city center, there’s a difference of some 686ft.

It is not a difference that will create snow conditions, but it’s enough to impact where and for how long it will lie. 


Does it snow in Kingman, AZ? Yes, it certainly does, but the snowfall is not that regular and is often very little.

The town is at a high altitude, but the lack of moisture lowers the likelihood of getting snow that often.

But, you can always find so many things to do because the winter weather is particularly nice in Kingman.