does it snow in corvallis oregon

Does it snow in Corvallis Oregon? Corvallis is often called the “Heart of the Willamette Valley.”

It offers a wonderful combination of stunning natural landscapes, a strong academic presence with Oregon State University, and a thriving arts community.

However, when it comes to the weather in Corvallis, it offers a distinct variety. Although the town is famous for its mild, wet winters, people often wonder, “How much does it snow in Corvallis Oregon?”

Does Corvallis get the kind of snowfall that turns the scenery into a magical winter wonderland? Really, how cold does it get in Corvallis, Oregon?

Let’s find out now!

Yes, it does snow in Corvallis, but it does not happen often and rarely sticks around for long enough.

Where Does It Snow in Corvallis Oregon?

location of snow in corvallis oregon

Corvallis, Oregon is in the middle of the Willamette Valley and gets a dusting of snow every once in a while during the winter.

Light snowfall that does not stick around for long is the norm, though.

However, there are a number of day trip possibilities in the area for people who are eager to enjoy winter sports or the snowy atmosphere.

The central Cascade Range of Oregon is a favorite location for snow lovers. Near the peak, in the Santiam Pass, you may enjoy snowy scenery and a variety of winter sports like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding.

In addition, Willamette Pass, which divides Klamath and Lane counties, is a fantastic place to go skiing or snowboarding. The Willamette Pass Resort is also in this area, which is a favorite among skiers and snowboarders.  

Overall, while Corvallis may not become a winter wonderland every year, snow fun is always just a short drive away thanks to the adjacent mountains.

How Much Does It Snow in Corvallis Oregon?

amount of snow in corvallis oregon

Although snowfall in Corvallis, Oregon is rare, it occurs occasionally throughout the winter. In a typical winter, Corvallis receives about 2.9 inches of snow.

Any sliding 31-day term during this time may expect at least 1.0 inches of snowfall. January typically receives the most snow, with an average of 1.1 inches, compared to the other months.

Corvallis rarely sees snow because the temperature usually never falls below freezing even in the dead of winter.

The weather trend predicts chilly, damp, cloudy winters where temperatures rarely rise beyond 54° F.

The average high in December is 47° F, while the average low is 36 degrees. This indicates that, while snow is not necessarily a winter feature, visitors should bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

MonthAvg. Snowfall (Inches)
Fact: Beginning around December 9 and ending around February 9, the snowy period lasts for roughly two months.

Is Corvallis a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

corvallis oregon winter vacation

Corvallis may not get much snowfall, but it is conveniently located near snowy mountains, so it is still a great place to spend the winter.

You can find a wide variety of possibilities within a day’s travel in the central Cascades.

Santiam Pass and Willamette Pass are two examples of where skiers and snowboarders may get to world-class ski areas and snow parks where they can enjoy the powder.

Other fun winter activities include sledding, snowshoeing, and driving snowmobiles. After a thrilling day on the mountain, visitors can unwind in Corvallis’s inviting cafes, boutiques, and restaurants.

As a whole, Corvallis is a great destination for a winter getaway, thanks to its proximity to exciting mountain activities and thriving cultural scene.

Fact: The city's snow-free period lasts for ten months, from February 9 to December 9, with almost no snowfall beyond mid-July.

Can You Ski in Corvallis, Oregon?

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There are no downhill ski resorts within the city limits of Corvallis, Oregon, despite the fact that the city occasionally receives minor snowfall during the winter.

However, the Cascade Mountains are only a short drive from Corvallis, which is an excellent destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Willamette Pass is about 112m and Mount Bachelor is no more than 63m from the city.  Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy these resorts’ perfectly groomed slopes and convenient lift access.

Skiing and snowboarding are accessible via day trips from Corvallis, with local outfitters offering equipment rental, instruction, and transportation.

Corvallis is a great place to stay if you plan on visiting the Cascade Mountains, where there are a number of world-class ski resorts and plenty of fresh powder to enjoy.

Best Ski Resorts in Corvallis, Oregon

In Corvallis, you can find a number of interesting things to do in winter, but if you are mainly looking for skiing, you need to arrange day tours to the nearby resorts.

Here are a few places to stay in Corvallis while planning your skiing tour.

#1. Best Western Corvallis

corvallis ski resort best western

If you are planning a winter vacation and looking for a great place to stay, we highly recommend the Best Western Corvallis.   

You will love the location near Oregon State University and downtown because it allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture during your days off.  

Also, it is conveniently located just 2 hours away from the slopes of Willamette Pass Resort.

At Willamette Pass, you will find a total of 31 trails that cover a vast area of 465 skiable acres. These trails cater to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels.

This area is famous for receiving lots of bright, fluffy snow, which creates a fantastic surface for making smooth turns.

Getting to the top is also easy. The Summit Express is a high-speed lift that can carry up to six people at a time, allowing you to reach the top of the mountain quickly and effortlessly.

For beginners, there is a special learning area where you can start your skiing journey. You can begin with gentle runs like Easy Street before gradually moving on to more challenging blue square runs.

Experienced skiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to push their limits by tackling challenging runs such as Avalanche Bowl, which are classified as double black diamonds.

Fact: The Willamette Pass resort also has a terrain park with small to medium jumps, which are great for getting some air.

#2. Comfort Suites Corvallis

corvallis ski resort comfort suites

The Comfort Suites Corvallis is a great place to stay for your winter vacation.

They offer cozy suites that are conveniently located near downtown and Oregon State University. You will find it easy to check out the shops, restaurants, parks, and attractions.  

The best part is that it is less than 2 hours away from the famous Hoodoo Ski Area on Santiam Pass in the Cascade Mountains.

At Hoodoo, you will find a variety of 32 runs that cover a vast 800-acre terrain. No matter your skill level, there are plenty of options available for you to enjoy.

Hoodoo is well-known for its welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for families. They have gentle bunny slopes that are great for beginners, and the best part is that their lift tickets are affordable.

Beginners will find wide-open cruisers on the front side to be perfect for them, while experts can enjoy fresh powder stashes and tree skiing on the backside.

There are five lifts available, two of which are quad chairs. These lifts make it easy to get back up the mountain, and the lines are usually short.

#3. Holiday Inn Express Corvallis

corvallis ski resort holiday inn express

When in Corvallis mainly for skiing fun, you can always choose Holiday Inn Express to stay.   

They offer modern amenities and provide friendly service to make your stay enjoyable. The hotel is conveniently located near downtown Corvallis and Oregon State University, making it easy for you to explore the city’s shops, restaurants, and culture.

Moreover, the place is conveniently situated next to the Willamette River and is just a little over 2 hours away from the famous Timberline Lodge ski resort on Mt. Hood.

It is a great location to use as a home base for enjoying the area’s best snow sports and mountain adventures. Timberline Lodge is famous for having an exceptionally long season.

It remains open for skiing and snowboarding for almost the entire year, all thanks to the mountain’s high elevation.

If you are a snow enthusiast, you definitely do not want to miss out on this place.

Fact: The Timberline Lodge Ski resort has an incredible vertical drop of 4,540 feet and the powder is absolutely fantastic.

How Cold Does It Get in Corvallis, Oregon?

corvallis oregon cold temperature

Corvallis has a pleasant climate throughout the year, characterized by mild and wet winters, as well as warm and dry summers.

In March, spring arrives and brings with it more sunshine and warmer temperatures that climb into the 60s.

During the summer, you can expect warm and sunny weather. The temperatures typically range from the 70s to the 80s during the day and drop to the 50s at night.

In October, we start to see the transition into fall with more clouds and cooler air.

The Arrival of Winter

winter month in corvallis oregon

Winter typically starts in late November or early December. During the winter, the area often experiences a lot of cloudy skies, occasional light rain, and chilly temperatures.

The temperatures during the day usually range from the 40s to the 50s Fahrenheit, while the nights can drop into the 30s

It is not very common to see snow, but the city gets these light dustings every now and then. They do not last long though, usually melting away within a few hours.

The foothills in the surrounding area might experience a bit more snowfall. During cold snaps, it is possible for freezing rain to occur, which can make the roads very slippery.  

Here is more about what to expect in Corvallis during Dec, Jan, and Feb:

Avg. Day Temp45° F48° F49° F
Avg. Night Temp33° F34° F34° F
Avg. Precipitation9.9 in9.4 in7.9 in
Avg. Humidity89%88%88%
Avg. Dry Days171815
Avg. Precipitation Days131211
Avg. Fog Days9810
Avg. Snow Days112

Even though it is cloudy and rainy, winter in Corvallis still has a lot of greenery.

The consistent rainfall and moderate temperatures create the perfect conditions for evergreens, grasses, and mosses to flourish.

The average wind speed is about 5 miles per hour. On average, the city has around 159 sunny days per year.

SeasonAverage Low TempAverage High TempAvg. Precipitation
Winter30s F40s-50s FWet, rainy
Spring40s F60s FIncreasing sun
Summer50s F70s-80s FHot, dry, sunny
Fall40s F60s FCooler, cloudy
Fact: The city receives approximately 51 inches of rainfall each year, with the majority occurring from November to March.

Things to Explore in Corvallis During Winter

corvallis oregon exploring places on winter

Skiing is quite impressive in and around Corvallis, but you can find other interesting things to do during your stay.

For instance:

Ice Skating

doing ice skating

If you happen to be in Corvallis during the winter, you should definitely make the most of the chilly weather and go ice skating.

The Albany Ice Arena is minutes away from Corvallis. They have a fantastic indoor rink that meets NHL regulations, where you can enjoy public skating sessions.

You will love gliding across the ice while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains through the arena’s expansive windows.


snowshoeing activity

If you are looking for a peaceful winter activity in Corvallis, we also recommend going snowshoeing at Fitton Green Natural Area.

Fitton Green is conveniently located just an 18-minute drive away from downtown. It boasts more than 100 acres of beautiful trails and gardens for you to discover and enjoy.

Snowshoeing is a great activity that allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while also getting some exercise.

You can enjoy a peaceful glide along snow-covered trails, passing through open meadows, and stands of oak trees, and taking in the beautiful views of the Coast Range foothills.


sledding activity

Sledding is a classic winter activity to enjoy and there is no place better than Avery Park when it snows.

The community park has a fantastic sledding hill that is considered the best in town. It is a great spot for people of all ages who love the excitement of sledding.

Make sure to wax your sled or toboggan and prepare yourself for thrilling rides down the slopes that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Once you are done, you can warm up by enjoying a mug of hot cocoa at the lodge.

Fact: The sledding hill at Avery Park is a cherished local tradition when it snows in Corvallis.  

Holiday Lights

holiday lights at night

You can always immerse yourself in the holiday spirit by visiting the enchanting Winter Wonderland light display on Harrison Street in downtown Corvallis.

During the months of November to January, the trees along this main street are adorned with countless sparkling lights.

Put on some warm clothes and take a leisurely walk beneath the beautiful shimmering lights, or hop in your car and drive down the street to fully enjoy the dazzling display.

The local shops and restaurants also join the holiday spirit by decorating their storefronts, which adds to the festive atmosphere.

What Is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit in Corvallis, Oregon?

visiting corvallis oregon

The ideal time to visit Corvallis is during the summer months, specifically from June to September.

This is when you can expect warm and sunny weather, making it a great time to explore the city. Just keep in mind that this is the busiest time for tourists, which means prices will be higher and there will be larger crowds.

If you enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere, we would recommend visiting during the spring or fall seasons. During these times, the weather is pleasant and there are fewer people around, making it a quieter experience.

Winter is often characterized by rain and cold temperatures, but it is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the city’s indoor attractions and cozy cafes. 

Since this is “Beaver Nation,” game days tend to make the area around Reser Stadium on the university campus quite entertaining.


Does it snow in Corvallis Oregon? It does not snow often, but Corvallis can still be a beautiful place to visit during winter.

The Best Western Corvallis is a great place to call home, especially because it is conveniently located near Oregon State University and less than 2 hours away from the famous Willamette Pass Resort.

You can spend several days skiing or snowboarding on Willamette’s slopes and then relax in town. Moreover, if you are looking for some cool and fun activities, you can take a short drive to the Albany Ice Arena and enjoy indoor ice skating.