does it snow in auburn ca

Does it snow in Auburn CA? Auburn may not be the first place you think of for a snowy winter getaway, since it has a sunny and mild climate.

But, still, many people ask, “Is there snow in Auburn, CA to plan their vacations accordingly?

Well, it is possible to go skiing and enjoy winter activities in Auburn, but there is a catch.  So, let’s find out why Auburn is a great place to stay for your next snowy vacation.

Yes, it snows in Auburn, CA, and though the town does not get much directly, you can find many nearby destinations for skiing and winter fun. 

Where Does It Snow in Auburn California?

does it snow in auburn ca

Okay, so does it snow in Auburn, California? Well, the simple answer is “Yes, it does.” But, is it enough to create a winter wonderland? Probably not!

Auburn does not get a lot of snow. On average, it only gets about 1.2 inches of snow each year.

If you want to do things in the snow like skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing, you might have to go a little farther away from Auburn. 

Finding Snow Around Auburn

If you love snow, there are some great places nearby where you can have fun.

Donner Summit Sno-Park, Cisco Grove Tubes R Us, and Soda Springs Mountain Resort are all not too far away and are worth checking out.

  • Donner Summit Sno-Park is a great place to go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
  • If you are into downhill skiing and snowboarding, Soda Springs Mountain Resort is the place to be.
  • Cisco Grove Tubes R Us is a place where you can go snow tubing and have a great time, no matter how old you are.
snow around auburn

If you are up for going a little further, Norden is about 48.45 miles southwest of Auburn.

It is a place where you can go to Sugar Bowl Resort, which is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding.

Fact: Although Auburn does not get much snow, there are some nearby places where you can have a great winter vacation with lots of snow activities. 

How Much Does It Snow in Auburn, CA?

amount of snow in auburn

Most of the precipitation in Auburn is in the form of rain, but you may still get some snow in the area.

Here is a bit about the average precipitation in Auburn throughout the year:

Precipitation in inches6.36 in6.28 in5.81 in2.87 in1.59 in0.37 in0.00 in0.07 in0.60 in2.08 in4.39 in6.73 in

Here is more about where Auburn stands compared to the climate in the rest of the country:

Climate AvgUnited StatesAuburn
  Rainfall38.1 in.38.3 in.
  Snowfall27.8 in.1.1 in.
  Precipitation106.2 days70.4 days
  Sunny205 days253 days
  Avg. July High85.8°92.4°
  Avg. Jan. Low21.7°36.4°
  Elevation2443 ft.1237 ft.

Is Auburn a Good Place for Winter Vacations?

is auburn a good place for winter vacations

Auburn, CA, is a really cool place to visit during the winter because it has a lot of interesting history and a charming atmosphere.

The town has a cool history from the gold rush days in the 1800s. You can check out all the old stuff and also have fun doing modern things.

If you love snow, Auburn is a great place to be because it is close to awesome winter spots like Donner Summit Sno-Park, Cisco Grove Tubes R Us, and Soda Springs Mountain Resort. 

Can You Ski in Auburn, CA?

can you ski in auburn

Auburn, CA does not have enough snow for skiing, but it is a great starting point to reach awesome skiing spots nearby.

Boreal Mountain Resort Ski Resort is a place to go skiing and snowboarding near Lake Tahoe.

It is easy to get to from Auburn because it is right off Interstate 80. They have lots of snowmaking machines, so you can count on enough snow for skiing and snowboarding most of the time.

On the other hand, the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort is the biggest one of its kind in North America.

It has amazing views of the Northern Sierra and eight different trail systems for people who like to go cross-country skiing.   

Best Ski Resorts in Auburn, CA

the best ski resorts in auburn

If you are ready for some winter fun, you can definitely put Auburn on your list.

You can find many great accommodation options in Auburn that keep you close to where all the skiing fun happens.

For instance: 

#1. Best Western Golden Key

If you want to explore Auburn and go skiing at Boreal Mountain Resort, staying at Best Western Golden Key is a really good option.

This hotel is really close to cool places like the Placer County Visitor Information Center and Auburn State Recreation Area.

It is a great spot if you want to explore the city.

best western golden key auburn

What makes it even more attractive is that it is close to Boreal Mountain Resort, located right off Interstate 80 near Lake Tahoe.

Boreal is known for being easy to get to and has lots of snowmaking, so they can have snow early in the season and keep skiing going for longer. So, it is a great spot for people who love skiing.

The resort has fancy ski lifts, a big hill that goes down 7200 feet, and a high point at 7700 feet. It is a great place for people who like to ski or snowboard, no matter how good they are.  

Fact: The place gets a lot of snow, about 400 inches each season, and has a good amount of sunny days, around 240.

#2. Holiday Inn Auburn, an IHG Hotel

the holiday inn auburn, an ihg hotel

If you are planning to explore Auburn and want a good place to stay, Holiday Inn Auburn is a great option.

It is especially convenient if you want to check out the Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort nearby.

This hotel is located in the beautiful Sierra Mountains and is close to cool places like The Ridge Golf Course, Downtown Sacramento (which is only 30 miles away), and the Mt Vernon Winery nearby.

What makes it special is that it is close to the amazing Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort.

Royal Gorge is the biggest place in North America for skiing across the country. It is famous for its beautiful views of the Northern Sierra and has eight different trail systems to explore.

The resort has eight cozy huts spread out across its huge 6,000-acre area. These huts are there to give skiers a break from the cold weather and a peaceful place to relax in the mountains.

There are 92 trails covering a distance of 140 kilometers. The trails are well taken care of and are great for skiing, snowshoeing, and even bringing your dog along.  

#3. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Auburn

the springhill suites by marriott auburn

Choosing to stay at SpringHill Suites by Marriott Auburn is a great idea if you want to explore Auburn and have convenient access to the exciting Donner Ski Ranch, which is only a few hours away.

This hotel is located in Auburn, close to William Jessup University. It has a bunch of cool stuff like free bikes and plenty of parking just for you.

Once you are at Donner Ski Ranch, you will love it for what it offers for ski lovers. It is near Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe, and has a cozy and old-fashioned feel.

The resort has been around since 1937 and is a great place for families and people who are new to skiing and those who have been skiing for a while.

They have a variety of slopes to choose from. You can have a lot of fun tubing down the slopes, walking on snow with special shoes, and trying out different tricks in a special terrain park.  

How Cold Does it Get in Auburn, CA?

level of coldness auburn gets

The climate in Auburn, CA is kind of like the Mediterranean. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are cool and wet.

The town has a nice variety of temperatures throughout the year. In winter, it is usually around the 50s, while in summer it can get as hot as the 90s.

In summer, the weather gets pretty hot, with daily temperatures usually going above 85°F.

In winter, the highest temperatures usually stay below 62°F. December is the time when it gets really cold in Auburn. The temperature drops to about 40°F at night and goes up to around 55°F during the day.

Winters here are pretty cool and sometimes rainy, but it does not get super cold. It is actually quite mild compared to other places you might go in the winter.

Low (F)404345485460666561544640
High (F)565963697786929286766255
Fact: In Auburn, the colder season lasts for around 3.7 months, starting on November 17 and ending on March 7. 

Things to Explore in Auburn, CA in Winter

Even if you are not interested in skiing or have enjoyed your skiing session, you can still find a lot to see and do in Auburn, CA. 

For instance: 

Introductory Snowshoe Shared Experience

 Snowshoeing in Auburn, CA is a really fun winter activity that you should definitely try. You can find many snowshoe tours in Tahoe City, not too far away.

introductory snowshoe shared experience auburn

The experience is a great chance for people who have never gone snowshoeing before to check out the beautiful Tahoe National Forest in the winter.

It is a peaceful and pretty place to explore.

As you go, you will see some cool ski resorts like Alpine Meadows and Palisades Tahoe from pretty viewpoints.

You can spend a couple of hours exploring different loop trails, and it is really peaceful and quiet there, which is a nice break from busy everyday life. 

Guided Fly Fishing

guided fly fishing in auburn

Fly fishing in Auburn, CA is a great option for people who love being outside.

You can go on guided fishing trips on the famous Truckee River, which is only an hour away from Auburn.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy this experience.

To make your trip exceptional, be sure to pick the best fishing spots.

Fact: Remember, you can get the gear, but you won't find much help regarding fishing licenses on your guided fly fishing tour.     

Old Town Auburn

You should definitely check out Old Town Auburn during the winter season.

This old part of town, with the statue of Claude Chana, takes you on a fascinating trip back in time.

Old buildings in Auburn show the town’s history. One of them is the Placer County Courthouse, built in 1898 and considered important enough to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

Inside, the museum has a collection of Native American artifacts and a display of a really big piece of raw gold weighing 194 ounces.

Fact: Close by, Brewery Lane suggests that Auburn used to have a neighborhood known for its adult entertainment industry.  

Skatetown Ice Arena

visit skatetown ice arena

If you are in Auburn during winter, you must check out Skatetown Ice Arena.

It is the best ice arena in Sacramento, and it is only a 15-minute drive from Orlando Ave in Roseville.

Skatetown has really nice ice rinks that anyone can use for fun skating, birthday parties, lessons, hockey games, and other cool stuff.

There are lots of different activities for people to enjoy, like Theatre on Ice teams, broomball, and curling.

Whether you are new to ice skating or an expert, Skatetown Ice Arena guarantees an exciting winter adventure. It is a place you absolutely have to check out when you are in Auburn. 

What is the Best Time to Plan Your Visit to Auburn, CA?

The ideal time to go to Auburn depends on what weather you like and outdoor activities you enjoy.

 If you want to have good weather for doing fun things outside, like going for walks, riding bikes, or checking out the pretty nature in Auburn, the best times to come are July, August, and October.

plan your visit to auburn ca

If you really want to see snow and have fun doing winter stuff like skiing, snowshoeing, or snow tubing, then the best time to go to Auburn is during the winter months.

During the months of January, February, and early March, there are many fun things you can do with snow.

Fact: If you want to enjoy winter for a longer time, late February and early March are good for snow activities, even though you may notice more rain. 


Does it snow in Auburn CA? Yes, it does, but it is usually not a lot. But, if you truly want to be in a winter wonderland, you can find a lot of stuff to do at nearby resorts.

For instance, Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort is one of the best and offers various winter activities.

The good thing is that you can stay in Auburn and plan a day trip to these resorts while getting a chance to explore Auburn at your own pace.