is rose quartz sun safe

Is rose quartz sun safe? Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone that has become popular due to its rumored metaphysical powers and subtle pink tones.

With its calming energy, it has made its way into many different areas, but many people have concerns about its safety and ask, “can rose quartz be in the sun?

You have to delve into the science of rose quartz and its interaction with UV radiation to find an answer.

So, can rose quartz go in sun?

Rose Quartz is sun safe, but you have to ensure you do not expose it to direct sunlight for an extended time or it may lose its color. 

Is Rose Quartz Sun Safe?

safety of rose quartz in the sunlight

Rose Quartz has the remarkable ability to withstand moderate sun exposure.

In fact, it has the ability to harness the Sun’s energy for its own rejuvenation, solidifying its status as a crystal that thrives under the sun’s gentle embrace.

But, you need to bear in mind that when it comes to Rose Quartz, achieving balance is key.

Fact: It is recommended to position Rose Quartz in a location that is shaded throughout the day, ensuring it does not receive an excessive amount of sunlight. 

How Long Can You Leave Rose Quartz in the Sun?

sun exposure duration for rose quartz

If you love the color pink or have an affinity for rose quartz, chances are you are likely already purifying it using the power of sunlight.

It is safe, as long as your purification session lasts only a couple of minutes.

Nevertheless, when exposed for extended periods, rose quartz loses its color when subjected to sunlight.

But, how long can you leave it in the sun? When it comes to sensitivity to sunlight, rose quartz is quite like many other gemstones.

Therefore, it is advisable not to expose these crystals to direct sunlight for a duration exceeding three minutes. 

What Happens If You Leave Rose Quartz in the Sun?

rose quartz and sun exposure

If you leave it out there for a very short time, you really do not have to worry about anything.

But leave it unattended for an extended time and you might have to deal with certain issues. 

You May Notice Discoloration

When exposed to direct sunlight for over five minutes, rose quartz has the ability to change its color to white.

The reason for this is that the sun’s energy consists of both warmth and illumination, in addition to therapeutic vibrations. 

Why Do You Notice Discoloration in the Sunlight?

sunlight's discoloration effects

A highly adaptable mineral, quartz showcases an intriguing characteristic where its visual aspect can undergo a change when exposed to extended periods of heat or light.

It can happen irrespective of its particular variety, including:

  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Smoky quartz

Variations in color and clarity occur as a result of the rearrangement of molecules within the quartz lattice.

Fact: Due to the heat from the sun, rose quartz can shift from its initial shade to a variety of captivating hues, including white, cloudy, transparent, or even grey.   

How Can You Safely Leave Rose Quartz in the Sun?

safe sun exposure for rose quartz

To effectively charge your rose quartz under sunlight, adhere to these instructions to maintain the crystal’s integrity and energetic attributes

1. Pick a Good Spot

Find an area outdoors where your rose quartz can bask in uninterrupted sunlight for a few hours. An ideal spot is like a windowsill or garden table

2. Consider the Temperature

Although rose quartz has a moderate heat tolerance, it is crucial to refrain from subjecting it to extreme temperatures.

Therefore, you should leave it in a sheltered place

3. Limit Direct Contact

limit direct contact

To avoid any potential harm or staining, it is recommended to position your rose quartz on a gentle fabric or a natural surface such as a wooden tray or a ceramic plate.   

4. Leave It In the Sun

Rose quartz does not need an excessive amount of sunlight exposure in order to recharge. Simply leave it there for a short time and it will do. 

Techniques to Try When Charging Rose Quartz in the Sun

Quite like other crystals, rose quartz can experience fading and cracking when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

However, it is important to utilize the sun’s energy when charging these crystals.

Here are some of the basic techniques you can use to charge rose quartz and use it for various benefits: 

Sun Salutations

sun salutations

Sun salutations” is a form of yoga that embraces the morning sun.

It offers remarkable physical healing benefits and including rose quartz in the mix works even better.

The practice of sun salutation yoga is known to activate and balance the lower chakras, including:

  • Root chakras
  • Sacral
  • The solar plexus

A good idea is to have at least a 3-minute sun salutations session, and while doing this, you should keep your rose quartz right in front of you. 

Fact: Sun salutations with rose quartz can harmonize with the heart chakra, and is also capable of enhancing your fortune.   

Rose Quartz Elixir

rose quartz elixir

One way to create a rose quartz elixir is by exposing it to sunlight to promote physical healing.

To create a rose quartz elixir, follow these steps:

  • Get a glass of water.
  • Position the rose quartz on top of a coaster resting on the glass.
  • Ensure you leave it in your room from the break of dawn until the sun sets.

As the evening approaches, consume the water slowly and complete it within a span of 2-3 days.

However, remember to ensure its preservation and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Fact: While rose quartz is not harmful when submerged in water, it is advisable to imbue the crystal's energies without physical contact when creating elixirs for ingestion. 

Incenses and Herbs

incenses and herbs

Smudging is a type of aromatherapy and is an excellent method for energizing and purifying your rose quartz crystal.

During the daytime, you have the option to create a unique atmosphere within your home by igniting certain herbs, including:

  • Palo santo
  • Sage
  • Incense

Begin by igniting the herb or incense stick, then extinguish the flame after a brief moment. Lastly, gently pass the smoke above the crystal for a couple of minutes.  

Tips to Protect Rose Quartz When Exposing to the Sun

protecting rose quartz in sunlight

When it comes to effectively charging rose quartz in sunlight, it is crucial to consider the crystal’s vulnerability to high temperatures and intense illumination.

In order to maintain the vibrant pink hue and overall quality, adhere to the following instructions when tactfully integrating the recommended details: 

Duration of Exposure

It is recommended to refrain from exposing rose quartz to direct sunlight for longer than three minutes.

Extended exposure to direct heat and light may have the potential to result in cracks or fading of this fragile pink crystal

Exposure to Direct Sunlight

exposure to direct sunlight

When opting to charge your rose quartz in sunlight, it is advisable to locate a spot that minimizes direct exposure.

Fact: While it may be permissible to expose it to sunlight for a maximum of 12 hours, it is still important to exercise caution in order to avoid any potential negative consequences. 

Try Alternative Methods

try alternative methods

For optimal protection of your rose quartz, it makes sense to try methods other than exposing it to the sun.

You can opt for various ways to purify and energize your rose quartz.

For instance, you may want to use:

  • Crystal wands
  • The light of the moon
  • Salt water
  • Soil
  • Rice

These different approaches can offer efficient charging without the possible dangers linked to direct sunlight exposure. 

What Other Than Rose Quartz is Sun Safe?

Just like rose quartz, many other crystals and gemstones can go in the sun.

Here are a couple of examples: 

Black Obsidian

Naturally found in the great outdoors, Black Obsidian is a remarkable crystal known for its ability to withstand sunlight without any harm.

Furthermore, due to its deep hue, Black Obsidian is highly unlikely to experience any fading when exposed to sunlight. 

Orange Stones

orange stones

Carnelian is known for its vibrant orange color and is generally considered safe to expose to sunlight, making it a suitable choice for sunlit environments.

Furthermore, exposing Carnelian to sunlight can enhance its hues, intensifying its vibrant and robust colors.

This is why Carnelian is frequently subjected to light and heat treatment, enhancing its shades and transforming dull browns into fiery reds and oranges. 


Is rose quartz sun safe? Rose quartz can be exposed to sunlight without any harm, as long as it is not left for an extended period of time.

Just like many other similar quartz and crystals, leaving it in direct sunlight for long enough increases the risk of cracking, breaking, or alteration of its hue.

So, learn to maintain the balance when you want to charge your rose quartz in the sun.