does it snow in honduras

Does it snow in Honduras? Honduras is in Central America and has different types of weather in different areas.

The weather in Honduras is usually warm and humid, but it can change depending on where you are in the country.

The mountainous regions in Honduras usually have a gentler climate, but the question is, “Does Honduras get snow?” Let’s find out now!

Yes, it can snow in high places in Honduras, but it does not happen often. 

More About the Climate

more about the climate in honduras

The Caribbean is located to the north of Honduras, while a small part of the southern coastline touches the Pacific Ocean.

The country has 416 miles of coastline on the Caribbean side and low-lying areas along the Pacific side.

Big mountains are in the middle of the country, and the tallest one is called Cerro Las Minas. It reaches a height of 9,416 feet. 

The Temperature Differences in Honduras

temperature differences in honduras

The places near the ocean in Honduras, called coastal areas, are usually really hot and sticky. These areas have hot weather and lots of moisture in the air.

On the other hand, the flat and hilly regions of Honduras have gentler and more balanced weather.

These places are not as hot as the coastal areas, so they are more comfortable for a lot of people.

 Warmest MonthColdest MonthWettest Month
Fact: The Bay Islands are a popular spot for divers, and are located in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, a long stretch of reef that goes from Mexico to Honduras. 

Seasons in Honduras Through the Year

There are two main seasons:

  • The Rainy Season and
  • The Dry Season. 

More about the Rainy Season

rainy season in honduras

The rainy season starts in May and goes all the way until November. At this time, the country might have really strong rain and even hurricanes.

If you plan to visit Honduras during this season, keeping up with the weather updates is important. 

More about the Dry Season

dry season in honduras

 The dry season happens from December to April. This is the best time for tourists to visit Honduras because the weather is usually nice and sunny.

Fact: The dry season is the best time to visit this beautiful country if you want nice and predictable weather.

Does It Snow in Honduras?

Snow in Honduras does not happen very often. Most parts of the country have a warm and humid climate, with some areas near the Pacific and Caribbean having tropical weather.

But when you go further away from the coast, especially into the areas with lots of mountains, the weather gets more moderate.    

does it snow in honduras

Snow in Honduras

It may sometimes snow in Honduras, but only on its tallest mountain, Cerro Las Navas.

This mountain is the highest point in Honduras, standing at a height of 9,420 feet (2,870 meters).

But you should know that it almost never snows in Honduras, not even on Cerro Las Navas.

If you are thinking about going to Honduras and want to make a snowman or go sledding, you probably will not be able to do that. 

More about Total Precipitation in Honduras

honduras total precipitation

The thing is that you are going to witness more rain than snow in this part of the world.

In fact, the total precipitation is only about rain with 0.0 inches of snow throughout the year.

Here is a bit more about total precipitation in Honduras.

MonthChance of Rain (Daily)Total Precipitation

How Often Does It Snow in Honduras?

Even though Honduras is not typically a cold country, it does get snow in some mountainous regions. It is not very likely to see snow in the capital city of Tegucigalpa.

But, the mountainous areas like the Cerro Las Minas or El Parque Nacional La Tigra have a better chance of getting snow. 

how frequent is the snow in honduras

When Is It Likely to Snow in Honduras?

Honduras usually has really hot weather all year round because it has a tropical climate. Sometimes, especially in the mountains, it can get colder and even snow a little.

The main mountain range in Honduras is called the Sierra de Aguanga. It goes through the middle part of the country.

In this area, there are tall mountains that are more than 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) high, and they may see some snow in winter. 

Variations in Climate Based on Regions

climate based on regions in honduras

Honduras has different temperatures and weather in different parts of the country. Usually, it is colder in the mountains than in the lower areas.

The northern coast of Honduras is really hot and humid all year round, whether it is raining or not.

During this time of year, there are dangers like rocks falling, mud sliding, and water overflowing, which can cause problems for tourists.

Here is a bit more about the average temperatures in Honduras throughout the year:

MonthAverage Temperature (F)

If you are planning your visit to Honduras, it is also a good idea to get some info about the maximum and minimum temperatures in Honduras:

honduras maximum and minimum temperatures

Here is a bit more about the maximum and minimum temperatures you are going to experience in Honduras: 

MonthAverage Low (F)Average High (F)
Fact: Because of the rain, smart travelers decide not to visit in the rainy season, and visit during the dry season, which is usually from November to April. 

The Best Time to Visit Honduras

best time to visit honduras

The ideal time to go to Honduras is between late November and early April because that is when it is less likely to rain.

The weather is rather cool during this time, so it is an excellent time to go outside and explore Honduras’ outdoor attractions.

Remember that Dec and Jan are when lots of tourists come, so make sure to book your place to stay and your flights early.

Here is a bit more about what you should expect the weather to be in Honduras as a visitor:

SeasonTemperature RangePrecipitationTourism Activity
SpringHighs: 86.1°F – 90.8°FRare rain (2-5 days per month)Busy for tourists
SummerHighs: Quite warmModerate rain (about 8 days per month)Second busiest
FallHighs: Very nice (81.8°F – 88.3°F)Rainy (7-9 days per month)Slow tourism
WinterHighs: Enjoyable for warm weather travelers (82.8°F – 87.2°F)Limited rain or snow (2-5 times per month)Fairly slow

What is Winter Like in Honduras?

winter in honduras

Okay, so you want to visit in winter. You must be wondering, “How cold does it get in Honduras?”

Winter in Honduras, especially in December and January, is a great time to enjoy the sunny weather on the country’s stunning beaches.

Here’s what you can expect during this time of year, in everyday language: 


This month is perfect for people who love going to the beach. The weather is dry, so it is not raining much. In terms of temperature, you can expect it to be comfortably warm, usually in the low 80s. 


 If you want to spend time by the Pacific Ocean, January is just as nice. You will have lots of sunny days, and it is unlikely to rain much during this period.  

Fact: Keep in mind that on the Caribbean side of Honduras, you might experience more rain in the winter. 

What to Pack

what to pack before going to honduras

When you are getting ready for your winter trip to Honduras, remember to bring light clothes so you do not get too hot.

Make sure to pack some comfy shoes like sandals, sneakers, or canvas shoes for walking around.

And, of course, do not forget your favorite bathing suit and a beach cover-up for those relaxing days by the ocean.

Things to Do in Honduras

Here is what you can enjoy in Honduras even if you visit in winter:

Explore ancient ruinsExplore the old Mayan ruins of Copán during the winter when the weather is not too cold.
Try scuba divingDiscover the beautiful underwater world of the Bay Islands, where the water is clear, warm, and clear.
Go to Pico Bonito National ParkHave a great time hiking and exploring the beautiful rainforests and waterfalls in this national park.
Explore Roatan Pristine BeachesChill out on the beautiful beaches of Roatán, where the weather is just right for soaking up the sun and enjoying water activities.
what to do in honduras


Does it snow in Honduras? Basically, it is very unlikely for Honduras to get a lot of snow. Sometimes, there might be a little bit of snow in the highest mountains, but it does not happen often.

If you really want a Christmas with snow or a fun skiing trip, Honduras is not the place to go for those things.

But if you want to experience the amazing culture and beautiful nature of this country in Central America, Honduras has a lot to offer.