can clear quartz go in salt

Can clear quartz go in salt? The versatile and clear crystal, clear quartz, is a well-known gemstone commonly utilized in diverse spiritual and metaphysical practices.

Compatibility concerns may arise when considering its interaction with salt.

For centuries, salt has been recognized for its cleansing properties and its capacity to purify and revitalize crystals.

But, can clear quartz go in salt water?

Yes, clear quartz can go in salt water and you do not have to worry about causing any damage to your precious crystal. 

Overview of Clear Quartz and Its Properties

overview of clear quartz and its properties

Quartz, SiO2, is a naturally occurring mineral and inorganic compound made of strongly bonded silicon and oxygen atoms.

It has a characteristic trigonal crystal structure, and is hard, durable and resistant to weathering even chemically.

SiO2 is not only abundant but widely distributed through the earth’s crust.

And it is present on many of the planet’s beaches as the sandy remains of eroded rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

Fact: Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors depending on its impurities, including rose, purple, brown and yellow, but it can be translucent or clear, as rock crystal quartz. 

Significance of Cleansing Crystals

significance of cleansing crystals

There is more quartz in the earth’s crust than any other mineral and over the years, humans have found many uses for it, from making glass to fine jewelry and keeping time.

Clear quartz is a pure crystal and is especially valued for its spiritual properties.

As a powerful crystal, it restores and amplifies energy whilst enhancing mental clarity.

Among other qualities, clear quartz is believed to amplify physical abilities by offering protection and is capable of clearing and activating chakras because of its purity.

Clear quartz is also widely used in Feng Shui, adding strength to the effect of other crystals.

Its unique ability to absorb and redirect negative energy has long been recognized and so has the need to cleanse and recharge them regularly.

Fact: There are several methods, including using moonlight and sunshine and using salt water, a cleansing method used in history although it doesn't suit every kind of crystal. 

When and How to Cleanse Quartz in Salt?

quartz cleansing salt method guidelines

In some traditions, crystals are thought to recharge when they come into contact with energy from the human body.

They are polished smooth and re-energized by constant handling. The other school of thought is that any crystal should be cleansed after it is used.

As regularly as twice a week, if that is constant. Crystals like clear quartz collect and store both good and bad energy.

It is held until the crystal reaches capacity and for good or bad, it suddenly releases it. Any crystal used in healing should be cleansed before and after use. 

Can Clear Quartz Go in Salt Water?

compatibility of clear quartz with salt water

Yes, clear quartz can go in salt water. Neither the salt nor the water will damage it.

It is especially important to cleanse the crystal as soon as you get it. You have to do it to get rid of all the energy it has collected before.

Seawater is best, but any salt in the water will cleanse the crystal and help it recharge.

This is not to be confused with physical cleaning. This is cleaning away energy to allow the crystal to reset

How Water Can Be Used to Cleanse Quartz?

Clear quartz can be cleansed using salt on its own.

There are dry methods, no water is added and the crystals are either buried or left in direct contact with the salt.

quartz cleansing with water methods and benefits

After several hours, they can be rinsed off and dried.

It is a direct contact method of cleansing so by the end of the process the salt is full of unwanted energy and has to be thrown away.

A non-contact method is to put the quartz in a separate bowl and put that in the salt. Throw the salt away after use. 

An Important Consideration

Salt is a powerful cleansing tool, once considered magical for its preserving and healing properties.

It did not come cheap and yet was deemed vital for many rituals and activities connecting man with the spirit world.

Fact: Seawater was and still is cheap and plentiful and generations believe is the most effective way to clean clear quartz of good and bad energies. 

More about the Compatibility of Clear Quartz with Salt Water

clear quartz and salt water compatibility insights

It is sensible to be cautious about cleansing clear quartz in saltwater. Not all crystals are water safe.

All the quartz crystals can handle it, even the prettiest like the amethysts or the quartz trapped in the agate of jasper after forming in molten magma.

Its very name translates as hard in East Central German although it is not quite as indestructible as diamonds, rubies and sapphires or titanium.

When it does break, it breaks clean, not jagged like glass.

Its strong chemical bonds make it resistant to erosion but it does eventually fall out of its rock and break down into grains which dissolve into the soil.

Quartz is a very hard crystal, unlike others such as pyrite, lapis lazuli, gypsum or talc which are known not to mix well with water, with or without salt.      

Mohs Hardness Rating and Its Relevance to Saltwater Cleansing   

mohs hardness rating and saltwater cleansing relevance

Clear quartz and all types of quartz have a high-water tolerance.

It is a feature of all materials that rate high on the Mohs Hardness Scale, the standardized system of measurement developed to rank materials by hardness from 1 to 10.

Quartz has a Mohs of 7. Talc, by comparison, disintegrates on contact with water, therefore, has a Mohs of just 1.

Diamond is 10, hard enough to scratch all the other materials in head-to-head tests.

The Mohs Scale demonstrates how the hardness of materials is related to their water resistance including the minerals like quartz. 

Potential Physical or Energetic Impact of Salt Water on Quartz

impact of salt water on quartz

Scientifically speaking, the water in saltwater is not going to impact clear quartz and neither is the salt, another mineral.

Rather than hard, salt is brittle. Lately it has seen a resurgence as a natural pan scourer although it has been used for centuries. 

With a low Mohs, not really rateable, it does not scratch expensive copper pans or discolor them with any residue or form a tarnish even if left to sit a while.

All evaporation leaves behind a different-looking salt made of broken crystals.   

An Important Consideration

However, using salt and saltwater for crystal cleaning takes on new meaning when considering how best to cleanse and re-energize clear quartz.

Both water and salt have electrical and magnetic properties science is still exploring and crystals have soothed many minds, bodies and spirits across continents down the centuries.

Water and salt are especially spiritually significant being powerful energy sources which is why cleansing crystals with salt water works so well. 

How to Cleanse Clear Quartz with Salt Water

cleansing with salt water clear quartz

Okay, so you have decided to cleanse your clear quartz. Well, here are a few steps to help you do that in the right way. 

Steps to Cleanse Clear Quartz in Salt Water

Regular cleansing helps keep crystals vibrating at the highest possible energy frequency and neutralizes the negative energies within the crystal’s field.

It is simple but takes time:

  • Take a bowl big enough to submerge the quartz in liquid.
  • Fill it with gently warmed water. Choose from distilled, rain, spring, ocean or tap.
  • Add one heaped tablespoon of salt and stir until it dissolves.
  • Then ensure the clear crystal is free from dust and oily residue.
  • Now, carefully lower the quartz into the solution.
  • Leave for at least 48 hours.
  • Finally, remove the crystal and rinse under clean running water then dry to a polish.

Tips to Effectively Cleanse Clear Quartz in Saltwater

clear quartz cleansing tips with salt water

Spiritual practitioners swear by Pink Himalayan Salt and a salt protection prayer to cleanse clear quartz.

The salt is a detoxifier containing all 84 of the minerals in humans and is famous for removing stagnant energies.

However, store-bought sea salt and fresh ocean water work just well.

Likewise, people have preferences for the water, claiming natural running water is best although tap water and iodinated table salt work almost as well.

It is an easy method to use with other ways of cleansing and restoring crystal energy, such as with visualization, incense or smudging sticks.

Fact: Leaving the crystal in the moon or sunlight afterward also helps it reinvigorate. 


effective clear quartz cleansing in saltwater

Can clear quartz go in salt water? The question of how pure quartz might fare in salt water demands serious thought.

In most cases, it is totally safe to expose clear quartz to salt water. Quartz is hard enough to deal with salt water.

However, you need to remember that though pure quartz is usually regarded as safe and resilient, prolonged exposure to salt water may harm or alter the crystal’s qualities over time.