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Does it snow in Netherlands? The Netherlands is in a place with a moderate climate, so there is so much to see and do throughout the year.

The Netherlands is known for windmills, tulips, and picturesque canals.

However, first-timer travelers and those interested in winter activities often ask, “Does it snow in the Netherlands?”

So, what should you expect? And if it does, “how often does it snow in the Netherlands to plan your trip accordingly?”

Snow does not happen very often, but sometimes it does, especially in December, January, and February. 

More about the Climate in the Netherlands

the climate in the netherlands

In most parts of the country, winter temperatures are usually around 37.4F, while summer temperatures average around 62.6F.

 Areas near the coast get more sunlight throughout the day compared to places further inland.

They also tend to have less variation in temperature throughout the year and day. In the middle of the country, the average temperature over 30 years is 50F.

But if you go further north to 52 degrees latitude, the average temperature is closer to 39.2F.

Here is a bit more about some climate facts in the Netherlands:

Coldest MonthHottest MonthWettest MonthWindiest Month
34F72F2.29 inches of rain13mph

Average Temperatures in the Netherlands

netherlands average temperatures

If you check the seasonal mean temperature from 1991 to 2020, you will notice that there hasn’t been a huge shift in temperatures throughout the year.

For instance:

Units: F Dec-Jan-FebMar-Apr-MayJun-Jul-AugSep-Oct-Nov
Avg Mean temp 38.4 49.4 63.2 51.4 
Avg Minimum temp33.4 41.0 54.5 44.8 
Avg Max temp43.4 57.7 72.1 58.2 

An Important Consideration

The rainiest months are Sep, Oct, and Nov, so if you want to enjoy outdoor activities, it is best to avoid visiting during that time.

Fact: In December, there is about an hour of sunshine each day, which is something to consider before planning your visit.  

Does It Snow in Netherlands?

does it snow in netherlands

When you think of a magical winter destination in Europe, the Netherlands might not be the first to come to mind.

But, the locals will confirm that it does snow in the Netherlands. And sometimes, it snows quite a lot. But, it is still not as often or as heavily as in other countries.

When Does It Snow in the Netherlands?

snow in the netherlands

 Snow typically comes down during the winter months of December and January, but it does not stick around for very long.

Usually, it lasts only about 1-2 weeks at the most.

On average, the Netherlands gets about 20 days of snow each year. You are more likely to witness it during Dec and March.

Just remember that it can change from year to year.

Here is a bit about the average seasonal precipitation from 1991 to 2020.

125.47 148.58 226.60 220.47 

Regional Variations to Consider

variations to consider

How much snow the Netherlands gets varies from region to region.  

In the Netherlands, it usually snows about 30 inches every year on average. But some places get a little more snow than others.

But it is worth mentioning that the variations between regions are quite noticeable. No matter where you are, it does not snow very often.

For instance, you are more likely to see snow in Amsterdam during:

  • December
  • January
  • February

But the amount of snow in Amsterdam changes every year, so you cannot be sure if you will have a snowy Christmas or a winter wonderland.

Fact: In Amsterdam, January is typically the coldest month, as the average temperature during this time is around 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seasonal Variations in Snow

variations in snow

You will also notice a great deal of variation in snow in different seasons.

For instance: 

Snowfall in December

As winter approaches, the weather in the Netherlands gets really cold, with temperatures dropping to around 35.6 F.

In the colder weather, Holland might get a little bit of snow each month, but it is more likely to rain in December. 

Snowfall in January

During the cold season in January, the temperatures can drop to as low as 33.8 F.

In January, there is usually a similar chance of snow as before, and people here hardly ever get half an inch of snow throughout the month. 

Snowfall in February
february snowfall

As the weather gets warmer, we can expect temperatures to reach a high of 48.2 F.

However, the chance of snowfall decreases, and we might only see up to a quarter of an inch (6.35mm) of snow throughout the month.

 But, it is not very likely to work because the temperature of the ground is usually too hot.

Fact: On average, you can expect about 20 days of snowfall each year during the winter, but that does not mean the country will have a snowy winter every year. 

Where to Find Snow in the Netherlands?

finding snow in the netherlands

When it snows, it looks really pretty, and you will see a bunch of people trying to ice skate on the rivers and canals.

If you want to have a great time in the snow in the Netherlands, go to Limburg because they usually have more snow there.

In big cities, they will put salt on the roads to prevent ice, but in more out-of-the-way places, they might not salt the smaller roads and bike paths.

 If you are thinking about going outside the cities, just make sure to be cautious. 

How are Winters Like in the Netherlands?

Winter in the Netherlands begins in December and lasts until March.

In the winter months in the Netherlands, it is pretty common to see snow, freezing temperatures, and fog.

In December and January, it gets really cold, with temperatures dropping to around 2 degrees Celsius.

Fact: The winter season in the Netherlands is rather chilly but not super cold, as the average temperatures during this time are around 3 °C. 

What Influences Snowfall in the Netherlands?

A number of factors contribute to a lack of snowfall in the Netherlands.

Here are a couple of important things to know:

The Location of the Netherlands

location of the netherlands

Being next to the North Sea can mess with the weather in the Netherlands.

The breeze from the ocean is not very cold. Also, air that is neither hot nor cold does not really go well with snow.

Snow needs cold temperatures, but the air near the sea is no way near as cold as needed. So, that is one of the main reasons why we do not see snow here very often.   

The Impact of the Azores High

The Azores High is a fancy term for a big area of high pressure that usually hangs out over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the summer, this weather pattern usually moves towards Bermuda, which brings warm air up north and makes weather hotter.

Now, here’s the thing: this Azores High party usually gets going in May.

So, just when you thought snow might stick around, this high-pressure system comes in and basically tells snow to go away.

This is exactly why you may not see enough snow in the Netherlands, as it won’t last long. 

Things to Do in the Netherlands

finding snow in the netherlands

The Netherlands is a country in the northwestern part of Europe.

It may be small but it has a lot of famous things like:

  • Pretty flower fields
  • Amazing windmills
  • Places to buy cheese
  • Fields of colorful tulips
  • The canals in Amsterdam
  • … and tons of bicycles

In December, when winter is really cold, the Netherlands becomes a lively place with snow. It looks like Christmas everywhere.

You can even take part in many events in the Netherlands to enhance the fun.

For instance:

PakjesavondDutch families have a specific custom of Sinterklaas bringing gifts to kids this evening.
Magical Maastricht Winter FestivalMaastricht’s month-long winter festival includes ice skating, carnival rides, and holiday markets.
Amsterdam Winter Paradise FestivalA month-long Amsterdam winter festival with music, markets, rides, karaoke, and fake snow.
New Year’s Eve CelebrationsAmsterdam hosts a stunning fireworks spectacle to celebrate the new year.


Does it snow in Netherlands? The answer is that while you may see some snow in the country, you may not see it that often.

Also, it is not as heavy as you find in many other countries. Also, there is a great deal of variations in snowfall in different regions.

Keeping that in mind, you can plan your trip to see some snow, but know that there is no guarantee.

Still, you can engage in many other winter activities to make your trip as memorable as possible.