acurite weather station display problems

Are you experiencing AcuRite weather station display problems? We’ve got you covered!

The vast majority of AcuRite Weather Station users have been able to provide us with the most helpful troubleshooting info you could find on the web.

Many have been experiencing that type of problem and know just how to address the issue!

Here’s what to do to fix the problem:

To fix when AcuRite Weather Station is having display problems, re-sync the display to the outdoor sensors and hard reset the device. After that, get the internal batteries of the display replaced, install the AcuRite display elsewhere and factory reset the setup.

Keep reading to understand more about the issues that could impact the AcuRite display!

Why Is My AcuRite Weather Station Display Not Working?

If you’re having some problems with your AcuRite Weather Station display, we could help sort them out.

Whatever bug has occurred with the display, it has a proper explanation and in this guide, we’ll be covering all of the causes of faults with the weather station.

Here’s what the users tend to identify as the cause in most cases:

  • The AcuRite Display is Set to an Incorrect Time
  • The Syncing Between the Sensors and Display Failed
  • There’s an issue with the Display’s Internal Batteries
  • Improper Placement of the AcuRite Weather Display
  • A Hardware Fault with Either the Display or Sensors

We can’t tell for sure what has gone wrong with your AcuRite display or what kind of problems you’re going through.

To settle the issue, however, you’ll be going over a complete session of troubleshooting, to address all of the causes we’ve listed above!

How to Fix AcuRite Weather Station Display Problems?

fix acurite weather station display problems

Before we go into troubleshooting, it’s important to understand that missing out on a solution may be crucial.

We’ve listed our steps in a specific way, so you could address all of the possible reasons for the problem in the smallest amount of time. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Set the Correct Time on the Station!

The first thing we should do is verify that the correct time is set on your AcuRite Weather Station.

Selecting the wrong time zone could really mess up the weather settings that your weather station display shows on its info tab.

set the correct time

Here’s how to set the correct time options on your AcuRite Weather Station:

  1. Take the display off the Wall Mount.
  2. Locate the Time Zone Button imprinted on the back.
  3. Keep pressing the button until the display shows the Correct Time Zone.
  4. On the sides of the display, locate the Gear Button and press it.
  5. Once your display is in “Set Mode”, go to the Hour/Clock Minute.
  6. Set the value to the correct time as of now.
  7. Save the changes.

Above we’ve shown how to set the correct time zone on your AcuRite Weather Station and adjust the current time.

Both values must be correct for the display to show correct info, otherwise, you’ll be seeing inaccurate and untimely readings!

Note: The selected time of your display must match the time zone you’ve chosen earlier!

Solution #2 Re-Sync the AcuRite Weather Station

One of the reasons that your AcuRite Weather Station could be displaying false information or have issues with the display, is a syncing problem with the outdoor sensors.

If the connection failed with the outdoor sensors, the display may go blank.

acurite weather station re-sync

In that set of thoughts, the second thing we’ll be doing in our guide is making sure that the syncing between the display and the outdoor sensors is correct.

Here’s how:

  1. Get all of the outdoor sensors inside.
  2. Place the sensors next to the display.
  3. Find the “ABC” button on both the display and the outdoor sensors.
  4. Tip: The A-B-C buttons are in the battery compartments!
  5. Use the button to set the value to A, B, or C.
  6. Choose the same letter value for all of your outdoor sensors and display.
  7. Wait for 30 seconds.
  8. Test…

If one of your outdoor sensors hasn’t been set to the frequency of your display, there is a high chance that its weather info hasn’t been detected by now.

Shifting to the correct frequency, however, will establish a strong and reliable signal between both units!

Note: Once all devices are set to the same frequency, the pairing should be completed.

Solution #3 Power Cycle the AcuRite Display

Another easy thing you could do before we get into some drastic measures is to perform a Power Cycle on the AcuRite display.

If the device is failing to display accurate information, it’s probably that it has power-related issues going on.

  • The power cycle requires disconnecting the device from the power!
acurite display power cycle

Here’s how to power cycle your AcuRite display in easy steps:

  1. Unplug the display from the Power Adapter.
  2. Take the device off the wall.
  3. Remove the battery compartment cover on the back.
  4. Eject the Internal Batteries.
  5. Wait for 4 – 5 minutes, while the display’s power has been cut.
  6. Re-install the batteries and close the cover.
  7. Place the display back on the wall mount.
  8. Connect it to the A/C power adapter.
  9. Test the display…

Once your AcuRite weather station display gets its batteries back, it’ll calibrate and display weather info again.

However, if the values stay at “0000”, you’ll have to re-sync the device to the outdoor sensors as we’ve shown in Solution #2.

Important: Do NOT skip re-syncing!

Solution #4 Replace the Display’s Internal Batteries

Although an A/C power adapter powers the AcuRite display, it still has 2 x AA lithium batteries installed, as a backup.

display battery replace

Those batteries are not primarily used, due to an A/C power adapter being connected, however, they would still give issues if unfunctional.

To resume the proper functionality of your AcuRite Weather Station display, you should get the internal batteries replaced with brand-new ones and test them.

Let’s learn how is that done:

  1. Locate the Battery Compartment on the back of the display.
  2. Hold the cover by the latches and remove it.
  3. Once the batteries are exposed, take out the backup units.
  4. Get a new set of AA or Triple A batteries, based on the type of your display.
  5. Install the new batteries into the device.
  6. Close the cover.
  7. Test…

Keep in mind that unplugging the AcuRite display from the A/C power adapter will cause the batteries to work.

This means that the display will still show data, even after unplugging from the power adapter, before the backup batteries have been removed.

Alert: You’ll have to re-sync the display to the outdoor sensors after replacing the batteries!

Solution #5 Mount the Display Elsewhere

If your weather station display is having trouble reading the weather info from the sensors, perhaps you’ve mounted the display in an inappropriate spot.

The display must be away from heat or humidity to preserve its functionality and show correct weather readings.

  • If your display is already mounted, we suggest uninstalling the base!
mount display

Here’s how to mount/unmount your AcuRite Weather Station display in easy steps:

  1. Unmount the display from the Wall Base.
  2. Undo the screws of the wall base and take it down.
  3. Find a suitable spot for your display (away from heaters).
  4. Make new holes for the wall base of the weather station.
  5. Screw up the wall base into the new spot (nearer to the sensor).
  6. Tighten the wall base to make sure it won’t fall off under pressure.
  7. Reconnect the power adapter of the display.
  8. Test…
Alert: Connect the display only to a wall outlet and not power strips or dividers!

Solution #6 Factory Reset the AcuRite Weather Station

If all else failed, you should perform a Factory Reset on the AcuRite Weather Station!

It’s one of the best methods to approach display problems with the station and in most cases, it manages to resolve the issue like a charm.

acurite station factory reset

Here’s how to Factory Reset the station easily:

  1. Bring both sensors inside and place them next to the display.
  2. Start by removing the batteries of each outdoor sensor.
  3. Choose a button on the sensor and press that button 25 times!
  4. Change the A-B-C Switch to a new channel on the back of the display.
  5. Place each of the outdoor sensors on the same channel as the display.
  6. Wait for 20 seconds.
  7. Place the batteries of the outdoor sensors back into their compartments.
  8. Give the device 10-15 seconds to start up.
  9. Test…
Alert: Keep in mind that this type of reset will have cleared out all data from your display!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix AcuRite Weather Station display problems, set the correct time on the display and re-sync the device to all of the outdoor sensors.

After that, install the display in a different place, replace the device’s internal batteries, and perform a Factory Reset.

We hope that this guide was helpful so follow us for more AcuRite solution guides!

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