when does it snow in lake arrowhead

When does it snow in Lake Arrowhead? Lake Arrowhead is in Southern California, at a height of 5,174 feet.

It is an excellent spot for people who love winter activities.

But, it also offers a number of other interesting winter sports options to consider where there isn’t enough snow.

So, when should you plan your visit if you want to see snow? When does it usually snow in Lake Arrowhead? Let’s find out now!

Snow in Lake Arrowhead is not that common, but you will likely see it in winter, especially during December and January. 

More About the Climate in Lake Arrowhead

when does it snow in lake arrowhead

In Lake Arrowhead, the weather changes a lot throughout the year.

Summers are typically hot, not very rainy, and mostly filled with sunshine. But when winter comes, it gets really cold, a bit snowy, and occasionally cloudy as well.

The temperature in Lake Arrowhead varies throughout the year. It can go as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

But it is not very common for the temperature to go below 29 degrees Fahrenheit or go above 92 degrees Fahrenheit. So, make sure you pack the right stuff if you are planning to visit.

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Lake Arrowhead:

MonthAverage Temperature

Changes in Temperatures throughout the Year

changing in temperatures throughout the year

As mentioned already, Lake Arrowhead witnesses quite a bit of variation in high and low temperatures throughout the year.

For instance:

MonthAverage LowAverage High

When Does It Snow in Lake Arrowhead?

when is lake arrowhead snow

Many people want to know, “Does it snow in Lake Arrowhead?And if it does, exactly when does it happen?”

The truth is that it does snow in Lake Arrowhead, but it is usually rare and you do not get a lot of snow either.

You are more likely to see snow in winter, mainly in December and January, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

Fact: The rainy season is when it rains a lot for about 5 months, starting in November and ending in April. 

More about Average Rain and Snow by Month

average rain and snow by month

In Lake Arrowhead, precipitation is usually in the form of rain instead of snow and the amount of rain changes a bit as the year goes on.

In the rainy season, there is at least half an inch of rain for 31 days each month.

In Lake Arrowhead, February is the rainiest month, with an average rainfall of 1.8 inches.

June is the driest month in Lake Arrowhead. It only gets about 0.1 inches of rainfall on average. 

Here is more about it:

Most rainfall (rainy season)January4.3 inches
Most rainfall (rainy season)February4.6 inches
Dry periodsMay0.6 inches
Dry periodsJune0.2 inches
Dry periodsJuly0.3 inches
Dry periodsAugust0.4 inches
Dry periodsSeptember0.5 inches
Dry periodsOctober0.7 inches
Average annual precipitationEntire Year21.7 inches

Fact: From April 9 to November 6, there is a period where it does not rain for about 6.9 months, which is roughly two-thirds of the year.

More about Average Snow in Lake Arrowhead

average snow in lake arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead experiences varying seasons, with periods of snow and no snow throughout the year.

Winter usually lasts around 2.6 months, beginning on December 2 and ending on February 20.

Usually, we get about 1 inch of snow over the course of a month.

In Lake Arrowhead, January is the month with the most snow. On average, it snows about 2.1 inches during that time. 

No Snow Months

no snow months in lake arrowhead

For most of the year, about 9.4 months, there is usually no snow.

This period starts around February 20 and lasts until December 2.  If you do not like snow, that is the best time to visit.

Here is a bit more about average snowfall in Lake Arrowhead:

MonthAverage Snowfall in Inches
Fact: Typically, Lake Arrowhead does not get any snow in July, especially around July 29th.

More about the History and Recent Snowfall Events in Lake Arrowhead

the history and recent snowfall events in lake arrowhead

In 2023, during winter, Lake Arrowhead in California experienced a substantial snowstorm. 

The area got hit with a crazy amount of snow – like 9 feet of it – in just a few days!

This snowstorm was really bad, one of the worst they have seen in a long time. The roads had to be shut down and there was no electricity for several days.

The Snowiest Time in Lake Arrowhead

snowiest time in lake arrowhead

To give you an idea, certain areas received more than 40 inches of snow, and Lake Arrowhead got a staggering 109 inches during these storms in 2023.

That is the most snow the area had since 1950 when Big Bear Lake had 58 inches.

An Important Consideration

In the San Bernardino Mountains, there was a really big storm recently. Some places had more than 80 inches of snow, which was the most since 1938.

And even in the lower parts of Lake Arrowhead, they received a lot more snow than they had ever experienced. 

What Is the Best Time to Visit Lake Arrowhead?

visit lake arrowhead for a walk

The best time to go to Lake Arrowhead really just depends on what you want to do and how you like the weather and crowds.

Best Time to Visit Lake Arrowhead for Outdoor Activities

If you like sunny and dry days with temperatures between 65°F and 80°F, the ideal time to go to Lake Arrowhead is from late June to early September.

The best weather usually happens in the last week of July.

During this time, the weather will be nice for doing fun things outside like:

  • Going for walks
  • Riding bikes
  • Checking out the nature

Best Time to Visit Lake Arrowhead for Hot-Weather Activities

visit lake arrowhead for hot-weather activities

 If you want to enjoy some warm weather with temperatures ranging from 75°F to 90°F, the best time to visit is from early July to late August.

The weather is at its best during the last week of July.

It is the perfect time to have fun outside doing things like:

  • Swimming
  • Sunbathing
  • Site seeing
Fact: Just so you know, July is the most popular month for tourists in Lake Arrowhead, due to the moderate climate. 

Best Time to Visit Lake Arrowhead to Explore Winter Activities

lake arrowhead to explore winter activities

November is usually not as busy and not as costly for tourists, so it is a more affordable choice. The winter is also a great time to engage in winter sports.

The best time to see some snow is from December to February. 

Things to Do in Lake Arrowhead

Depending on when you visit Lake Arrowhead, you can find a long list of activities to try in this part of the world.

Here is a quick list of things you must do when in this area.

Snowy TrailsCome take a walk through a snowy forest that everyone can enjoy.
Sky ParkCheck out Santa’s Village and witness the holiday spirit with live shows, beautiful lights, and lots of opportunities to take pictures.
Snow TubingHave a blast sliding down snowy mountain trails on a snow tube at Snow Valley.  
Ice SkatingGo skate at SkyPark’s ice skating rink! It is like being in a magical winter world with beautiful holiday decorations and twinkling lights all around you.
Roasting S’moresHave fun making yummy s’mores by a cozy fire outside while looking at the beautiful stars in the sky at night.
lake arrowhead activities


When does it snow in Lake Arrowhead? You won’t see snow directly in Lake Arrowhead, at least not as frequently as you see in Big Bear.

But, it is possible to see snow in the area, especially if you plan your trip around December or January.

But, keep in mind that even if you do not get enough snow, you can still find numerous interesting activities to try in Lake Arrowhead.

So, go ahead and plan your trip now!