acurite weather station keeps losing signal

Wondering why AcuRite Weather Station keeps losing signal? Stay with us to know!

The AcuRite Station is a weather monitoring tool that provides the user with real-time measurements of the weather.

It usually consists of a sensor unit that collects data and then sends the information to the display. But what do we do when we keep losing signals?

Whenever AcuRite Weather Station is losing a signal, we first need to check the battery life of the device, check the distance of the sensors and the display unit, and remove any interference from other nearby electronic devices.

Let’s proceed with unraveling the issues that are causing this problem!

Why AcuRite Keeps Losing Signal?

fix acurite weather station keeps losing signal

There could be a few reasons why AcuRite Weather Station is losing the signal. This could include a variety of problems and hardware issues you’ll need to inspect.

To provide you with the best summary of what could be causing issues, here’s a list of problems!

  • Worn-out or Dead Sensor Batteries
  • Too Great Distance Between Both Units
  • Other Electronic Devices Interference
  • Bad/Furious Weather Conditions
  • Obstruction of the Outdoor Sensor

In order to resolve the problems you collide with we suggest following the troubleshooting guide that we have prepared for you! Without further ado let’s jump right in!

AcuRite Weather Station Keeps Losing Signal – Fixed!

In order to solve the problem as soon as possible we need to start addressing the minor possibilities first and then move towards more technical steps.

It’s important not to skip anything

Solution #1 Check the Sensor Batteries!

sensor batteries check

This is one easy solution to start with! It does not require a lot of time, to begin with, and it can also solve the problem you collide with easily.

Here we’ll inspect the batteries in your outdoor sensor, which is the primary suspect when the station keeps losing the signal.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check the batteries:

  1. Locate the Battery Compartment.
  2. Usually, it’s on the back of the sensor.
  3. Remove the battery lid with a screwdriver.
  4. Check if the batteries are leaking!

The outdoor AcuRite sensor takes 2 x AA alkaline or lithium batteries, which are expected to last up to 24 months.

However, in cold temperatures during the winter, we strongly recommend replacing the batteries with lithium batteries to prevent any malfunction!

Note: Make sure to use the correct type of batteries for your device!

Solution #2 Check for Obstructions!

The obstruction of the sensor can cause the signal to be lost or to be weakened, thus leading to inaccurate weather readings.

This solution here will help you understand how to identify if the sensor is blocked by buildings, trees, or something else.

Firstly we need to check the placement of the sensor, if it’s obstructed by something simply move the sensor to a location free from obstruction.

Avoid other devices that could interfere with the unit such as other electronic or Wi-Fi routers or other weather stations!

Quick Tip: Make sure that your sensor is in a wide-open area and not covered with anything!

Solution #3 Switch The Frequency!

switch frequency

If you’ve seen the A-B-C switch on your gateway and on your sensor, you should know that this is the frequency we use to connect both units.

In order for both devices to connect and keep a strong signal, they have to be on the same frequency, hence the same letter – A, B, or C.

  • Simply switch both units to another channel!

In case that doesn’t improve the signal, take the devices closer to one another to perform the ultimate re-sync process by switching the channel again.

Keep them close for at least 15 minutes, to establish a strong and reliable signal, before installing the outdoor sensor outside!

Note: The ABC switch on both units is located in the battery compartment!

Solution #4 Weather Conditions (Inspection)

check weather conditions

Heavy weather conditions can cause signal loss from the sensor unit to the display, or it could possibly weaken the signal which could lead to inaccurate weather readings.

Here is a list of how heavy weather conditions might interfere with the signals:

  • Heavy Rain: it can disrupt or weaken the wireless signals
  • Snow and Ice: they can pile up on the sensor leading to signal loss
  • Strong Winds: wind could make the sensor vibrate, causing signal loss
  • Lightning: lightning strikes could damage the sensor, leading to a loss of signal

We cannot affect the weather conditions, but we can take action to protect the AcuRite Weather Station sensor.

It’s important to protect it from harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. Such as installing a weather-resistant cover or moving it to a safer place!

Is My Sensor Damaged?

Well, the sensor is not water-resistant nor waterproof, meaning that even a small amount of water might enter the corpus and damage the internal components.

In order to check, we need to observe the sensor for yellow spots (signs of water) or wet surfaces of the corpus!

Note: If there is water on the sensor, you must allow the device to completely dry for 24 hours!

Solution #5 Factory Reset AcuRite Setup!

AcuRite Setup

The most powerful and ultimate solution of all is to Factory Reset the AcuRite setup and re-establish the devices again.

By resetting both the sensor and display unit we might be able to resolve any issues with the signal or with the data transmission, allowing you to start fresh.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

  1. Disconnect both the display from the Power Source.
  2. Remove the batteries from the outdoor sensor.
  3. Press any button on the AcuRite sensor 25 times!
  4. Plug back the display unit into the Power Source.
  5. Reinsert the AcuRite outdoor sensor batteries!
  6. Check the weather measurements!

Here’s how to reset the display unit:

  1. From the display unit access Settings.
  2. From there initiate a Factory Reset.
  3. You will need to confirm the Factory Reset.
  4. Factory resetting the device could take a couple of minutes.
  5. Set up the connection between the sensor and display unit.

Be sure that when performing a factory reset, it will erase all data and personal settings that you’ve made.

Be aware that you will need to set up the devices from scratch so make sure to create any form of backup if you would like to restore certain settings!

Tip: Test the performance of your setup with the default setting first!

Solution #6 Relocate The AcuRite Sensor!

If everything works as it’s intended you might be facing problems with the placement of the sensor and display unit.

The distance can cause the signals to be lost or weakened, thus leading to inaccurate weather readings from the AcuRite Weather Station.

relocate the sensors

The AcuRite station has a limited range for its wireless signal of about 100 feet!

The allowed distance depends on how your outdoor sensor is positioned.

In case the display is near the window, with a close to direct line of sight, you can install the sensor further away, but if the sensor is behind a wall, install the sensor as close to the display as possible!

Tip: Try to see if the signal performance will improve if the devices are next to each other!

Still Here?

In case you’ve attempted ALL of the above solutions with no success, it’s time to seek some professional assistance.

Perhaps your sensor is faulty, or water went inside permanently damaging the device.

In those cases, it’s best to check our warranty and contact AcuRite Customer Support.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the AcuRite weather station keeps losing signal as a result of various reasons such as weak or low batteries, unmatched frequencies, and heavy weather conditions.

The solution involves re-syncing both units and performing a Factory Reset to start from scratch!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more AcuRite content, check our blog!

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