does it snow in williams arizona

Does it snow in Williams Arizona?  Williams has become a beloved year-round destination due to its funky shops, Old West charm, and prime location in the pine forests of Northern Arizona.

However, during the winter season in this mountainous town, numerous tourists find themselves pondering, “Does it snow in Williams, AZ?

During the colder months, Williams experiences a combination of sunny days and chilly nights. But, when does it snow in Williams, Arizona?

Let’s find out all about it now.

Yes, it snows in Williams, and with nearby resorts, it becomes one of the best holiday destinations for skiing enthusiasts.

Where Does It Snow in Williams Arizona?

williams az where to snow

Williams, Arizona offers the opportunity to experience snow for a considerable part of the year due to its varying levels of snowfall throughout the seasons.

If you want to enjoy snow during your trip to Williams, you must travel to Arizona Snowbowl and Williams Ski Area.

It is worth noting that both resorts designate the fourth week of February as the time when they experience the most significant accumulation of snow.

In the upcoming week, it is anticipated that there will be around 1.6 days of snowfall at the Arizona Snowbowl, with an estimated snow accumulation of approximately 12 centimeters.

Similarly, Williams Ski Area is also expected to experience about 1.3 snowy days, with a comparable snowfall of 12 centimeters.

Winter sports enthusiasts and snow lovers will find these locations to be perfect for indulging in their passion for winter activities.

How Much Does It Snow in Williams Arizona?

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The climate in Williams, Arizona is relatively mild, exhibiting noticeable changes throughout the different seasons.

The town experiences a relatively low amount of snowfall compared to many other places in the region, which makes it an appealing choice for individuals who enjoy milder climates.

However, the duration of the snowy period is estimated to be around 5.8 months, starting on November 3rd and ending on April 27th.

During the month of December, there is a gradual increase in the average sliding 31-day snowfall in Williams.

At the start of the month, the snowfall measures around 2.8 inches, which then gradually rises to 5.1 inches by the end of the month.  

The month of January is particularly notable for its high snowfall, with an average of 5.3 inches of snow.

The Average Snowfall in Williams

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Williams experiences an average of 74 inches of snow each year, which is considerably more than the national average of 28 inches.

This snowfall is mainly observed in winter, specifically in December and January.

Williams experiences many sunny days, with an average of 266 per year, despite snowy winters.

Here is more about how it compares to the National average:

Climate AverageUnited StatesWilliams
  Rainfall38.1 in.22.2 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.74.3 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days75.3 days
  Sunny205 days266 days
  Avg. July High85.8°84.6°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°21.9°
  Elevation2443 ft.6768 ft.

During the summer season, the weather tends to be enjoyable and predominantly characterized by clear skies, accompanied by temperatures reaching the 90s.

This starkly contrasts with the colder winter months.

Fact: The amount of snowfall in the area is generally not very heavy, with the maximum rarely exceeding 8.1" and the minimum rarely falling below -0.0".

Is Williams a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

winter vacation in williams

Williams’ snow-capped mountains and charming snow-covered streets make for a stunning winter landscape. Those looking for a relaxing winter getaway will love the town’s friendly ambiance.

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking are just some of the winter activities available in nearby areas.

Williams itself is known for its breathtaking scenery and tranquil environment.

The town bursts with holiday spirit when the season rolls around, thanks to events like tree-lighting ceremonies, parades, and other celebrations that bring people together and spread goodwill.

So, yes, you should plan a winter visit to Williams. 

Can You Ski in Williams Arizona?

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The picturesque snow-covered landscapes provide an ideal backdrop for engaging in a wide range of snow-related pursuits.

Whether you have a preference for skiing, snowboarding, or just immersing yourself in the enchanting winter scenery, Williams, Arizona is the perfect destination for you.

This charming town experiences generous snowfall throughout the winter, ensuring a delightful experience for winter enthusiasts.

Moreover, you are always in close proximity to various resorts, so you can have the time of your life skiing during your trip to Williams. 

Best Ski Resorts in Williams Arizona

When you want to visit Williams in winter, you must pick your accommodation carefully, as you will have to plan day tours to nearby ski resorts.

Here are some nice options to consider: 

#1. The Best Western Plus Inn

best western plus inn ski resort

If you are looking for a place to stay in Williams, Arizona, the Best Western Plus Inn of Williams is a great option. It has great amenities and is located near all the best sites in the area.

This hotel is conveniently located about 60 miles from the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Bearizona Nature Park is only a three-minute drive away, guaranteeing guests an unforgettable encounter with nature.

Its proximity to the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort is the hotel’s defining feature. Arizona Snowbowl has been operating since 1938. It has an impressive 777 acres and features 55 routes, 8 lifts, 1 gondola, and an impressive 2,300 feet of vertical drop across its terrain.

Snowbowl has state-of-the-art snowmaking technology and receives about 260 inches of natural snowfall a year, so you can confidently plan your ski vacation.

The most recent construction of the Arizona Gondola has made skiing and snowboarding even more convenient, as it allows riders to ascend 2,000 feet in just seven minutes.

Fact: Snowbowl has the longest skiing season in the state, from late November to mid-April or later, and welcomes skiers and snowboarders of all ability levels.

#2. Grand Canyon Railway Hotel

ski resort grand canyon railway

The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel is a fantastic choice for your stay in Williams, AZ, because of its strategic location close to the town’s attractions. This motel is conveniently located next to the rail station and makes it easier to explore downtown Williams. 

It also has convenient access to the Williams Ski Area Resort, making it an excellent choice for skiers.

With two lifts, 183 meters of vertical descent, and 40 acres of terrain appropriate for all skill levels, the resort offers a compact yet entertaining skiing experience.

By staying at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, you are perfectly positioned to explore Williams’ beauty.

At the same time, you can enjoy the neighboring skiing opportunities at Williams Ski Area, making it an all-encompassing winter getaway location.

Fact: The Williams Ski Area Resort has 6 kilometers of cross-country ski routes and a snowboard terrain park, ensuring a well-rounded skiing vacation.

#3. Days Inn by Wyndham Williams

days inn williams ski resort

This hotel is in a forest in Arizona and is only a 10-minute drive from Elk Ridge Ski Area, which makes it a great place for skiers to stay. Also, you can drive to downtown Williams and the Grand Canyon Railway in 5 minutes.

This hotel stands out because it is also very close to Humphrey Summit Ski, a great place to ski that is only 40 minutes away via I-40 E.

Humphrey Summit Ski is a great place to ski because of its perfect April powder and the feeling of being alone in the vast wilderness from the Grand Canyon to the San Francisco Peaks.

This isolated part of the San Francisco Peaks has a lot of ski runs and a beautiful winter forest that quickly grabs your attention.  

When you stay at Days Inn by Wyndham Williams, you can visit Williams’s sights and go skiing at Humphrey Summit Ski, which makes it a great choice for winter sports fans.

How Cold Does It Get in Williams, Arizona?

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The weather in Williams, AZ changes a lot throughout the year, so it is important to plan your trip based on how you like the weather.

For starters, you need to learn about the average temperatures in Williams throughout the day.

Here is what you should know:

MonthAverage Temperature (F)

The Lowest and Highest Temperatures in Williams, AZ

temperatures in williams az

Winters in Williams can be very cold, with average highs of 42.1°F and lows of 16.7°F in January.

But as the year goes on, the temperatures slowly rise, and Williams becomes a more pleasant place to live.

March and April, which are spring months, have average high temperatures in the 60s and 70s, which makes it easier to go outside and do things.

Summer, especially July and August, is when it is hottest, with highs around 93.8°F in the middle of July.

Here is a bit about the average high and low temperatures throughout the year:

MonthAverage Low Temperature (F)Average High Temperature (F)
Fact: During summer in Williams, the nights stay warm, and the temperature rarely drops below 61.9°F (16.6°C).

Things to Explore in Williams during Winter

williams az activities during winter

Skiing is probably the first thing on most people’s minds when they think about planning a winter vacation in Williams, but the town has much more to offer.

With its charming mix of Old West charm, outdoor adventures, and unique shops, Williams is a great place to get away from the hot desert heat of the plains during the winter.

Go On a Train Ride

williams train ride

One of the best things to do in Williams in the winter is to take the Grand Canyon rail ride to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

This old train leaves the Williams Depot daily and travels 65 miles through snow-covered pine woods until it reaches the beautiful Canyon.

There, you can walk around the rim and then go back to Williams in the evening.

As you sit comfortably in your seat for the 2.5-hour trip, enjoy watching the winter scenery pass by your window.

Fact: For a special holiday treat, many people book a seat on the Polar Express, a train ride that brings the well-known Christmas story to life.

Try Snow Tubing

snow tubing in williams az

For real winter fun for the whole family, you can spend the afternoon snow tubing at Elk Ridge Ski Area, only minutes from Williams.

You can ride down groomed roads by yourself or link up with other people to make a “tubing train.”

The hill for beginners is great for kids. You can take a break in a heated lodge with stone fires and snacks. Elk Ridge has brand-new tubes that are in great shape, and you can get group rates for a cheap, busy day in the snow.

Explore the Downtown Williams

downtown in williams

When you need a break from winter activities, head to Williams’ historic downtown center, where you can browse the many stores, boutiques, and galleries.

You can find many shops perfect for buying Native American crafts. Sycamore Tree Curious Goods is the place to go for vintage toys, candies, and memorabilia from Route 66.

You can also find many shops that sell some locally made preserves, honey, or vinaigrette.

Do not forget to stop at a café where you can order freshly baked products, sandwiches, and hot drinks to help you feel warmer.  

Take a Winter Hike

hiking in williams

Hikers may enjoy the snowy ponderosa pine trees any time of year because of the year-round accessibility of the trails in and around Williams.

A great idea is to hike to breathtaking vantage spots, such as the Kendrick Peak Lookout.

Similarly, the Soldier Basin Loop and Dogtown Reservoir are great for families looking for simpler walks and winter fishing.

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Williams, AZ?

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If you want to go to Williams when the weather is nice and pleasant, you might want to go in late spring or early summer.

Williams, Arizona, has cold winters, unlike what most people think. The average temperature in January is only 45 degrees, which is cold but not as much as northerners might think.

The city’s summers are scorching and arid without a doubt. The months of spring and fall are ideal for a visit to Williams.

Winter is the best time to go if you want to see snow. It is important to check the times you plan to visit to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.


Does it snow in Williams Arizona? Not a lot directly in the town, but Williams still gets some snow in the winter. Due to nearby resorts, it is a popular location for skiers and snowboarders.

The average temperature in January is only 16.7F, yet the town’s beautiful snowy surroundings make the season enjoyable.

Besides skiing, do not forget to take a trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railway this winter for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.