does it snow in bentonville arkansas

Does it snow in Bentonville Arkansas? Bentonville is in the southern United States and has an intriguing climate that raises questions about the chance of snowfall.

So, does Bentonville Arkansas get snow? Surprisingly, it does.

But, there is a catch – you have to identify the areas where you can find snow and even enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

Let’s find out more about where to stay while being in proximity to some hotspots and the finest winter vacation opportunities.

Yes, it snows in Bentonville, Arkansas, even though it is quite unpredictable, but you can still find skiing opportunities not far from your hotel in Bentonville. 

Where Does it Snow in Bentonville, Arkansas?

does it snow in bentonville arkansas

Bentonville does not get much snow directly, but it is near areas where you can find enough snow to have fun.

For instance:

The Boston Mountains

Bentonville, Arkansas sits in the foothills of the Boston Mountains, one of the two ranges in the Ozark Mountains.

The Boston Mountains include the highest point in the Ozarks, a vast but deeply eroded high plateau once the bed of a shallow sea.

The water quality is exceptional, perfect for watersports and there’s good fishing, although Bentonville is known as ‘the mountain biking capital of the world’.

It is where most of Bentonville’s annual snow falls as the high mountains block cold Arctic air masses.

Snowfall is still seasonal, falling between November and March at these high altitudes. 


bentonville arkansas

The city of Bentonville enjoys a four-season year and a humid subtropical climate.

In high summer, temperatures are in the high twenties, but it still sees at least some snow in winter, about 2.5cm.

This is particularly true in January, the coldest month of the year.

As well as all things cycling, Bentonville is best known for being the birthplace and headquarters of Walmart.

Fact: Although Bentonville is snowless for just over 8 months of the year, it's almost always windy, more so between October and May with March being the windiest month.    

How Much Does It Snow in Bentonville, Arkansas?

how much does it snow in bentonville

In Bentonville, the snow season runs from November to April, and that is when you can expect some snow in the region.

Here is a bit about the historical numbers related to snowfall in the area: 

Time PeriodAv. Annual SnowfallSnowiest month
1981-20109.2 cm2.8 cm

In the same period, from 1981 to 2010, the average snowfall for Feb, Marc, and April is as follows:

Over 2.2 cmAround 2.2cm0cm

In December 2020 northwest Arkansas received 15.24 cm (6 inches) of snow over eight days.

An Important Consideration

By the end of that year’s snow season, the total snowfall reached an unprecedented 30.8 cm. More recently, the pattern has changed.  

Snowfall Months 

snowfall months in bentonville

Bentonville has the potential for snow for 3.8 months of the year, from November 24th to March 17th.

  • Based on 12 years of weather data, the latest averages reveal February is just as likely to have good snow cover as January, 13cm last snow season, 2022.
  • In winter, which starts officially in December, on average it rains or snows twice a month, with average highs of 12oC and lows of just 7oC.

It is cold, and because of the mountains blocking the passage of cold air masses, the temperature has been known to drop suddenly. But, it is a short-lived event and it does not deter visitors.  

Is Bentonville, Arkansas a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

is bentonville a good place for winter vacations

Bentonville is a lively, energetic destination for those who love experiencing the great outdoors.

Its proximity to the Boston Mountains makes it a good hub for those looking for winter outdoor activities.

There are twenty-two parks and over 50 miles of hiking trails in Bentonville. The Northwest Arkansas Razorback Regional Greenway is almost 37 miles long and is easily accessible because it passes through the city.

Even in winter, visitors can:

  • Enjoy a hike or cycle ride.
  • Go mountain biking on 140 miles of graded trails.
  • Take to the waterways.
  • Explore the caves.

Can You Ski in Bentonville, Arkansas? 

can you ski in bentonville

Yes, you can ski when you visit Bentonville and go snowboarding too.

That being said, only a few places are nearby further into the Ozarks where the snow cover gets deep enough.

The Mountain Home, David’s Trail area usually sees snowfall in the double digits.

In 2011, a massive 60cm was dumped on another trail, the Hidden Diversity Multi-use Trail in Hobbs State Park. Although the area often gets snow, such a huge amount was unusual.

Further afield, there is the Cow Creek -Cook Hollow.

It is popular in the cross-country skiing community for being a breathtakingly gorgeous wilderness. Moreover, Pigeon Creek which runs along the river is yet another nice option. 

Best Ski Resorts in Bentonville, Arkansas

bentonville best ski resorts

In winter, many come to Bentonville to take to the slopes and enjoy cross country skiing.

As mentioned already, you do not get enough snow in Bentonville to enjoy skiing, but there are neighboring areas to have all the fun.

And again, Bentonville has no traditional ski resorts, but you can find good hotels and resorts to stay in and plan skiing activities.

Here are the best resorts to consider: 

1. Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Bentonville, an IHG Hotel

bentonville holiday inn express hotel

Despite not being purpose-built as a ski resort, the hotel has some tempting amenities for skiers and snowboarders.

 Its location is advantageous for getting to adjacent ski areas, making it a pleasant home base for ski trips.

Fact: Pinnacle Hills Promenade (3.1 miles) and Lost Springs Golf Course (3.8 miles) are both easily accessible from the hotel.  

2. DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bentonville

bentonville doubletree suites by hilton

If you are in the area to enjoy amazing winter activities in Bentonville and still find a way to engage in some skiing, this hotel is a great place to stay.

It is a unique, intimate hotel with 140 all-suite guest rooms and over 4,000 square feet of flexible conference space.

It is ski-friendly because its location makes it possible for you to get to the Ozark mountains in a couple of hours through State Hwy 86 E.

3. Staybridge Suites Rogers – Bentonville, an IHG Hotel

bentonville staybridge suites rogers

 It is conveniently located near Walmart Headquarters (4.8 miles) and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (5.2 miles), making it an ideal winter vacation spot.

The hotel is pet-friendly and conveniently located off exit 83 of Interstate 540, making it ideal for travelers with pets.

What makes it ski-friendly is the fact you can get to Ozark Mountains in just over 90 minutes via State Highway 86 E.

Moreover, you can:

  • Explore hiking and biking trails.
  • Enjoy kayaking.
  • Go waterskiing.
  • Spend time in a 24-hour fitness facility.

You can also enjoy the library, 52-inch plasma TV, and nearby attractions while staying at Staybridge Suites Rogers-Bentonville on your winter vacation.

4. Comfort Inn Bentonville – Crystal Bridges

bentonville comfort inn

The hotel is near I-49 and 30 minutes from Fayetteville, making it a suitable winter vacation spot.

For those who love skiing, it may be an attractive option because Fayetteville offers some fun for ski enthusiasts.

The Four Seasons Resort is Fayetteville’s premier ski slope. The ski area is around 2.8 km from the town.

What’s more, downtown Bentonville (less than 4.8 km), Cooper Memorial Chapel (14.5 km), and Memorial Park (4 minutes) are easily accessible from the hotel.  

How Cold Does it Get in Bentonville, Arkansas?

how cold does it get in bentonville

One of the first questions people have before planning a trip to this part of the world is, “How cold does it get in Bentonville Arkansas?We’re here to help!

The Boston mountains are characterized by narrow steep sided valleys. Its peaks rise to 2,400ft above sea level.

Temperatures average 62oC, warm enough for arable farming and fruit orchards. The mountains influence the climate of the whole of northern Arkansas including Bentonville.

They create vast temperature gradients and inversions in the layers of the atmosphere when cold polar air slides under a warmer layer and gets trapped. It sits there until conditions change. 

Temperature Inversions

Temperature inversions are common around the Boston Mountains. Being at the edge of the Ozarks, they are the first barrier incoming polar air meets.

Cold air masses that moved down from the Arctic meet the Bostons and have nowhere to go. They stall, creating cold grey days sometimes several at a time.

Inversions begin a few hours before sunset and are easy to spot.

For instance:

  • There’s mist, fog or frost at low elevations.
  • Smoke doesn’t rise but hangs in the air.
  • Clouds that built in the afternoon, suddenly disperse leaving bright clear skies.
  • Distant sounds and smells become more discernible. 

What to Pack When Visiting Bentonville in Winter

packing when visiting bentonville in winter

A winter vacation in Bentonville is not for the faint-hearted, but it can be perfect for those who arrive well-prepared.

It is going to be chilly, so a good base layer with long underwear is essential.

You will also need to pack:

  • Light t-shirts and sweaters so you can layer up.
  • Good waterproof hiking boots with several pairs of wool or thermal socks.
  • Wet weather gear, including pants.
  • A warm jacket, fleece lined.
  • A hat, scarf and gloves, sunglasses.
  • ChapStick, sunscreen and moisturizer.

If you plan to drive up into the mountains, you must also prepare your car.

Fact: Make sure you have a shovel, an ice scraper and tire chains and blankets if you plan on adventuring out into the wintery wilds. 

Things to Explore in Bentonville During Winter

It is usually coldest in January, but there is plenty to see and do in the city even in the coldest weather.

Here are the top 4 things to explore in the area during winter:

1. Slaughter Pen Hollow Trail System

bentonville slaughter pen hollow trail system

It is a vast network that offers a delightful winter experience for both mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts in the beautiful Ozarks region.

With its extensive network of over 30 miles of trails, this destination is designed to accommodate a wide variety of trail users.

The system offers a range of paths that cater to different skill levels, allowing visitors to enjoy the captivating views of the Ozarks.

One of its notable features is the challenging terrain that provides an opportunity to showcase one’s skills.   

2. Lawrence Plaza Ice Rink and Splash Park

lawrence plaza ice rink

Located in the charming city of Bentonville, Arkansas, the Lawrence Plaza Ice Rink & Splash Park is a beloved community attraction.

The outdoor ice rink is a prominent feature, offering skaters the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of winter with a delightful sense of amusement.

With a generous size of 7,000 square feet, the rink offers a comfortable space for individuals with different levels of skating skills, ensuring that everyone can fully enjoy their time on the ice. 

3. Compton Gardens and Arboretum

bentonville compton gardens and arboretum

This intriguing oasis honors the Ozarks’ rich horticultural heritage on a 6-acre plot near Bentonville, Arkansas.

These gardens are a refuge for visitors to see the state’s best natural sights.

Your personal investigation of the garden and arboretum will reveal native flora, champion trees, and luxuriant foliage. It is a peaceful place to enjoy Arkansas’ botanical beauty in the winter. 

4. Hobbs State Park

bentonville hobbs state park

This winter escape from Arkansas’ summer heat and humidity offers 54 miles of trails for hiking and biking without flies, ticks, or poison ivy.

Hobbs State Park is a 12,000-acre outdoor paradise. The park offers hiking, camping, and boating in its natural beauty.

The approximately 50-mile hiking routes wind through woods and along Beaver Lake, beckoning discovery.

A popular park activity is fishing in the well-stocked lake for bass, crappie, catfish, and bream. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Bentonville, Arkansas?

best time to plan your visit to bentonville

If you want to enjoy skiing the best time to visit Bentonville is mid-January to mid-February.

Although snowfall can be erratic in the valleys, it is far more predictable at higher elevations.

Even so, in Arkansas there are no guarantees on exactly how much to expect.

In the height of winter there is always some snow somewhere around the Bentonville area.

But, the snow dumps of 2011 and 2020 proved where and how much snow falls, depends on very local conditions but elevation increases the chances.

Fact: Snow is always more likely the further you travel up from sea level. 


Does it snow in Bentonville Arkansas? The truth is that it does get snow, but it is not so much to provide you with skiing opportunities in the town.

But, it is not far from snow-rich areas due to its proximity to the Boston Mountains.

The snow season is from November to April, providing many winter opportunities.  For the best indoor activities, you can arrange a visit to the Lawrence Place Ice Rink.

And to enjoy some great amenities while being close to all the winter action, we suggest you go with Holiday Inn Express.

So, pack appropriately and get ready to explore Bentonville’s unique winter attractions!