acurite weather station temperature stuck

Whenever the AcuRite weather station temperature stuck, we can only assume what’s wrong, based on the essential station components.

Those include the sensor’s battery and the performance of the display unit, which we’ll review in depth in a few short moments.

Let’s peek into the solution first!

Whenever the AcuRite weather station shows the temperature stuck, we need to restart both the weather sensor and the display unit. Then we need to make sure that the A-B-C switch is aligned on both pieces, before performing the Factory Reset process!

Knowing what the solution involves, let’s unwrap some of the general causes of the issue:

AcuRite Weather Station Temperature Not Working – Why?

The temperature on your AcuRite weather station appears stuck because the sensor runs out of charge or your display unit is frozen.

There are other possibilities behind the problem so let’s try to diagnose whether your sensor is working or not.

fix acurite weather station temperature stuck

Here are the signs of no connection between the display and the sensor!

  • Wind Speed is inaccurate or not there
  • The screen shows 1% or 99% Humidity
  • Temperature is showing 1 degree or 158 degrees
  • No recordings of Rainfall or Temperature

All of these are primary signs of a lost connection between the sensor and the display unit. If you can now confirm that this is the problem that you’re experiencing, then this is the guide for you.

Here we’ll solve the inaccurate readings and show you how to prevent this in the future!

AcuRite Weather Station Temperature Stuck – Fixed

In order to solve the problem we’re going to use a chronological list of solutions that will help us solve the problem, hopefully before reaching the technical solutions.

This is why it’s important not to skip anything so you can solve the issue in a matter of minutes!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Control The A-B-C Switch!

use abc switch control

The connection between the sensor and the main unit (display) depends on whether the switch matches on both sides.

The A-B-C switch is designed to provide support for multiple sensor installations, and when we only have 1 sensor and 1 display we need to align the switch.

A-B-C Switch on AcuRite Sensor:

On your AcuRite weather sensor, the A-B-C switch is located in the battery compartment so you would need to open the cover.

You don’t have to remove the batteries to interact with the switch and you only need to note the orientation of the switch. Which letter is selected?

A-B-C Switch on AcuRite Display:

There are no screws needed, you only need to push the cover of the compartment on the back of the display.

Then the A-B-C switch will be revealed, so you can check which letter is currently selected. Then make sure that your sensor’s letter matches the switch’s letter on the display!

When both switches are now aligned, the AcuRite weather display should be able to show the correct measurements. In case, however, the temperature is still stuck, keep reading!

Solution #2 Hard-Reset AcuRite Station

The next and one of the most important steps is to perform a hard reset or also known as a power circulation.

This method will refresh both your sensor and display unit, which might just be enough to solve the stuck readings that you’re currently seeing.

acurite station hard reset

Here’s how to reset your entire AcuRite station equipment:

  1. Unplug the display unit from the Power Outlet.
  2. Disconnect the power adapter from the display.
  3. Remove the batteries from your AcuRite sensor.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes for both instances to discharge.
  5. Re-assemble your AcuRite weather setup!
  6. Test whether the display station works correctly.

When you’re ready with refreshing your entire AcuRite weather station, we can now observe the humidity and temperature to know if the issue is solved.

These two are the main factors that you can use to recognize whether the display now shows the correct measurements.

Note: If the humidity shows 1% or 99%, the problem is still there!

Solution #3 Replace The Batteries!

Assuming that you’ve attempted the previous solutions, by now it’s clear that the problem is in the sensor and the primary suspect is the batteries.

It’s enough for the batteries to get worn out and not completely dead for some of the AcuRite station features to start shutting off.

batteries replace
  • The AcuRite Weather Station uses 4 x AA Batteries!

It’s important to use Lithium Batteries when it’s cold, so if you’re wondering what is the best possible choice, we strongly recommend getting Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries!

Those will guarantee a long and accurate reading on your AcuRite weather sensor!

Alert: Never insert used batteries in your sensor!

Solution #4 Relocate The Sensor/Display

It’s extremely important to keep both devices in a radius because when they are too far away, the signal might start to disconnect frequently.

This ultimately leads to incorrect measurements, and it’s worth trying to close the proximity in order to elevate the signal.

sensor display relocate

Tip: Relocate the unit, which is more comfortable for you moving!

Most users go with the display, since we can easily disconnect the piece from the power outlet and connect it elsewhere (temporarily), closer to the outdoor sensor.

The maximum distance that the sensor and display should be positioned apart is 330 ft (100 m).

We recommend positioning them even closer than that only to check whether this will work!

Solution #5 Re-Sync (RESET) AcuRite Station

In case nothing else helps, you’ll need to re-synchronize both units (sensor and display) by performing a reset.

The method of synchronization requires relocating both units, so if your outdoor sensor is quite bothersome to reach, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone.

acurite weather station re-sync

When you’re ready to re-sync the AcuRite weather station, follow the steps:

  1. Dismount your AcuRite outdoor sensor.
  2. Open the compartment and eject the batteries.
  3. Take the sensor inside, next to your AcuRite display.
  4. Push and open the A-B-C Switch on your display.
  5. Choose another channel, A, B, or C.
  6. Select the same channel on your display.
  7. Press and hold the Reset button on the display.
  8. Keep holding for at least 20 seconds.
  9. Insert the batteries back into the sensor.
  10. Keep both units together until a strong signal shows!

Once both units are re-synchronized, the LED on your AcuRite sensor should blink periodically, about every 15 seconds.

In case the light stays continuously red, something with the sensor is wrong so you should check the batteries. Again…

Solution #6 Maintenance The AcuRite Sensor

The incorrect readings sometimes appear because we forget to inspect and maintain our sensor, especially if you have never opened the device before.

We only recommend following the steps below if your warranty has expired, since we’ll definitely void the terms!

acurite sensor maintenance

Here’s how to clean and maintain your AcuRite sensor unit:

  1. Open the sensor unit by undoing the 4 x screws on the bottom.
  2. Do NOT unscrew the Rain Gauge calibration screws!
  3. Remove any insects, dust, cobweb, and debris from the inside.
  4. Open the bottom half cover (black), to reach the wiring.
  5. Check if the black and red wires are connected to the board.

In case any of the temperature and humidity board wires are disconnected you can solve the problem by soldering the wires respectively.

When you’re ready, you should check whether the sensor will now send accurate readings to the display. If not, keep reading!

Need More Help?

In case you’ve attempted everything and nothing managed to help, it’s time to seek some professional help.

You can always reach out to AcuRite Customer Support to report the problem you’re experiencing and receive professional help.

Tip: Check whether your warranty is intact so you can claim a replacement!

Quick Recap:

Now that we know why the AcuRite weather station temperature stuck, we’ve learned that the solution requires the resynchronization of both units.

We should also reset the AcuRite display to make sure that we’ll only receive an accurate weather measurement.

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

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