snow in idyllwild

Does it snow in Idyllwild? The climate in Idyllwild is lovely. There are many pine trees, amazing landmarks, and a refreshing breeze throughout the year.

It is a cool place in the mountains where people can escape the city and have a great time. But is it a good getaway for your next winter vacation?

And most importantly, “Does it snow in Idyllwild in December?” Let’s find out more about it now to help you plan your trip effectively.

Yes, it snows in Idyllwild, and it can sometimes be as high as 29.3 inches, but picking the right month to visit is essential to witness some snow. 

Does It Snow in Idyllwild?

does it snow in idyllwild

If you want to experience that snowy wonder, Idyllwild is the place to go.

This place in California gets a lot of snow every year, about 29.3 inches. It is one of the snowiest spots in the state.

While the temperature does go up a bit in summer, it gets nice and cold in winter.

Here is a bit more about it:

Warmest MonthColdest MonthWettest MonthDriest Month
97F62F2.0 inches of rainfall0.0 inch

Where Does It Snow in Idyllwild?

snow in idyll wind

If you want to experience the snowy magic, you must know where and when does it snow in Idyllwild?  

Big Bear Lake is a beautiful lake located in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. It is not just a lake – it is like a magical snowy playground.

Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are two mountains that make up the Big Bear Mountain Resort.

It is a really cool place to go for some fun and excitement.

It is also a good idea to visit Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake to enjoy some snow. They are like really nice small towns close to Snow Valley, the longest-running ski resort in Southern California. 

How Much Does It Snow in Idyllwild?

snow in idyllwild

While the amount of snowfall varies a lot, it still gets a good amount to help you engage in winter sports.

 In February, it gets a lot of snow, about 7.8 inches. It makes everything look really pretty and cozy.

Winter can sometimes become pretty intense with around 6 months of heavy snowfall for you to have fun with. 

Dry Season in Idyllwild

idyllwild dry season

From April to November, the dry season dominates.

During these months, it does not rain as much, so you can enjoy the sunny days without needing an umbrella.

 If you are curious about the rainy weather, February is the month that gets the most rain, with about 2 inches of rainfall.

But in June, there will not be much rain to interfere with your plans.

Here is a bit more about the average precipitation in Idyllwild:

Avg. precipitation (inches)4.89″5.37″3.78″1.81″0.44″0.16″0.66″0.79″0.84″1.22″2.50″3.72″

Fact: Idyllwild has a snowy season from October to April and a dry season from April to November.    

Is Idyllwild a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

a good place for winter vacations

Idyllwild is a great place to visit during winter if you want a peaceful getaway.

It has a small-town feel, lots of cool art stuff going on, and plenty of hiking trails with amazing mountain views.

What makes this place really cool is that it has all four seasons, and each one is different and has its own special vibe. Here are a few suggestions for a fun weekend getaway.

You can try many things in winter as you can:

  • Go hiking
  • Try rock climbing
  • Ride horses
  • Enjoy the peaceful mountain views 

Can You Ski in Idyllwild?

can you go ski in idyllwild

Yes, you can.

Bear Mountain has a huge area, covering 85% of the mountain, with more than 200 cool freestyle features to enjoy.

Rails, boxes, walls – anything you can think of. They even have pipes, including the only Superpipe in Southern California.

And if you are new to freestyle skiing or snowboarding, Bear Mountain has something for you called Skill Builder Parks.

Similarly, Snow Summit is not only for winter – it is for having fun outdoors all year long.

It has skiing, snowboarding, and beautiful getaways that will make you feel really happy. 

Best Ski Resorts in Idyllwild

If you are ready to have some fun playing in the snow at Idyllwild ski resorts, you can find plenty of accommodation options in the area.

Here is where you can stay while planning a trip to the nearest ski resorts in Idyllwild:

Option #1. The Grand Idyllwild Lodge

grand idyllwild lodge

The Grand Idyllwild Lodge has an ideal location, with the Palm Springs International Airport being just a whisper away – it is only about 79 km away.

But here’s the exciting part – your winter adventure is just a short distance away. 

Imagine driving for only a couple of hours through the scenic route through CA-243 N and I-10 W and getting to Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

Here, you are in for a real treat with not just one, but two awesome winter wonderlands – Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. 

With just one lift ticket, you can access 438 acres of snowy land, 26 lifts (including 4 fast lifts), and more than 55 trails.

When you stay at The Grand Idyllwild Lodge, you are not just going to a lodge – you are going on a winter adventure where you can have fun at Big Bear Mountain Resorts.  

Option #2. The Creekstone

the creekstone in idyllwild

Picture an exciting mountain experience combined with comfortable and stylish accommodations – that is what you will find at The Creekstone.

This hotel is not just a regular place to sleep, it is a really cozy and stylish place that has been recently renovated to make you feel like you are in the middle of nature.

The best part is that it is only a couple of hours from the Snow Summit Mountain Resort if you follow the CA-243 N and then switch to I-10 W. 

 It is a cool place in Southern California where you can have a lot of fun in the winter.

Snow Summit is located at an elevation of 8,200 feet. This place has a lot of space to ski, with 240 acres of land. 

There are 31 different trails for people of all skill levels, and they add up to over 18 miles of skiing. It is an excellent place for anyone who loves snow!

Option #3. Idyllwild Inn

idyllwild inn

Idyllwild Inn is in the middle of Idyllwild, and is a special spot with rooms for families and fun things to do, including a playground for kids.

Wake up to beautiful views of mountains, relax on the terrace and enjoy the peacefulness. If you love hiking, you will absolutely love it here.   

Moreover, you can get to the Snow Valley Mountain Resort in just over an hour, if you drive on CA-243 N and I-10 W, enjoying some beautiful scenery along the way.

It is basically the oldest ski resort in the area that has been running non-stop for a long time. It is a place where you can make your snowy dreams come true. 

There are 28 highly inviting ski trails, and they have 12 lifts, gondolas, and trams to help you get around.

Snow Valley Mountain is spread across an area of 240 acres, this place is a small and comfortable paradise that gets an average of 188 inches of snowfall every year.

That is almost 15 feet of soft and fluffy snow, which adds to the excitement.

Fact: The Palm Springs International Airport is only about 79 km from Idyllwild Inn.   

Option #4. The Fireside Inn

fireside inn

The Fireside Inn in Idyllwild is a luxurious place but also keeps you surrounded by nature.

In the middle of this comfy getaway, there is a garden you can check out, and a free shuttle service that makes things super convenient for you.  

You can see the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains close to you. Moreover, you can walk to Mount San Jacinto State Park in just 6 minutes, and the Idyllwild Nature Center is only a 17-minute walk away.  

The best part is that you can get to Mount Baldy Ski Lifts in less than a couple of hours from the Fireside Inn.

This resort is located about 45 miles to the east-northeast of Los Angeles in San Bernardino County. It has a big hill that is 2,100 feet tall, with 26 different trails to choose from. You can get to the top of the hill using one of the 4 ski lifts.

Fact: Baldy Mountain is about 10,064 feet high and got its name because its summit looks bald.

How Cold Does It Get in Idyllwild?

how cold is idyllwild

Idyllwild has really nice weather all the time. It is not too hot or too humid.

In the summer, the temperature can reach up to 82°F, while in the winter it can drop down to around 37°F.

And you know what? Rain does not want to ruin the fun here.

Let us talk about those cold nights. When December comes, it feels really cold at night, with temperatures around 31.7°F on average.

And here’s something that might give you chills – for about 84.7 days a year, the temperature at night drops below freezing.

Here is a bit more about the average temperatures in Idyllwild through the year:

Avg. Low (F)
Avg High (F)55.555.559.064.472.480.385.885.680.871.561.955.4
Fact: Idyllwild usually gets less than 20 inches of rain on average throughout the year. 

Things to Explore in Idyllwild

Hidden in the middle of the San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild may be a small place, but it is full of fun and adventure for your high-altitude getaway.

Whether you are new to hiking, have kids who love to explore, or are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, Idyllwild has a trail that is perfect for you.

Let’s talk about some interesting things activities to try in Idyllwild: 

Explore the Best Trails

exploring the best trails

Discover the amazing natural beauty of Idyllwild by exploring some popular hiking trails.

The Suicide Rock Trail is a 6.3-mile round trip hike in the San Jacinto Mountains. Along the way, you can see Lily Rock and Tahquitz Peak.

But, remember, you cannot bring your pets here.

Similarly, Tahquitz Peak via Devils Slide Trail is a hike that is about 8.1 miles round trip. In the winter, it can get icy near Saddle Junction.

It is the only winter trail where dogs are allowed.

 If you want to do the whole hike, make sure to bring sturdy hiking boots and crampons.  

Fact: An interesting thing about Idyllwild is that it has more than 30 trails, so it is perfect for people who love hiking. 

Engage in Adventure Activities

engaging in adventure activities

Go on an exciting adventure in a huge area of mountains – perfect for people who love thrills.

 If you are into hiking, backpacking, cycling, or rock climbing, there are plenty of choices available. And do not forget to visit the peaceful Lake Fulmor.

 It is a great place for people who like to have picnics, and here’s some advice: make sure to get an Adventure Pass in Idyllwild so you can park and use the area for the day.   

Have a Relaxing Visit to Middle Ridge Winery

visit the middle ridge winery

Middle Ridge Winery and Art Gallery is a really beautiful place to explore.

This small winery/tasting room is quite spacious, covering an area of 4,000 square feet. It is a welcoming place where you can mingle with the locals and share stories.

The space also serves as a place for art. The Art Alliance of Idyllwild is a group of artists who live here.

They show their creative work, like paintings, which change every few months.

And if that was not enough, live music playing every Friday and Saturday fills the air with beautiful melodies.   

Go Fishing on Lake Fulmor

fish on lake fulmor

Lake Fulmor is an awesome fishing spot. It is not just a great place for fishing, but also has some short trails that run along the edges.

The views are stunning so get ready to take tons of pictures on your trip. If you explore this beautiful place in the morning, you will feel like you are in a peaceful and calm sanctuary.

At Lake Fulmor, you can find peace and tranquility, and spending a morning here would reveal hidden messages that only your heart can understand. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Idyllwild?

time to visit idyllwild

If you want to spend a lot of time hiking and enjoying the outdoors, the best time to go to Idyllwild is in late spring or early fall.

The weather will be warm in late spring, with temperatures ranging from the 60s to 80s.

If you come in early fall, the weather is usually nice and warm, with temperatures ranging from the low 70s to the low 80s.

Fact: December is usually the best month to visit if you are more interested in trying some skiing and other winter sports. 


Does it snow in Idyllwild? Yes, it does snow here, and sometimes, it gets a lot of it. However, the temperature usually stays at a comfortable level, making Idyllwild a great place to visit any time you like.

But, coming in winter will help you engage in winter sports, including skiing.

At Snow Summit, you can enjoy a classic mountain vibe that is perfect for people who like skiing or snowboarding on easy to moderate slopes.

And you can pick out of many impressive accommodation options, including Idyllwild Inn to explore the area like a pro.