how to lower humidity in humidor

Learning how to lower humidity in humidor is important if you want your precious cigars to stay good for years.

By maintaining the right humidity in a humidor, you can make it a suitable place to store your cigars, cannabis, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco.

It is possible to make your cigars last for up to five years if you control humidity in the right way.

But, if you notice humidity is too high in the humidor, it is time to learn how to fix it.

You can learn how to reduce humidity in humidor by utilizing humidity packs, using a dehumidifier, relying on a hygrometer, and using regulation devices. 

Identifying the Right Humidity in Humidor

identifying the right humidity in humidor

What you may expect from a cigar, how well it ages, and even the whole experience all be affected by the humidity levels in your humidor.

The recommended humidity for a humidor is between 65 and 72 percent.

Keeping the levels around this percentage will help keep your prized cigar collection preserved at all times.

Yet, due to the unique construction of each humidor, the stated range may shift slightly.

Humidity levels in a premium humidor may need to be adjusted for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Individual smoking preferences

If you want ideally aged cigars ready to be enjoyed, you need to keep a close eye on the humidity levels and adjust them as needed.

Fact: It was on October 28, 1492 when two men serving Christopher Columbus got a chance to try cigars for the first time with the indigenous Arawak people of Cuba. 

Why Lower Humidity in Humidor?

A reduced humidity level is recommended by many connoisseurs while maturing a cigar so that the tobacco can develop to its full potential.

This, of course, necessitates a humidor that can be set to low humidity.

Consistently high readings on the hygrometer indicate the need for a safe method to reduce humidity.

cigars with molds

Here are some reasons why you should not ignore the humidity levels:

  • Your cigars may develop mold in high humidity, lowering your smoking experience.
  • Improper humidity would trigger the tobacco’s natural decay.
  • Reduced humidity ensures the tobacco matures undamaged, allowing the flavors to meld properly.

Overall, a little time and attention to humidity levels can go a long way for cigar enthusiasts seeking a flawlessly aged cigar and a well-rounded smoking experience.

Fact: A cigar that has been removed from its packaging and has not been preserved will survive no more than two days. 

Understanding More about the Perfect Humidity

Tobacco cigars should be kept in conditions that mimic those in which the tobacco was cultivated. A humidor is an optimal choice.

special humidor with steady temperature

These specialized containers maintain a steady temperature and humidity, ideal for smoking cigars.

To be more than just a plain wooden box, though, some sort of mechanism must be included.

What is Considered the Best Humidity Level?

Some cigar smokers say the ideal humidity is 62%, while others say 72%-74%. Humidor type, cigar quantity, and cigar kind are all variables that can affect this.

Keeping your humidor at a constant 62–74% humidity at a maximum temperature of 74F is recommended.

You can adjust the humidity level and temperature within the humidor by using a hygrometer and a digital thermometer if you are unsure how to maintain the temperature.  

Fact: If you smoke cigars frequently, it is recommended that you invest in a 50-cigar humidor that comes with a hygrometer on the front. 

How to Lower Humidity in Humidor?

lower the humidity in humidor

Anyone who enjoys cigars seriously needs to invest in a humidor.

In order to maintain the cigar’s flavor and quality, it is essential to store them at a constant temperature and humidity.

Problems, such as mold development and a stale flavor, can arise when the humidity in a humidor rises too high.

Here are some tried and true methods for reducing the humidity within a humidor:

Utilize a Hygrometer

First of all, get a hygrometer. A hygrometer is essential for any cigar enthusiast worth their salt who takes their humidor seriously.

utilize a hygrometer

With this handy tool, you can keep tabs on the humidity levels within your humidor.

This helps you make any required modifications to keep your expensive cigars in pristine condition at all times 

Make Use of Humidity Packs

Humidity packs are a convenient way to control the moisture level in your humidor.

A gel-like component inside the packs can soak up extra moisture and keep the relative humidity from fluctuating.

Picking the right pack size and humidity level for your humidor is crucial.

The pack, when placed in the humidor, will help bring the humidity level down. 

Take Some Cigars Out

A humidor’s humidity might grow if its ventilation is restricted and its surface area is maximized to collect moisture.

This can happen due to an excessive number of cigars. Improve ventilation by clearing the air vents and removing some cigars.

To guarantee even airflow, you can also rotate your cigars on a regular basis. 

Try a Dehumidifier

humidor humidifier

A dehumidifier may be required for people whose valuable cigar collection is kept in a damp basement or similar humid location.

Mold and other problems associated with high humidity levels can be avoided with the help of a dehumidifier, which removes excess moisture from the air.

Finding the right dehumidifier for your humidor is simple because of the wide range of options available, including electric and rechargeable ones. 

An Important Consideration

Specially designed dehumidifying beads can do wonders in absorbing excess humidity, keeping your cigars in great condition for the optimal smoking experience. 

Adjust the Temperature

adjust the temperature

It is not simply the outside air that can affect the humidity levels in your humidor; the temperature inside also plays a role.

Humidity levels in a humidor are susceptible to swings in either direction if the temperature is not maintained properly.

Remember, finding the ideal humidity for your premium cigars may require some trial and error.

But, mostly, anything between 65F and 70F should work just fine, as it allows the cigar to age gracefully.

Keeping your cigars at a steady temperature within this range will preserve their optimal humidity levels, resulting in a consistently satisfying smoking experience. 

Refill Less Frequently

Humidors need a particular fluid to keep the air wet and at the right humidity level.  Be sure to avoid refilling it a bit too frequently.

Humidifiers function most efficiently when their work is minimized, therefore reducing the frequency with which fluid is replaced is a good idea. 

In most cases, once a month is about right for replacing this fluid.

Fact: It is a good idea to rely on purified water or an additive like propylene glycol to prevent mold growth in the humidors. 

Check the Seal

check the seal of humidor

Your humidor’s seal should be checked regularly. Humidity levels can rise if an inadequate seal allows for too much moisture.

Inspect the humidor’s seal frequently, and if you find any leaks or cracks, patch them up as best you can.

A bit of weather stripping or silicone sealer will do the trick.

Make Use of Regulation Accessories

Crystals, gels, humidor packs, and beads are indispensable for the cigar aficionado who takes pride in their humidor.

Such accessories help to slowly release or absorb moisture as needed, especially if your humidor comes without its own built-in humidification system.

silica gel

Beads can be useful for adjusting humidity levels even for individuals who already have a system like this. 

They come in a variety of percentages, usually up to 70%, and are great for storing additional moisture and controlling humidity, especially after they have been opened.

Similarly, cedar strips can also help absorb excess moisture from the air in the humidor. They work great for those who prefer a more natural approach.

Fact: You can let the extra humidity escape slowly, without shocking the wood, by leaving your humidor open a crack with a pen under the lid. 


Learning how to lower humidity in humidor is important to maintain a cigar’s quality.

Humidity packs, removing some cigars, or running a dehumidifier can help if the relative humidity is too high.

Humidity levels can be stabilized in part by adjusting the humidor’s temperature and by checking the humidor’s seal.

Keeping your cigars in the right conditions will ensure you get the most out of each puff and prevent problems like mold growth and an unpleasant aftertaste.