what to wear to outdoor concert in rain

Learning what to wear to outdoor concert in rain can help you run into any trouble and have enough opportunities to enjoy yourself.

To ensure a comfortable and safe experience, it is crucial to wear suitable attire when attending an outdoor concert in the rain.

We all know that in case of damp weather, it is advisable to choose waterproof or water-resistant attire to ensure that you stay dry. 

But exactly what to wear to an outdoor concert in the rain?

You can wear waterproof footwear and outfits, wear a jacket, carry an umbrella, and accessorize sensibly to stay dry while attending a concert in the rain. 

What to Wear to Outdoor Concert in Rain?

attire for rain at outdoor concert

It is a breeze to appear fashionable at a music festival. Isn’t it?

Numerous stores offer bohemian-style products with plenty of fringe, lace, and other Woodstock-inspired decorations.

However, when it pours, it is an entirely different situation.

It is quite frustrating when you step out of your house expecting a sunny day, but the weather can be quite unpredictable, and you might end up getting drenched in a heavy rainstorm.

In case of rain, be prepared to get muddy and wet while enjoying the festival, as the organizers have invested a lot of money and effort into it and will not be canceling or postponing it.

But here is what you can wear to make it easier to enjoy your visit:

Find the Nicest Boots

find the nicest boots

It is necessary for you to have a pair of waterproof boots when going to an outdoor concert in the rain.

When you are at a music festival, it is important to keep your feet happy because your overall happiness depends on it.

You need to have appropriate footwear when traversing the vast and uneven terrain between stages, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry even in muddy conditions.

It is advisable to opt for water-resistant shoes that provide adequate grip on slippery surfaces.

The great idea is to go with boots. It is best to steer clear of high heels as they may get stuck in the mud, especially if there is any around the stage vicinity.

Tip: Make sure to wear socks as they will help to keep your feet warm and dry, especially if water enters your shoes from above.  

Get Yourself a Hat

get yourself a hat

Ensuring that your hat is firmly in place before heading to an open-air music event that might be affected by precipitation can greatly improve your enjoyment.

Wearing a hat, especially a wide-brimmed one, can protect your face and head from rain, allowing you to fully enjoy the music without being concerned about getting wet.

In case your attire does not have a hood, it becomes even more essential to wear a hat.

Wearing a hat can provide a reliable shield from ever-changing weather conditions, ensuring you remain cozy and dry.

Tip: When it rains outside, wearing a hat can turn a potentially unpleasant situation into a fun and unforgettable experience.   

Get the Right Dress

get the right dress

When it comes to choosing an outfit, a dress is definitely a top contender. It surpasses other options such as jeans, pants, or jumpsuits.

When you wear pants or jeans, it is possible for the bottom edges to get wet, which can be uncomfortable and make it harder to deal with mud splatters.

Think about a music festival well-known for its muddy terrain. Many festival-goers choose to wear dresses to prevent their hems from getting wet and muddy.

On the other hand, while jumpsuits are stylish, they can be inconvenient when it comes to using the restroom.

Managing a portable toilet at a muddy event can be quite challenging. 

Check the Material

check the material

Considering the type of material is an additional aspect to take into account.

Tencel and silk fabrics are highly preferred due to their quick-drying properties.

As an example, Tencel is a fabric made from eco-friendly wood sources and is highly regarded for its ability to regulate moisture levels.

Additionally, silk, being a natural fiber, has a faster drying time compared to other fabrics. 

A Great Option to Consider

Opting for a skirt or a dress is both functional and fashionable.

One of the best things about them is how comfortable they are, and they also provide unrestricted movement.

If you have a liking for pants, you might want to explore capris or shorts as a substitute.

It is worth mentioning that it is quite likely that you will get mud on your clothes if you attend a concert in the rain, even if you try to prevent it.

Tip: Opting for natural colors such as earthy browns, greens, and greys can assist in concealing any mud stains that may arise. 

Go With Layering

go with layering

Layering is crucial when attending an outdoor event in conditions where rain is a possibility.

You can modify your attire during the occasion to suit the varying weather and temperature.

To stay comfortable and dry, begin with a base layer such as a moisture-wicking tank top or T-shirt.

In case of a sudden drop in temperature due to rain, a lightweight fleece or sweater can be worn as a mid-layer to provide warmth.

Your primary protection against the weather is provided by the outer layer. It is essential to have a jacket that can resist or repel water.

While a poncho can be a temporary solution, it is advisable to invest in a high-quality rain jacket for long-term use.

Furthermore, it is an excellent addition to your clothing collection that can be utilized even after the concert. 

Accessorize When You Can

accessorize when you can

The accessories you opt for can have a significant impact on your overall concert experience.

A baseball cap can protect your face from the sun, whereas a hat with a broader brim can provide additional coverage.

It is a wise decision to consider a waterproof bag or backpack. Your phone and wallet will be safeguarded from rain if you use it.

It is important to keep in mind that certain concerts may have restrictions on the size of bags allowed, so it is a good idea to review their policy beforehand.

Likewise, a blanket that is resistant to water or waterproof can be a fantastic addition.

In case of a sudden drop in temperature, it can offer an additional layer of warmth or a cozy spot to sit without getting wet.

Tip: Invest in reusable water bottles to stay hydrated and minimize plastic waste. 

Some Interesting Outdoor Concert Tips to Keep Dry

tips for staying dry at outdoor concerts

What to wear is definitely important but you have to keep some other points in mind to improve your experience of attending your favorite music concert in the rain.

For instance: 

Consider the Type of Concert

Having knowledge about the kind of musical event you are attending is crucial.

In case of a festival or any significant event, you will most likely find numerous vendors selling rain gear and umbrellas.

This way, you can purchase the necessary items before the commencement of the show.

consider the type of concert

In the case of a more intimate event, the venue may struggle to meet the demand due to limited inventory. So, you have to come prepared. 

Waterproof is the Way to Go

Ensure that your footwear is waterproof if you plan to spend several hours in the rain.

Additionally, remember to wear waterproof socks. Having damp feet is never enjoyable and can result in blisters or even more severe issues.

In case your footwear is not water-resistant, you can purchase rain socks that easily slide over your feet, resembling a sock bootie.   

Carry an Umbrella

carry an umbrella

Make sure to carry an umbrella or wear a raincoat with a built-in hood to stay dry in the rain.

To keep yourself from getting wet, it is advisable to seek shelter while still relishing the music.

One way to prepare for rainy weather is by carrying an umbrella or wearing a rain jacket with a built-in hood, which can be found at many outdoor retailers. 

Stay Away from Open Spaces

Imagine you attend an open-air music event, and suddenly it begins to pour.

You have to choose between joining the group and getting drenched, or staying put and appearing uncool.

stay away from open spaces

Well, it is better to stay away from open spaces at least for some time until the rain goes away. 

Tip: Carry some moist towelettes for easy clean-ups, and think about bringing a portable phone charger to ensure you do not miss any memorable experiences. 


Learning what to wear to outdoor concert in rain is essential to have a satisfying experience. With the perfect attire, it can turn into a memorable event.

You need to pay attention to both style and practicality, and always prioritize your comfort.

Smart add-ons can offer extra safety and ease, whereas considerate colors and designs can maintain your stylish appearance.

Make sure to take a look at the weather forecast, choose your attire accordingly, and prepare to boogie in the rain!