does ups deliver in the rain

Does UPS deliver in the rain?

If you live in, or transport packages to, a dangerous weather area and you’re wondering how they do it, keep reading to learn more! 

UPS delivers under most poor weather circumstances, as long as the conditions do not endanger the driver’s safety. This implies that UPS will deliver on wet or snowy days but not on hurricanes, blizzards, or highly ice days.

Does UPS Deliver in the Rain?

rainy weather

Given the enormous amount of deliveries and geographic regions served by UPS, it would not be in the company’s best commercial interests to suspend all deliveries every time it rains. 

This means that the organization, like UPS, goes above and above to ensure that deliveries continue regardless of the weather.

UPS will not deliver due to a weather-related issue if the weather is severe enough to endanger lives.

The following are some instances of weather conditions that can prompt UPS to cease deliveries for the day:

  1. Tornado watches, warnings, and advisories
  2. Hurricane watches, warnings, and advisories
  3. Blizzards
  4. Extremely icy conditions
  5. Extreme temperatures may cause heat stroke or frostbite.
  6. Natural calamities such as flames and earthquakes

In contrast, here are some cases of terrible weather in which UPS does deliver:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Sleet
  • Fog
  • Hail (small hail storms, provided they don’t affect driver safety too much)

How Does UPS Deliver in the Rain?

how ups deliver in rain

During the rainy season, UPS takes several precautions to ensure that your packages arrive safely.

Here are some measures they take to deliver during the rainy season.

1. UPS Drivers Get Intense Weather Training

If the weather forecast calls for inclement conditions, UPS drivers are prepared.

When UPS drivers are first hired, they undergo a rigorous training program to better prepare them for driving in adverse conditions.

The “slip and fall” station is a training program that teaches drivers how to walk safely on ice. It simulates the experience of slipping and falling.

2. UPS Drivers Have the Waterproof Gear to Deliver Packages

waterproof gear for delivery

In addition, UPS drivers are equipped with protective gear, such as plastic bags and windbreakers with weather resistance.

This helps in shielding both themselves and their deliveries from adverse weather.

3. Most UPS Items are Packed in Corrugated, Sturdy Boxes

Most UPS items are wrapped in corrugated, durable cardboard boxes designed to endure the wear and tear of transportation.

Even the hardest cardboard boxes aren’t completely watertight, and UPS shipping is no exception.

Any shipments delivered to unprotected porches or a place where rain or snow may get to them will be placed in these transparent bags.

If your porch is covered, or if the UPS driver finds a suitable option that still keeps your box dry, they will normally omit the bag in case they need it later on their trip.

If your cargo cannot be wrapped in these plastic bags, what occurs next is essentially up to your carrier.

However, in damp weather, UPS drivers take additional steps to prevent damage to your box and its contents.

If you have severe weather in your region and are unclear whether or not UPS deliveries will continue as planned, you may check the UPS Service Alerts website.

There entering your tracking number you can see if there are any delivery exceptions.

Does UPS Deliver When It’s Snowing?

deliver when snowing

Snow is another typical kind of precipitation; as such, UPS will deliver in the region when it is snowing.

Another way UPS treats snowy and wet situations equally is in how it delivers items.

Snow, like rain, may indicate damp conditions and the possibility of damaged cargo.

As a result, UPS drivers will take many of the same measures when delivering items in snowy circumstances, such as putting them in sheltered locations and wrapping them in plastic bags.

Snow in modest quantities or areas equipped to cope with specific snow levels is unlikely to cause delivery delays.

However, snow may signify a variety of more severe weather conditions, resulting in weather-related package delays.

How to Protect Your Package From Rain

package protection from rain

Your local UPS courier will do everything possible to protect your package from inclement weather.

But there are some things you can do to make their job easier and ensure that your package is safe!

Write a Delivery Note on Your Box

One method of preserving your shipment is to provide explicit instructions for adverse weather in the ‘delivery notes’ portion of your box.

For example, you may leave a message that reads, “In case it rains or my box gets wet, please place it behind the porch furniture nearest to the front entrance.” 

If your courier cannot bag or store the box out of the rain, you may request that they hang onto it and leave a delivery note in its place.

Tip: You may either write a note on the box itself or, better yet, notify your driver through delivery instructions that your items can be placed in this box.

Use Packing Tape

packaging tape

To secure the shipping label, use packing tape or water-resistant adhesive; however, do not cover the whole label with packing tape.

A waterproof plastic wallet should be used before fastening your shipping label to the side of the box; your label should stay intact. 

Use Corrugated Boxes

It is ideal for sending your cargo in corrugated boxes.

Make sure the shipping cartons are fresh, and avoid using old cartons to package your shipment unless you are certain the old cartons are in pristine shape.

Tape everything properly, including the inside and external seams.

Use Polyethylene Plastic Covering

Cover the box with a polyethylene plastic covering or protective wax to make it more water-resistant.

This is one of the greatest methods to keep your gift from getting drenched or damaged by rain or water.

Does UPS Provide Refunds for Weather Delays?

refund and returns

UPS does not provide reimbursements for delays caused by adverse weather.

This is because UPS’ refund policy is based on the premise that it would provide reimbursements for situations that were within the company’s control but did not match the level it strives to achieve.

Assume a UPS driver was supposed to deliver a box to someone’s unprotected porch when it was pouring but did not use the given plastic bags to wrap the delivery.

If the box became wet and damaged and the consumer filed a claim, a refund would most likely be awarded.

On the other side, imagine a box was due to be delivered on a Monday to an address in Austin, Texas, but when the delivery time arrives, the Austin roads are coated in ice.

When the consumer checks their tracking information, they may see that their item has been delayed and will not arrive until Wednesday.

The customer may claim and request a refund, but no reimbursement will be provided since the weather is beyond UPS’s control.

FAQs About Does UPS Still Deliver in the Rain?

Do you have more questions about UPS delivery in the Rain? Here are some questions concerning deforestation’s impact on UPS.

UPS frequently asked questions

When I Am Not Accessible, Where Does My UPS Package Go?

If you’re not home when UPS delivers, they may leave your package at a UPS Access Point.

USP Access Point will hold your shipment for seven days. Unredeemed checks are returned to senders after seven days.

Why Didn’t UPS Deliver My Delivery to My Door?

UPS delivers items straight to the recipient’s hands, particularly when a signature is necessary.

UPS would not leave your box at your door for this reason. Before the package can be provided, you must sign up for it in person.

How Late Can a UPS Package Be Delivered?

Deliveries are typically made between the hours of 8AM and 8PM to residential sites, and at the close of business to commercial locations, except for time-definite air deliveries.

UPS cannot guarantee a specific delivery time within that time limit.

Final Verdict

Does UPS deliver in the rain?

UPS delivers under the most severe weather situations, saving those that are dangerous to the point of being life-threatening as a result, packages are often delivered in bad weather.

Most UPS drivers will do everything possible to safeguard your box from weather damage.

This includes choosing a covered area to leave or utilizing waterproof bags to preserve your cargo before delivery.

Thanks for reading!