does it snow in henderson nevada

Does it snow in Henderson Nevada? Henderson is a nice city with many fun things to do and see everywhere you go.

You can easily get to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and enjoy lots of cool stuff like art, culture, fun activities, shopping, and good food from this place.

But, what about visiting in the winter? How often does it snow in Henderson, NV, during winter? Let’s find out more about it to help you plan your visit better. 

Things to Know about the Weather in Henderson

does it snow in henderson nevada

In Henderson, the weather can be really unpredictable throughout the year.

It is quite different from other places, as it is like living in a desert where it gets super hot and hardly ever rains.

In Henderson, temperature can range from as cold as 40.8 F to as hot as 101.1 F.

The speed of the wind can change a lot, usually going from about 5.7 miles per hour to 9.3 miles per hour.

In the summer, the sun can get really intense and has a UV index of up to 8. So, it is really important to make sure you shield yourself from the sun when it is really hot outside.

Here is a bit about the average temperature in Henderson, Nevada:

MonthAvg. Temp

Does it Snow in Henderson Nevada?

snow in henderson nevada

In Henderson, Nevada, it does not snow. The weather is very dry all the time, so it never snows.

Most of the time, you will be able to see things clearly up to about 6 miles away. Also, it gets a whole bunch of sunshine, like around 12.1 hours of sun in June.

The air is not very moist either, with humidity levels ranging from 14% to 44%.

Fact: In simple terms, the weather in Henderson is great for folks who enjoy a lack of rain and lots of sunshine. 

Precipitation in Henderson, Nevada

On average, Henderson does not get much rain, only about 0.24 inches per month.

In February, you might get up to 0.55 inches of rain, which is the most rain you will likely see. But in June, there is hardly any rain at all.

Also, there are not many clouds in the sky, and the air is not very sticky during this time. 

The Impact of Moderate Temperature

impact of moderate temperature

You are not going to see snow in Henderson because the temperature is usually moderate, and never gets below freezing for long enough.

Here is a bit about the average high and low temperatures in Henderson, Nevada:

MonthAvg. LowAvg. High

Where Can You Find Snow in Henderson Nevada?

finding snow in henderson nevada

In Henderson, when it snows, it is not as much as in other parts of Nevada.

The yearly average of snowfall in Henderson is not greater than 0.2 inches.

In Henderson, you are likely to see some snow in December, but it is not a lot either. The rest of the year, there is not much snowfall to talk about. 

Does It Snow Anywhere in Nevada?

Yes, it can snow in Nevada, especially in the winter months.

In the northern parts of Nevada, it gets colder and snows more because of higher elevation. Cities such as Elko and Ely receive some snowfall throughout the year.

But if you are in the largest city, Las Vegas, you will not get to see a lot of snow.

What is Winter Like in Henderson, Nevada?

what is winter like in henderson

In the winter, Henderson becomes colder. But, how cold does it get in Henderson Nevada?

In December, the temperature is 49.1F; in February, it drops to 40.1F. During this time of year, it tends to rain more, usually around 0.43 to 0.51 inches on average.

Also, in December, the area does not get as much sunlight during the day. It only has about 9.7 hours of sun.

Even though it is colder, Henderson does not get much rain in the winter because it is in a desert area. The wind is not as powerful, but there are more clouds in the sky, which is what usually happens during winter in the city.

Here is a bit more about how the weather behaves in other winter months in Henderson: 


In November, the weather in Henderson starts getting colder. The highest temperatures are around 64.4°F, and the lowest temperatures are around 49.1°F. 


In January, the weather starts to get a little colder. The highest temperature is around 54.5°F and the lowest is around 40.8°F. 


In February, the weather gets a little warmer, with the highest temperature reaching about 59.4°F and the lowest temperature around 44.2°F.

During this time, there will be less clouds in the sky, which means it will be less rainy.

Why is Snowfall Rare in Henderson Nevada?

Henderson, Nevada, is in the Mojave Desert, which is a dry place that does not get much rain. It does not snow a lot in this city because of where it is and the weather. Here are some other possible explanations: 

Dry Climate

dry climate in henderson nevada

The Mojave Desert is an arid place with really hot summers, not too cold winters, and hardly any rain.

Because there is not much moisture, it hardly ever snows a lot.

In the winter, Henderson does not get much snow because the cold air that comes from the north does not have much moisture in it.

The city usually gets only about 1.7 inches of snow each year.

Fact: Henderson does not get more than 5.2% of precipitation throughout the year. 

Low Elevation

low elevation in henderson

Henderson is about 2,000 feet higher than the ocean. There are other mountains close by that are even taller, like the Spring Mountains to the west of the city.

They go up to more than 11,000 feet. Snow is more likely to happen in places that are higher up.

This is because the air is colder and there is less pressure, which makes it easier for clouds to cool down and turn moisture into snow.

But, that does not happen in Henderson. 

Southern Location

henderson southern location

The city being in the south means it does not get a lot of heavy snow.

Henderson is located at about 36 degrees North latitude, which is further south than cities like Denver or Chicago which get a lot of snow.

Winter storms caused by mid-latitude cyclones usually move more towards the north, which means that Henderson is often just outside the area where there is a lot of heavy snow.

Fact: Because the city is located in a warmer area, the winters are not as harsh as in other places that get more snow. 

Urban Heat Island

the urban heat island

Henderson’s extensive urban development can make it less likely to have snow.

City areas with lots of buildings and roads made of materials like concrete and asphalt, tend to soak up more of the sun’s heat compared to natural areas.

This makes cities hotter than the surrounding countryside, called the urban heat island effect.

Fact: In cities, the warmer temperatures make it a bit harder for snow to build up and stay on the ground when it snows. 

Impact of Climate Change

climate change impact

In the past few decades, the weather in the southwestern United States has been changing.

The area has been getting hotter and drier, and there has been less snow in the winter.

Climate models predict that in the future, it will be hotter and there will be less rain. This mix will probably make it even less likely for there to be good conditions for heavy snowfall in Henderson.

Fact: Henderson is surrounded by many big mountains, especially the Sierra Nevada range to the west, creating rain shadow and limiting the snowfall in the city.

The Best Time to Visit Henderson

best time to visit henderson

The ideal time to go to Henderson is between April and October.

The weather is pleasant and not too hot or cold during these months. The weather is warm, but not too warm, usually between 70°F and 100°F.

It is not too sticky because the air is not very humid. Henderson gets a lot of sunshine every day, with an average of 11 to 12 hours of sun.

This means you will have plenty of time to have fun outside. Make sure to put on lots of sunscreen because the sun’s rays are really strong today (UV index is 6 to 8).


Does it snow in Henderson Nevada? Henderson’s dry desert climate, low elevation, and other factors, all work together to make it unlikely for the city to get much snow in the winter.

Sometimes, it snows a little in Henderson, but big snowstorms almost never happen.

Moreover, the weather is getting warmer, so we can expect less snow in the winter. People living or visiting this desert city in Nevada should not expect to see much fresh snow.