does it snow in page arizona

Does it snow in Page Arizona? Page is in northern Arizona and has beautiful views close to Lake Powell.

It experiences very hot and dry summers, and very cold winters. Page offers visitors unique opportunities to explore nature and see impressive landmarks.

But, is it a good idea to plan your trip in the winter? In other words, “Does it snow in Page AZ?” Let’s find out now!

No, it does not snow much in Page, AZ, and it never gets more than 2 inches of snow throughout the year. 

More about the Climate in Page, Arizona

the climate in page arizona

It is usually hot in the summer, with temperatures in the 90s and sometimes even over 100F.

In winter, the temperatures can go as low as the 30s. Summers have a lot of sunshine. The wind is usually not very strong throughout the year.

Here is the mean temperature in Page throughout the year:

MonthMean Temperature (F)

However, it is just as important to consider the average highs and lows in Page to decide when to visit.

Here is more about that:

MonthAvg Low (F)Avg. High (F)

Does it Snow in Page Arizona?

does it snow in page arizona

Page does not get a lot of rain or snow.

Page only receives about 8 inches of rainfall annually. On average, it rains about 38 inches across the entire United States.

So, how much snow does Page get? Well, the city receives an average of 2 inches of snow every year.

On average, the United States gets about 28 inches of snow.

So Page does not get much snow.

Fact: Page has a ton of sunny days - around 266 sunny days every year, which is more than the average number of sunny days in the US. 

What Is Winter Like in Page, Arizona?

what is winter like in page

The temperature changes a bit from December to January, which is the time when there is a slight chance of seeing some snow in Page.

However, it is unlike other places in Arizona, like Flagstaff, which is the snowiest place with 101.7 inches of annual snow. 

How Are Decembers in Page, Arizona?

December in Page is rather comfortable and great for visiting the city. It does get a bit cold usually at night, with a gentle breeze that feels great.

Here is what to expect in Page in December:

Weather ParameterDecember Average
Average High Temperature45°F (7°C)
Average Low Temperature26°F (-3°C)
Chance of Rain or Snow9%
Precipitation Amount0.24 in (6.0 mm)

How is January in Page, Arizona?

january in page arizona

January is not much different from December, though the temperature may drop a little during the day as compared to December.

It may also get a bit humid during this month.

Here is what to expect in January:

WeatherJanuary Average
Average High Temperature44°F (7°C)
Average Low Temperature26°F (-3°C)
Chance of Rain or Snow11%
Precipitation Amount0.28 in (7.0 mm)

Why is Snowfall So Rare in Page, Arizona?

why is snowfall so rare in page

Page, Arizona is a really cool place in the middle of the dry and beautiful American Southwest.

People love it because there are amazing things to see, like Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon.

Although this area has stunning views, it hardly ever gets snow. Here are some explanations for this weather phenomenon: 

The Role of Dry Climate

It does not rain much in Page, making the area extremely dry.

The city also does not get many big snowstorms because there is not much moisture around.

Usually, when cold fronts come through during winter, the air does not have enough moisture to make a lot of heavy snow. 

The Impact of Rain Shadow Effect

rain shadow effect impact in page

The rain shadow effect is when a mountain or hill blocks rain clouds from reaching an area, causing that area to be dry and receive less rainfall.

Page is located on the side of the Grand Canyon and does not get much rain because it is shielded from the rain by the surrounding landscape.

Fact: When storms come from the Pacific Ocean and go over mountains, they lose a lot of their moisture, reducing the chances of snow. 

The Impact of Location

impact of location in page arizona

Page is actually located south of many snowy cities in the United States, even though it is at 36 degrees north latitude.

Winter storms are common in the country’s northern parts– called mid-latitude cyclones.

Page is located in the southern region, which means it is on the outskirts of areas that experience a lot of snowfall during these storms.

The city’s winters are usually not as cold as other places up north because of its location in the southern part of the country. 

The Influence of Low Elevation

low elevation impact in page arizona

Low elevation refers to areas that are situated at a relatively low height above sea level.

Page is located about 4,300 feet above the level of the ocean. There are also mountains around the city, which are as high as 10,000ft.

These tall mountains get more snow as compared to the city, mainly because the air is much colder up there. 

The Absence of Huge Water Bodies

Another reason there is not much snow is that the area does not have big lakes or oceans nearby.

Lake Powell, which is close by, does not contribute a lot to snow formation either.

It does not freeze completely, as the water in the lake is too warm during late fall and early winter, when the air is cold enough to collect and carry moisture.

Once the lake gets cold, it is almost the end of the snow season. Other bodies of water that are far away do not have an impact on creating lake effect snow. 

The Role of Urban Heat

urban heat role in page arizona

Urban heat refers to the phenomenon where cities and towns have higher temperatures compared to their surrounding rural areas.

This happens because of the extensive human activities and structures in urban areas.

City areas with lots of buildings and pavement soak up and hold more heat from the sun than places with more trees and open spaces.

This means that cities tend to be hotter than surrounding areas, which is known as the urban heat island effect.

Fact: When cities have higher temperatures, it becomes harder for snow to stick and stay on the ground in Page during winter. 

The Impact of Climate Change

climate change impact

Climate change refers to the long-term shifts in weather patterns and temperatures on Earth.

In the past few decades, the weather in the southwestern United States, including northern Arizona, has been getting hotter with less and less rain.

From what we have seen, it looks like when the time it snows is getting pushed back, the snow is melting sooner, and there is less snow overall in the area. 

Things to Do in Page, Arizona

There are so many interesting things to see and do in Page during those cold winter months.

Here are a few options to consider:

Lower Antelope Canyon Walking TourHere, you will see amazing colors and experience the stunning way sunlight shines through the canyon. Local guides are knowledgeable about history and can show you some cool places to take pictures.
Glen Canyon Dam Visitor CenterHere, they have a museum with fun stuff you can do to learn about the Glen Canyon Dam. The park has a program for kids called Junior Ranger and a store where you can buy souvenirs.
Kayaking and HikingIt is like going on a fun journey where you ride a kayak in rough water with lots of boats around, then you enter a more peaceful area in a canyon, and keep paddling until you reach the end. If you want, you can go further into the canyon, about 1.8-2 miles.
Fact: Just like many places in Arizona, visiting Page during the spring or fall when the weather is more comfortable is the best option to consider.
things to do in page


Does it snow in Page Arizona? Page does not get much snow each year because it is in a dry desert area and shielded from rain by nearby mountains.

It is located in the southern part of the country, at a low elevation, and far from large bodies of water.

These factors keep the city from becoming really cold, reducing the likelihood of snow.

Sometimes it lightly snows in Page, but big snowstorms almost never happen there.