how to pair acurite weather station

Asking how to pair AcuRite weather station? We’ve got you covered on this one!

Whether you’ll be pairing the AcuRite weather station to the outdoor sensors or the My AcuRite app, we have everything you should know in this guide!

It’s a basic wireless setup of your display and outdoor sensors that requires little to no knowledge to be performed!

Let’s go:

To pair your AcuRite weather station to the outdoor sensors, place the sensors next to the display and power on the display.

After that, select a wireless channel for your display (A, B, or C) using the ‘ABC’ button and set the sensors to the same channel.

To understand the following process in more depth, keep reading!

How to Sync AcuRite Weather Station In 4 Easy Steps!

sync acurite in 4 easy steps

Keep in mind that in the upcoming guide, we’ll be covering how to sync your weather station with the outdoor sensors and the mobile application.

There are essential preparation steps you must do before you’re able to get your AcuRite weather station synced with whatever.

Important: Make sure you’ve placed batteries in the display, connect them to A/C, and also all of your outdoor sensors are active.

Step #1 Position Both Units Close!

For the first step, we’ll be placing your devices where they have to be.

In order to get your AcuRite weather station display hooked up to the outdoor sensors (synced), the devices must be in a considerable range.

position both units close

You must gather up all of our outdoor sensors and take them inside, where they can be placed next to the display.

This is important in order for the connection to be validated.

Follow these steps to learn more about how your outdoor sensors must be placed:

  1. Get outside of your home and collect each of the outdoor sensors.
  2. Once you have all of the outdoor sensors, place them next to the display.
  3. Make sure that the display is at least within 1 meter of the sensors.

Once you have both the sensors and the display standing next to each other, your next task is to spot the ‘ABC’ button.

What is the ‘ABC’ Button?

what is the abc button

Technically, syncing your display to the outdoor sensors is achieved by setting all devices to the same channel.

As the print on the button says, your display and sensors could either be at the ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘C’ wireless channel. 

If set to the same channels, your display will detect the outdoor sensors and connect with them.

Note: The display’s ‘ABC’ button is on the back of the device, above the batteries.

Step #2 Choose the Display’ Syncing Channel

The next step for pairing AcuRite weather station is to choose a wireless channel to put your display in.

Since the display is the main unit in your AcuRite weather station setup, it should have its wireless channel setup first.

choose the display syncing channel

After that, you’ll adjust the outdoor sensors accordingly.

By default, your AcuRite display should be at the syncing channel ‘A’

Usually, there shouldn’t be any difference between the three syncing channels.

However, we strongly recommended setting the devices to channel ‘B’ for the best wireless connectivity.

Here’s how to choose your display’ syncing channel in easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the display is connected to A/C and has its batteries inserted.
  2. Rotate the device with its back facing you.
  3. First, find the battery compartment and spot the ‘ABC’ button above it.
  4. Use the rotation technology of the ‘ABC’ button to select the channel.
  5. Set the display to channel ‘B’.
  6. Let go of the ‘ABC’ button.

Once you’ve selected a channel for the display, it should indicate that the channel has shifted, with a brief blink of the screen.

The device usually does that, to indicate when the channel has been changed accidentally or involuntarily.

Note: By default, your outdoor sensors should also be at wireless channel ‘A’.

Step #3 Change the Syncing Channels of the Sensors

change the syncing channels of the sensors

Now that your display’s wireless channel has been adjusted, it’s time to do the same to your outdoor sensors.

Like the display, your outdoor sensors also have the same type of ‘ABC’ button, that’ll allow for the wireless channel to be adjusted.

  • The ‘ABC’ button of the outdoor sensors is also located on the back of the device

Here’s how to change the channel of the AcuRite outdoor sensors in easy steps:

  1. Make sure that your outdoor sensor has batteries inserted.
  2. Locate the ‘ABC’ button on the back of the device.
  3. Rotate the button until it is at channel ‘A’.
  4. Repeat this step for each outdoor sensor you have.

Users usually only have two outdoor sensors in their AcuRite weather station setup, but if you have more than one, keep in mind that this must be done to every single device.

You can’t cause too much traffic at a single frequency, so you could connect as many sensors as you like.

Note: After this step, both your display and all outdoor sensors, must be at channel ‘B’.

Step #4 Wait for the Connection to be Performed

wait for the connection to be performed

To complete the pairing AcuRite weather station, all there is left to do is wait…

Once you’ve placed all of your devices on the same wireless channel, waiting is the key.

Your AcuRite weather station display will take its time to detect the wireless signal of each outdoor sensor and connect with it so be patient.

For that to be done, each of the outdoor sensors must be added to the profile of your display and therefore appear on the screen. 

Note: The outdoor sensor indicator is on the bottom-right of the display screen!

How to Pair AcuRite Weather Station to the Mobile App?

Another way to pair your AcuRite weather station is to get it connected with the mobile “My AcuRite” application.

It’s a really convenient service that allows the viewing of your AcuRite station’s weather info, without being close to the display.

Here’s how to pair AcuRite with the app:

  1. Get the ‘My AcuRite’ App
get the my acurite app

The ‘My AcuRite’ application is available for both iOS and Android, respectively through the App Store and Google Play on your device.

The first step is to download and install the AcuRite application on your mobile device to start the pairing of the weather station.

Access your phone’s app store, locate the AcuRite app, and download the software!

  1. Sign In/Create your AcuRite Account

In this step, you’ll have to either sign into your AcuRite app (or create one) to use your weather station.

On the home screen of the AcuRite app, you’ll have both the ‘Sign In’ and ‘Sign Up’ buttons and you’ll have to press one of them.

sign in acurite account

To create an account in AcuRite, press ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions!

Once your account is created, sign in using your new credentials and proceed further.

  1.  Add your AcuRite Devices

In the third and final step, you’ll finally be able to add your AcuRite devices to the application.

All you have to do is access a certain option within the platform, and you’ll be shown how to particularly create a profile for your AcuRite devices within the application.

  • In the ‘My AcuRite’ app, go to Settings Menu > Manage Devices > Add Device!
add your acurite devices

Once you’ve pressed “Add Device”, you must select the type of AcuRite weather station device you wish to include in your setup.

After that, follow the instructions to finish the addition.

Quick Recap:

Thus, the answer to how to pair AcuRite weather station is to place the sensors next to the display and power on all of your devices.

After that, use the ‘ABC’ button on both your display and sensors, to set all of the devices to the same wireless channel.