does it snow in augusta georgia

Does it snow in Augusta Georgia? Augusta is located in the southeastern part of the United States and has a humid subtropical climate.

But, many people often ask, “How cold does it get in Augusta, GA?” The truth is that Augusta is not known for having harsh winters.

Does that mean you won’t find any snow ever in this part of the world?

Let’s find out more about it now!

It can snow in Augusta, but it has recently become quite rare, with the area getting no more than 0.3 inches of snow in most years. 

More about the Climate of Augusta, GA

climate in augusta georgia

Augusta’s weather is like a typical humid subtropical climate, which means it can get really hot or really cold at different times of the year.

The temperature changes a lot throughout the year.

In January, it gets really cold, with an average temperature of 46°F. On the other hand, the hottest temperatures go up in July, going as high as 92.8°F.

This range shows how the weather changes throughout the year in the city, going from cold winters to hot and humid summers.

Here is a bit about the average temperature in the area:


During the summer, Augusta’s weather stays pretty consistent, which shows that the climate there is stable and subtropical.

Here is a bit more about the average high and low temperatures in Augusta, GA:

MonthAverage Low Temp (F)Average High Temp (F)
Fact:  The amount of moisture in the air in Augusta stays pretty much the same all year round, with an average of about 70%.   

A Bit about the Rainfall

rainfall in augusta georgia

In Augusta, it rains throughout the year, but you are likely to get a lot from June to September.

In November, it is not as rainy with only about 8.5 rainy days on average. These rainfall patterns show the usual changes in weather that happen throughout the year in a humid subtropical climate.

MonthRainfall (Inches)
Fact: In June, Augusta gets the most daylight with about 14.3 hours of sunlight, but after summer, the amount of daylight starts to decrease. 

Does It Snow in Augusta Georgia?

snow in augusta georgia

It hardly ever snows in this warm climate, but if it does, it is usually just a tiny bit in January and December.

In January, it is about 0.35 inches, and in December, it is even less at 0.04 inches.

It is pretty surprising, but there have not been any days with snowfall in any other months.   Winters are cold here, but they do not get a lot of heavy snow like places further north. 

Snowfall Pattern in Augusta, Georgia

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Augusta, GA does not get much snow during the winter months of December through February.

In Augusta, it usually only snows about 0.8 inches (2.03 cm) each year during these months.  

When we look at how much snow falls each month on average, we can see that February has the most snow.

In fact, it makes up half of the total amount of snow that falls in a year, which is about 0.4 inches. 

An Important Consideration

It is important to mention that March is a bit different when it comes to snowfall. In the past 100 years, there have only been four times when it snowed during this month.   

How Much Snow Does Augusta Get?

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In Augusta, Georgia, it does not snow very often.

As mentioned, in the past 100 years, from 1922 to 2022, the city has only gotten about 0.8 inches (2.03 cm) of snow each year on average. February is the month with the most snow, adding 0.4 inches to the average of 0.8 inches.

It is important to remember that comparing the amount of snowfall in Augusta to many other places can be misleading.

It is especially true when you compare it to places like Mount Rainier, and Washington, which get a lot more snow because they are much farther north.

Mount Rainier gets a lot of snow each year; in fact, it gets about 56 feet (or 1704.34 cm) of snow, which is a huge amount. The most snow it ever got in one year was over 93.5 feet, which is really impressive.

To make a better comparison, let us check how much it usually snows in other parts of the Southeastern United States.

CityAvg Snowfall Per Year
Raleigh, NC6.0
Atlanta, GA1.9
Nashville, TN8.1
Charleston, SC0.5
Columbia, SC1.6
Augusta, GA0.8

When it comes to snowfall, Augusta is pretty average compared to other cities in the Southeastern United States.

It gets about the amount of snow you would expect for its climate. It is clear that Augusta does not get much snow, which is what you would expect for the area’s usual weather.

Fact: In Augusta, Georgia, they usually get around 46 inches of rain every year, whereas the country average for rainfall is 38 inches/year. 

How Often Does It Snow in Augusta, GA?

cleaning the snow on the street

The data shows that Augusta, Georgia had a little bit of snow in January 2022.

It was only 0.3 inches (0.76 cm) deep. It is not that surprising because this amount of snow is exactly what Georgia usually gets in January, which is about 0.3 inches.  

It also snowed in Augusta in January 2016, and it only snowed about half an inch.

Just so you know, according to the NWS data, it is very uncommon for Augusta, GA to have snow in March, even though it is technically possible.

Actually, it has only snowed in Augusta during March four times in the last hundred years. Those years were 1981, 1960, 1932, and 1924.

This means that it has been almost 40 years since Augusta last had snow in March. 

More about the Historical Snowfall Data in Augusta

snowfall history in augusta georgia

By looking at the historical data, it is easy to understand that Augusta is among those places where you will rarely find any significant amount of snow.

Here is about the snowiest months and years in the last 100 years in Augusta:

Snowiest Month/YearSnowfall Record
Feb 197314.0″  
Feb 20108.0″  
Feb 19804.2″
Jan 20024.0″
Feb 19893.7″  
Feb 19793.4″  
Feb 19673.3″  
Jan 19362.9″  
Dec 19352.6″  
Jan 19922.6″  

How Cold Does It Get in Augusta, GA?

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Speaking of the coldest month, January has to be at the very top of the list. On average, the temperature is around 47.4F.

The lowest temperature usually reaches about 35.3 degrees Fahrenheit, while the highest temperature can go up to 59.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

February is the second coldest month, with an average temperature of 50.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though February in Augusta usually gets the most snow, the average low temperature is 38.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

So basically, the snow falling in February does not stick around for long in Augusta. 

The Best Time to Visit Augusta

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Augusta has nice weather and a comfortable climate, making it a great place for tourists to visit in the spring.

The weather from March to May has average high temperatures between 65.5°F and 82.4°F. Also, the low temperatures stay between 47.8°F and 63.3°F.

During this time, the amount of daylight goes up to 14 hours, especially in May.  This means there is plenty of time to go out and have fun exploring all the cool things to do in Augusta.

Fact: Augusta gets less than an inch of snow per year, whereas the national average is 28 inches/year. 


Does it snow in Augusta Georgia? Yes, it is possible to have snow in Augusta, as historical data confirms it, but do not set your expectations high.

Snowfall has recently become a rare weather event in Augusta, meaning it does not get more than 0.3 inches of snow on most occasions.

Still, you can find a lot of things to see and do in Augusta, no matter when you decide to visit this part of the world.