homedics humidifier clean light reset

Looking for the ultimate Homedics Humidifier Clean light reset guide? Keep reading!

In this guide, we’ll get you familiar with all there is to know about the reset process of a Homedics Humidifier.

You’ll learn the entire process in detail, how to do it with your own Humidifier, and get to know all user opinions about the process.

Here’s how to reset your humidifier easily:

To reset a Homedics Humidifier’s “Clean” light, place the tank back onto the humidifier and refill it with liquid.  After that, locate the “Clean Transducer” reset button, on the surface of the Humidifier and press it for 5-10 seconds, until the “Clean” light goes off.

Let’s now review the following process in appropriate detail so you can understand everything!

How to Reset Clean Light On Homedics Humidifier?

homedics humidifier clean reset

To properly reset your Homedics Humidifier and make the “Clean” light go off, you must make sure to follow our instructions closely.

It is essential to apply all of our notes, tips, alerts, and instructions in order to achieve an appropriate reset of your Homedics Humidifier.

Important: Resetting the humidifier will result in the loss of particularly enabled functionality modes of the device. You’ll have to set up the device all over again as a result of the reset.

Step #1 Refill the Tank of the Homedics Humidifier

In order to reset the “Clean” light of your Homedics Humidifier, the tank must be refilled with liquid, almost to the max.

A lit-up “Clean” light (in most cases) means that the tank has been emptied out and you’ll have to refill the liquid you regularly use along with your device.

  • Only compatible humidifier liquid could be used with your Homedics device!
tank refill

In that set of thoughts, follow these instructions to refill the tank of your humidifier:

  1. Remove the tank from the humidifier (if it is already installed).
  2. Place the tank with the bottom facing up.
  3. Remove the tank’s cap (an opening on the bottom of the device).
  4. Grab the liquid you tend to use with your Homedics Humidifier.
  5. Begin pouring the humidifier’s liquid into the tank.
  6. Reach the recommended levels of the liquid, imprinted on the tank.
  7. Close the tank’s cap.

Once the tank has been refilled, you should be careful not to let any of the liquid pour out from the compartment.

Not only will it reduce the levels of liquid inside your humidifier’s tank, but it will also cause a strong stench throughout the room you spilled the liquid.

Note: Once the liquid has been refilled in the tank, place the tank with the top facing up!

Step #2 Place the Humidifier’s Tank

Assuming the tank of the humidifier is displaced as of now before you begin the reset, you must place the tank back in its place.

One of the reasons that the “Clean” light on your humidifier will blink is that the tank is out of place and/or certain software functionality modes have failed.

  • Before reinstalling the tank, make sure the device is working!

Follow these instructions to reinstall the tank of the humidifier:

  1. Double-check if you have turned on your Homedics Humidifier.
  2. Grab a hold of the Humidifier’s Tank.
  3. Make sure the installation spot of the tank is free of obstructions.
  4. Appropriately place the tank of the humidifier, on the back stand.
  5. Make sure that the tank has clicked in before proceeding with the next step

Your humidifier will only start detecting the tank if it has clicked in on the slot. Otherwise, the humidifier will be unable to withdraw liquid from the tank and resume its functionality.

This is important to ensure before proceeding since this can cause failure later on!

Note: A damaged tank could prevent your humidifier from working normally.

Step #3 Locate the “Clean Transducer” Button!

clean transducer press and hold

Once the tank has been refilled and placed back in its place, it’s time, to begin with the essential “Clean” light reset process.

For this purpose, you must locate the “Clean Transducerbutton, installed in the back panel of your humidifier.

If the liquid is poured into the tank of the humidifier and the tank is placed in its appropriate spot, the humidifier will begin a “self-cleaning” process.

In moments after pressing the button for long enough, the “Clean” light should go away and your humidifier will start working.

Clean Transducer Button Not Working?

You should note that if you haven’t placed the tank correctly on the humidifier or there is no liquid in the tank, pressing that button will not work.

The device will only start the self-cleaning procedure after it has detected acceptable levels of liquid in the humidifier’s tank.

Note: The “Clean Transducer” button, also has an imprint of a cleaning icon on itself.

Step #4 Press & Hold the “Clean Transducer”!

Once you’ve spotted the appropriate button that’ll cause the reset on your humidifier, it’s time to start the reset.

However, keep in mind that if the button is pressed for long enough, it’ll not trigger a process so it’s important to follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the “Clean Transducer” button on your humidifier.
  2. Hold the button down for 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for the “Cleanlight on your humidifier to start blinking in a pattern.
  4. Release the “Clean Transducer” button on your humidifier.
  5. Provide the machine with some time to complete the process.

Once the reset process has started and the “Clean” light has begun to blink, let the humidifier reset itself and stop interacting with it. Be patient and in the meantime read the next step!

Note: The humidifier could stop blinking for a while and then resume again!

Step #5 Wait for the “Clean” Light to Turn OFF

wait for clean light to turn off

After the reset has been triggered, there is nothing more you could do, unless you wait for the humidifier to do its own thing.

It’ll take the device around 1-2 (up to 5) minutes, to finalize the reset and stop the “Clean” lamp from constantly being on.

Make sure that you’re not interacting with the device in any way since this could fail the reset. If that happens, the “Clean” lamp would still be on, meaning the humidifier hasn’t undergone maintenance.

In case that happens, simply re-apply the steps from the beginning to try again!

Note: Once the reset is finished, the humidifier’s “Clean” light will stop blinking and go off!

Homedics Humidifier Clean Light Reset – Not Working…

If you couldn’t reset the “Clean” lamp on your humidifier, there is another technique to get this problem fixed.

We’ve extracted some helpful methods that you should follow, in order to either troubleshoot the “Clean” lamp in general or solve issues with the resetting process!

Here’s how to fix the “Clean” light on your Homedics Humidifier:

clean light reset not working

Method #1 – Power Cycle

A standard solution to issues with all electronic devices is the Power Cycle. In order to achieve such a thing with your humidifier, you must disconnect the device from power for 5 minutes!

Once that time has elapsed, re-attach the power cable of the device and re-attempt the steps from the beginning one more time. Hopefully this time this will work!

Method #2 – Pour Different Liquid

Your Homedics Humidifier is probably refusing to reset due to the inappropriate liquid being used.

What you should do is purchase a supported liquid for your humidifier and test performing the reset again, by using the steps above!

Distilled water is the best possible liquid to insert in the tank of your Homedics Humidifier!

Method #3 – Use Different Outlet

The humidifier is probably having issues with the power withdrawal from the current electrical outlet.

You should connect the device’s cable to a different outlet and try the reset again.

Alert: Avoid power strips, dividers, or other connectors that could damage the device!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to perform a Homedics Humidifier Clean light reset, place the humidifier’s tank back in place and make sure it is filled with liquid.

After that, locate the “Clean Transducer” Reset button on the humidifier and press it for 5-10 seconds!

The process is simple and we hope that our guide managed to explain everything in the necessary detail. In case you’re experiencing further issues, seek professional help!

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