does it snow in cardiff

Does it snow in Cardiff?  In Wales, people often complain that it never snows there.

And official records show that some towns do not get as much snow as other areas.

In Wales, the amount of snow that falls during winter can vary a lot from one city or town to another. But, what about Cardiff?

So, does Cardiff ever get snow? Or, will it snow in Cardiff so you can plan your visit accordingly?

Let’s find out more about it now!

Yes, it does snow in Cardiff, but it is very little, and whatever falls does not stick around for a long time and melts quickly. 

More About the Climate of Cardiff, Wales

cardiff climate

Wales is a part of the United Kingdom and covers an area of 20,779 sq. km.

It starts from the Irish Sea up north, goes through a rough and hilly area, and finishes at the Bristol Channel down south.

The location has an impact on the climate in this part of the world, and that is evident when you visit Cardiff. 

Temperature in Cardiff

cardiff temperature

The weather in Cardiff is always under the influence of the nearby ocean, which is why the climate is rather moderate and mild.

This weather is known for having not-too-cold, rainy winters and nice, hot summers with lots of sun.

The average temperature in Cardiff throughout the year is about 50.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The city gets about 42.31 inches of rain every year, and it is pretty consistent throughout the year.

Here is a bit about the average temperatures in Cardiff throughout the year:

MonthAvg Temperature (F)

More about Average Highs and Lows in Cardiff

sunny and winter days in cardiff

Summers in Cardiff are usually nice and pleasant, with temperatures averaging between 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. But sometimes, you just cannot trust the weather.

It can change its mind and start raining whenever it feels like it.

The winters in Cardiff are not too cold, but they can be quite wet. The average temperatures during this time range from 2 to 7 °C (36 to 45 °F).  

Here is a bit about average high and low temperatures in Cardiff throughout the year:

MonthMin TempMax Temp

More about the Rainfall in Cardiff

cardiff rainfall

Rainfall is spread throughout the year, with no distinct dry season.

The weather in Cardiff is deeply influenced by the nearby ocean, which means it has mild and wet winters and warm and sunny summers.

In Cardiff, it rains a lot – about 45 inches per year. The rainiest months are from October to January, while it is a bit drier from April to June.

Here is how much rain we usually get:

Fact: July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 16.0 °C (60.8 °F), while February is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 4.6 °C (40.3 °F). 

Does It Snow in Cardiff?

snowing in cardiff

It can snow in Cardiff, but expect it to happen rarely. It is not too extreme in terms of weather, with occasional snowfall during the winter months.

In the winter, Cardiff usually gets a little bit of snow. Usually, the city gets snow about once a year, but it does not pile up or stick around for very long.

Big snowstorms do not happen very often, maybe only once every few decades.

Overall, Cardiff experiences a typical British climate, with moderate temperatures and a fair amount of rainfall throughout the year.

Fact: Usually, the area only gets a tiny bit of snow during the winter months, usually less than an inch, and this happens on about 3 days between November and February. 

When Can You Expect Snow in Cardiff?

cardiff expect when to snow

Cardiff has a damp, oceanic climate, surrounded by hills, which means winters are not too cold and there is not much snow.

Sometimes, people in Cardiff might see a little bit of snow for a short time, but they do not usually get to experience a long-lasting winter wonderland.

Here is an overview of when Cardiff typically experiences snowfall each winter: 

Snowfall in November

The area might see some light flurries in November as winter gets closer, but there will not be much snow piling up.

  • Temperatures range from 44-51°F (6-10°C)
  • 0.3 snowfall days
  • Up to 0.04 inches (1 mm) of snow

Snowfall in December

In December, we sometimes get a little bit of snow when really cold air from the Arctic moves down towards us.

  • Average temps of 42-48°F (6-9°C)
  • Up to 0.04 inches (1 mm) of snow 

Snowfall in January

In January, there is a higher chance of Cardiff getting a little bit of snow. It happens when the weather gets freezing for a short time.

  • Average temps of 39-46°F (4-8°C)
  • 0.8 snowfall days
  • Up to 0.04 inches (1 mm) of snow 

Snowfall in February

There is a good chance of seeing some snow in February, but it is not usually a lot. The air is really, really cold.

  • Average temps of 39-46°F (4-8°C)
  • The most monthly snow at 0.2 inches (5 mm)
Fact: Cardiff is most likely to have some light snowfall in Jan and Feb, but it usually does not accumulate much and melts away quickly.   

Why Is Snowfall Rare in Cardiff?

cardiff snowfall is rare

You may have gathered that Cardiff is not the best place to visit when you are only interested in snowy fun. Of course, there is a lot to see and do during winter, but it does not facilitate winter sports.

There are a few important reasons why it does not snow much in Cardiff, UK: 

Proximity to Ocean

cardiff ocean

Cardiff is close to the warmer waters of the Bristol Channel and Gulf Stream, which helps to keep temperatures more moderate.

The winds from the ocean bring warm air to the city, which helps to make the cold winters shorter. When the air gets warmer, it can hold more water as rain instead of snow. 

The Proximity to Hills

cardiff hills

The hills around Cardiff keep the warm, damp air trapped in the city’s bowl.

This makes the climate wet, but it also prevents really cold air from the Arctic from coming in and causing snowstorms. 

Imperfect Conditions for Snow to Form

cardiff forming snow

To make snow, the air high up needs to be really cold, while the air near the ground needs to be around or below 2 degrees Celsius.

But usually, cold snaps by themselves are not enough unless there is also moisture.

In Cardiff, the cold winds from the north and east are not very wet, so it is not very likely to snow there. 

Higher Temperatures

cardiff high temp

Even when it is snowing a little bit, the city’s heat makes the snow melt faster when it touches the ground compared to the countryside.

It is not very common for Cardiff to have both really cold temperatures and a lot of moisture from winds coming from the east. This is because Cardiff usually has a wet and mild climate.  

While you are not going to get a lot of snow in Cardiff these days, there have been some extraordinary snow events in the past.

The past snowfalls in Cardiff, Wales, have had some important moments that really affected the city and the people who live there.

1947The winter of the 20th century was really bad, with a lot of snowfall reaching up to 30 cm.
1962Blizzards accompanied by 20ft snowdrifts.
1982Over 1 meter of snow in a couple of days.
2010Coldest December ever.
Fact: Even though Storm Emma and "The Beast from the East" got a lot of attention recently, Cardiff has actually had even worse winters in the past. 


Does it snow in Cardiff? Not really! Cardiff does not get a lot of snow most years because it is close to warm ocean air, is surrounded by hills, has dry cold winds, and does not experience extreme cold temperatures.

Sometimes the area gets a few flurries of snow, but it is not very common to have a lot of snowfall.

But, that does not mean you cannot plan your winter vacation because there is much more to see in Cardiff during winter, mainly because of moderate weather.