la crosse weather station not connecting to wifi

Wondering why is La Crosse weather station not connecting to WiFi? It’s simple!

Weather station devices are very important, especially for professionals who need accurate weather reports on a regular basis.

Whenever the La Crosse weather station is not connecting to the WiFi, you might need a handy guide to help solve the problem. We got one!

The La Crosse weather station does not connect to WiFi when there is something wrong with the WiFi network, weather station device, or mobile app.

To fix the connectivity problem, the most important thing is a thorough inspection of the entire setup!

Let’s find out more detail about the causes of WiFi issues with the La Crosse weather station!

La Crosse Technology Weather Station Will Not Connect To WiFi – Answers!

answers why la crosse not connecting wifi

If your La Crosse weather station device is not connecting to your home WiFi network, then first you don’t need to panic.

Just keep in mind that you are not the only one who is struggling with connectivity issues and luckily, they are easy to identify.

Typically, the weather station device won’t connect to WiFi when the network is weak or your mobile device is not compatible with the requirements of the La Crosse system.

In case your device was once connected, but now not so much, maybe you’ll find why below:

  • Weak Network Connection
  • Weather Station Device Bug
  • Faulty WiFi Network of Weather Station
  • Incorrect Weather Station ID
  • Wrong WiFi Password
  • WiFi App Permission is Disabled
  • Outdated La Crosse View App

There are many other factors as well, though, because even a small influence might affect the device connectivity.

Therefore, let’s jump into the troubleshooting guide to solve the issue!

La Crosse Weather Station Not Connecting To WiFi – Fixed!

Note: Before you start, ensure that the WiFi router is plugged into the outlet and turned on and the network is available on the router!

Solution #1 Power Cycle Weather Station

power cycle weather station

There is a possibility that your device has a system fault and is unable to connect to WiFi.

Of course, the very first thing you should do is Power Cycle the weather station.

This is a universal repair and by doing this, any minor connection problems will be easily fixed.

Here is how to power cycle the La Crosse weather station:

  1. Disconnect the station Power Adapter from the outlet.
  2. Open the battery compartment and take out the batteries!
  3. Next, press any button on the weather station 20 times.
  4. After that leave the station for 20 minutes.
  5. Then, put the batteries back in the station.
  6. Turn on the weather station power supply.

After power cycling, the weather station, then try to connect the station to your home WiFi.

Note: Make sure that the weather station-installed batteries have enough lifespan left!

Solution #2 Reboot WiFi Router

Aside from rebooting the La Crosse weather station, also reboot your WiFi router!

The weather station requires a good network strength to connect with, and maybe your WiFi is currently weak or impacted by any other device.

reboot wifi router

The best way to stop any ongoing WiFi activities is by performing a restart, which will refresh all services and processes.

Temporarily disable any VPN installed on your devices!

Here is how to reboot the WiFi router:

  1. Unplug the WiFi router from the Power Outlet.
  2. Disconnect the wires from the router.
  3. Leave the device for 3 minutes.
  4. Then connect the wires back into the router.
  5. Plug the router into the electrical source.

After rebooting the router, disconnect some of the connected devices to relieve the network.

In addition, stop downloading, streaming, or uploading until you justify what is the problem with your La Crosse weather station.

When you’re ready try to reconnect your weather station to the router’s WiFi!

Solution #3 Check The Device Station ID

Most of the time, the weather station ID causes connectivity issues.

Whenever you attempt to connect your station to WiFi, you need to add the Station ID, but maybe you are entering the wrong ID.

check the device station id

Perhaps that’s why your Lacrosse weather station is not connecting to WiFi.

Using the correct station ID is the only way to connect the correct device!

Here is how to get your weather station ID:

  1. Press the Sensor button and then release it.
  2. Then, look for the ID on the screen.
  3. Note down the ID serial number to use that further.
  4. Next, again try to connect the station to WiFi by using the same ID number.

In case you won’t get the station ID by following the above steps, check the user’s manual that should have arrived in the box.

You should be able to locate your device-specific ID number so you can be confident that this is not the culprit for all this fuss. Let’s continue!

Solution #4 Confirm The WiFi Password

The need to check and confirm the password of your WiFi is important because it is possible that anyone has changed the password of your home WiFi.

It’s also possible that you are using an older password or maybe you are entering the incorrect numbers or symbols!

confirm the wifi password

Simply check your router’s password by accessing its settings, or use the same password to connect any other device to WiFi.

This will not only approve whether your WiFi is intact but will also suggest if the problem is related to the La Crosse weather station!

If the password is correct, keep reading!

Solution #5 Forget And Reconnect To WiFi

Assuming that you are using your smartphone with the View app to connect the weather station to WiFi, you might be experiencing a network cache data issue.

In that set of thoughts, the culprit might not be the La Crosse weather station, instead, the problem could be in your mobile!

forget and reconnect to wifi

To erase the temporary cache we need to Forget the WiFi!

  1. Go to your device Settings.
  2. Then navigate to the WiFi settings.
  3. Tap on the currently connected WiFi network and Forget the network.
  4. Then, again tap on your home WiFi and enter the password.
  5. Wait to reconnect to the WiFi.

After resetting the network settings, restart your device, update the La Crosse View app and then try reconnecting the weather station with the WiFi.

Otherwise, keep reading further!

Solution #6 Reset App Permissions!

reset app permissions

Resetting the La Crosse View app permission is crucial because, depending on the app and device, the settings are prone to bugs.

Maybe the app is not correctly accessing the network even if the permission is enabled, which is why the connectivity problem is occurring.

Here is how to reset the app permission on your smartphone:

  1. Go to your device Settings.
  2. Then, navigate to the Apps Permission menu.
  3. Look for the La Crosse View app and tap on it.
  4. Then, disable all the permission for that app.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Again, come back to the app’s permission.
  7. Enable all the app permissions.
  8. After that, connect the weather station to WiFi by using an app.
Note: In case of re-toggling the app permission didn’t help, follow the next solution!

Solution #7 Reinstall The App

After trying all workarounds from the guide, if the La Crosse weather station is still not accessing the WiFi, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Perhaps the app is not fully updated or there may be any other issue that is hard to identify, so the clean installation should help!

reinstall the app

Here is how to reinstall the app from your device:

  1. First, Uninstall the La Crosse View from the mobile.
  2. Then, go to the Play Store or App Store.
  3. Search for the La Crosse View app and tap on the Install button.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes until the installation completes.
  5. Once it completes, then open the app and Sign In.

After reinstalling the app, then your La Crosse weather station will easily connect to the WiFi.

In case the issue persists, then contact a La Crosse Support to get further assistance regarding your issue. Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your La Crosse weather station not connecting to WiFi, reboot the station and router and make sure to use the correct WiFi password and station ID.

Moreover, reset the app permissions, reconnect to the WiFi, and reinstall the La Crosse View app.

For more guides related to the La Crosse weather station, check our blog and follow for more!